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CHARACTERS á eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Caroline Stevermer St apocalyptic rock and roll a music as rough and ragged as the musicians who perform it When the Rats rescue a stranger from the river all the troubles of the old world suddenly threaten to end their travels forev. This was a fun book but pretty thin overall The premise is pretty cool a riff on Mark Twain where the kids riding the river are dealing with the after effects of the apocalypse rather than slavery Plus I have to say that the idea of a river boat instead of the cars that are used in most post apoc stories was clever and I loved the idea of after the end rock and roll However the story doesn't really manage to deliver on its premise The kids only spend around half the book on the River Rat the music is used pretty minimally other than one of the characters being an old world musician and in general both plot and characters are thin The author does put in some effort to differentiate the kids so they at least feel individual even if they don't feel like real people The plot is pretty basic first seeing the kids go on the run thanks to picking up a hitchhiker and then following them as they seek out that most important of post apocalyptic treasures a vault full of guns and other shiny things from before the modern world ended Along the way there's a rock and roll concert obligatory poorly done romances and a run in with the post apoc version of Peter Pan's Lost Boys There's a lot of neat ideas here and perhaps with a longer in depth book they could shine since there's some cool stuff that could be done with the setting As it is the book is a uick read but unlike the river it's uite shallow


READ º River Rats ñ A paddle wheeler cruises up the Mississippi delivering mail and hosting an occasional concert A scene straight out of the nineteenth century Not uite This Mississippi is a toxic brown river And the paddle wheeler is run by the River Rats a troop of orphans who survived the Flash a nuclear holocaust What were once huge cities are now plague rid A paddle wheeler cruises up the Mississippi delivering mail and hosting an occasional concert A scene straight out of the nineteenth century Not uite This Mississippi is a toxic brown river And the paddle wheeler i. I believe we are right in the middle of a Golden Age in YA Literature There are so many wonderful books being published yet there are many older ones that should not be left to languish These are the ones that hold up well that add to the fireworks display of story voice and ideas happening in YA fiction these daysSuch a book is Caroline Stevermer’s River Rats first brought out by Jane Yolen Books Harcourt in 1992 and reissued subseuentlyThe story begins after the ``Flash'' an unexplained global disaster followed by a terrible epidemic transformed the Mississippi into a polluted waste lined by little scratch towns a village controlled by a tough family the Lesters and in the ruins of a once big city a gang of Wild Boys This gang stays young because though new boys lost or abandoned or running away seem to appear the older ones apparently pretty much die off before they hit adulthoodThe protagonists are a small group of kids who liked on an old paddle wheel steamboat that was serving as a grim sort of orphanage A terrible storm threatened The other orphans were taken away the four were abandoned on the ship They survived and took the ship They soon gain a couple crew members one who knows engines and one who knows something about music Bonded into a kind of family the two girls and four boys ride up and down the river hauling freight delivering mail and putting on impromptu rock concerts in return for food and clothing One of their rules besides the democratic discussion and vote taking that the narrator Tomcat hates is to never take passengersThe River Rats as they call themselves break their vow about passengers when they save a man named King who is fleeing from the unsavory Lester family King tells them that the Lesters are after him because he knows where a cache of guns is hidden in an underground survival hideout built before the Flash by a famous rock star Chased relentlessly by the Lesters and at last defeated aboard their own steamboat the River Rats and one of the Lesters follow King who says he’s not sure he remembers where the hideout was The Lesters keep the boat and one of the orphans hostage The Rats want to save them but they do not want the Lesters to have guns More important to them is the idea of all that survival gear a treasure in these desperate times that awaits them if they can get past the Wild Boys and pestilence and other dangers to find itWhat they find and how it is dealt with is impossible to guess keeping the tension up until the very last pageThe first person narrative is told with beautiful restraint the noticeable when many writers today test the limits with graphic savagery and violence There is no whitewashing the kids are dirty and smelly because water is precious When they give a rock concert both they and the audience know they won’t play really well because they haven’t enough electrical power to practice And when the power gives out the concert is done But since that’s all they have everyone accepts it won’t be any better Little is made of gender difference; they are too busy focusing on survival But the subtle signs of adolescence are there for the discerning reader to pick up The older reader also knows what the threat is when Bud the Lester who goes on their hunt figures out that Lindy is a girl and the Lesters know just what to do with girls Younger kids won’t get the sexual context but the danger of the stranger who means no good is terrifying enough The Wild Boys are particularly well done There is no preaching whatsoever Far effective is the vivid depiction of kids who have no sense of responsibility and thus no defense against disaster Yet the Wild Boys have their human side having invented a bonding ritual that Tomcat ends up enduring making them too into a kind of family Belonging is one of the themes here However it is defined in terrible times Family is important as important as survivalThe test of a good book is that it can be reread and though the initial surprise of the plot can never be recaptured there are new discoveries to be made My first read of this book kept me tensely focused on the kids’ hunt and what would happen This reading I knew the ending but I enjoyed the book if anything even I was able to figure out some of the geography as I’ve traveled since that first read I noticed Stevermer’s compelling eye for detail just the right detail enabling me to hear a single sound; smell a smell understand a character’s hidden thought I appreciated how deftly Stevermer makes the characters come alive and how she avoids the standard clichés Estaban the martial artist who tends to speak in gnomic utterance is regarded with exasperation and not awe by Tomcat King though a grownup is no leader he’s the first to admit that when threatened he has a tendency to blab in order to save his own life Some of the best moments are as brief as they are revealing like after the kids play their concert One might almost miss King’s reaction it’s so understated which makes it the effective The Wild Boys’ sheer joy when the kids accidentally send an abandoned car careening down an old offramp speaks to the kids and to the kid in usBecause this book finally speaks to the kid in me I would have loved to discover this book at age ten and read it again at thirteen and fifteen I can see my young self sharing it with friends perhaps making up further stories about the River Rats “Once a Rat always a Rat” Jake said Yeah we would have belonged

Caroline Stevermer ✓ 8 READ

River RatsS run by the River Rats a troop of orphans who survived the Flash a nuclear holocaust What were once huge cities are now plague ridden ruins haunted by gangs of savage children And the concerts the Rats play are po. This book is called river rats its by Caroline Stervermer book is about a paddle boat that sails through a toxic Mississippi river after a nuclear bomb that washed the states on that boat are orphans They watch the river for survivors One day there was an old man running out to the river and there were 5 guys chasing after him the guys who were chasing him looked like they got sunburned in there faces they were big like buff When they saved the old guy from the river they asked him what happened but the old guy didn't respond then they asked him why we're those guys chasing you and the old guy said they wanted something from him The next day the old guy left the boat with a girls guitar a boy named tomcat went chasing after him and the old man started to run faster than the boy the old man hid in a old shelter and the boy said to give him back the guitar and the old guy did without fighting Then there problems got bad they were being chased by the red faced guys and they came with a dog that's when the troubles started So they out ran the guys in a forest and they made it back to the boat Through out the orphins adventures in the river they meet new friends and new enemies they also have fun and fights but they all go on helping eachother and it turns great at the end I think this is an awesome book about adventure and excitement and I think people who like to read amazing adventures I would recommend this book