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Wolf Hall Free download ✓ 7 ¼ England in the 1520s is a heartbeat from disaster If the king dies without a male heir the country could be destroyed by civil war Henry VIII wants to annul his marriage of twenty years and marry Anne Boleyn The pope and most of Europe opposes him Into this impasse steps Thomas Cromwell a wholly original man a charmer aS and marry Anne Boleyn The pope and most of Europe opposes him Into this impasse steps Thomas Cromwell a wholly original man a charmer and a bully both idealist and opportunist astute. “Suppose within each book there is another book and within every letter on every page another volume constantly unfolding; but these volumes take no space on the desk Suppose knowledge could be reduced to a uintessence held within a picture a sign held within a place which is no place Suppose the human skull were to become capacious spaces opening inside it humming chambers like beehives” Thomas Cromwell by Hans Holbein Cromwell was a great supporter of Holbein and personal gave him many commissions for paintings but also recommended him to the powerful people he knewThomas Cromwell was first and foremost a thinker The myth that we only use about 10% of our brains has been debunked in recent years but I do think we can accurately say that for some of us our brain works efficiently I think if we were to sit in a very uiet room with Thomas Cromwell we might actually be able to hear the humming of his mind like the circuitry of a super computer Henry the Eighth I'm 'Enery the Eighth I am'Enery the Eighth I am I amI got married to the widow next doorShe's been married seven times beforeAnd every one was an 'EneryShe wouldn't have a Willie nor a SamI'm her eighth old man named 'Enery'Enery the Eighth I am Sorry I can’t ever seem to say or write his name without that song popping into my head Let’s try this again Henry the Eighth was not supposed to be king The 16th century was supposed to be the return of the Age of Camelot when his older brother Arthur claimed his birthright and became king of England It was Arthur that had been tutored and trained to be king Henry would have been destined for the church if not for the fickleness of fate that left his brother dead six months before his sixteenth birthday Henry the Eighth rules like a second son that was always second best He is impetuous bombastic corpulent and prone to fits of fury He is not a stupid man and always surrounded himself with intelligent men disciplined men who could provide him with wise counsel He did not always take their advice but he did always give them a chance to make a case The most iconic image of Henry the Eighth painted by Holbein as a mural in Whitehall Palace It was unfortunately destroyed by fire in 1698 but survives through the numerous copies that were made of it Notice the bulging calves Henry was always very proud of themHenry preferred advisers named ThomasThomas WolseyThomas MoreThomas CromwellCromwell worked for Thomas Wolsey and when the cardinal fell out of favor it could have been the end for Cromwell’s hopes as well Cromwell is a lot of things a complicated man a sometimes hard man but ultimately he is a survivor It is so interesting that Hilary Mantel decided to paint a sympathetic picture of him than what I’d previously thought him to be He understood money and that true power does not reside with the man on the throne ”The world is not run from where he thinks Not from his border fortresses not even from Whitehall The world is run from Antwerp from Florence from places he has never imagined; from Lisbon from where the ships with sails of silk drift west and are burned up in the sun Not from castle walls but from countinghouses not by the call of the bugle but by the click of abacus not by the grate and click of the mechanism of the gun but by the scrape of the pen on the page of the promissory note that pays for the gun and the gunsmith and the powder and shot” Thomas More by Hans

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In reading people and implacable in his ambition But Henry is volatile one day tender one day murderous Cromwell helps him break the opposition but what will be the price of his trium. I treat this novel as a ualified failure of an experiment ualified since I am open to the possibility that the failure was mine and I sincerely wish that Mantel does not win the Booker this year I just cannot bring myself to spend any time with her lifeless narratorMore than anything else Wolf Hall seemed to me to be a literary experiment on how closely a woman can get into a man's mind and as far as I am concerned a ualified failure I could never truly feel that the narration was being executed by a male voice it was as if a woman narrator residing inside a captive male character was telling the story and every time a ‘he’ or 'his' comes along it resulted in a string of confused stumblings over adjectives before I remembered again many times that it is of himself that the narrator is talking about Eventually I came to understand the reason for this jarring feeling it was not because I was not reading thoroughly enough it was because I couldn't think of the narrator as a ‘he’ it just didn't cut it especially when heshe informed me with wonder of how men embrace other menI wish Mary Boleyn had been the narrator she was the only 'real' person in this narrative peopled by artificial characters only she had an authentic voice to me and I can't help but feel that she was the character that Mantel most identified with the novel came alive and took such vibrancy every time Mary entered the narrator's field of vision like a deprived woman lighting up at the sight of a beautiful mirror to finally examine herselfAs I said I am open to the fact that my bad experience was due to a failure of imagination on my part so I hope fans of this book will take pity on my deprived pleasure and be gentle in their recriminationsCome to think of it I really cannot think of any book I have read in which a novelist tries to get so intimate with the mind of a narrator of the opposite sex So maybe my problem was not a failure of imagination but a poverty of literary experience as I haven't encountered such an effort before; maybe I need to read some HardyI also believe that if there were less 'Thomas's in the story I could have still come out the better in this expedition So there

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Wolf HallEngland in the 1520s is a heartbeat from disaster If the king dies without a male heir the country could be destroyed by civil war Henry VIII wants to annul his marriage of twenty year. I just started Wolf Hall and I find the relentless use of he to be extremely irritating In the first several chapters there are dozens of instances where it is not clear who is speaking Every once in a while as if recognizing the problem she has created Mantel uses the phrase he Cromwell Why not just say CromwellUnless there is some good reason which I can't imagine this sort of obfuscation is just lazy writing which disrespects the reader May I re think that based on a comment by another reader It's not lazy writing It's very purposeful And very distracting later I just read some of the reviews There are actually uite a few readers who found the he business as disconcerting as I did and who expressed their displeasure in rather strong terms along with many star ratings However many others really liked the book as do many Goodreads readers so it must not bother them as it does me Another Goodreads reader suggested that the use of he all the time created a closer intimacy with Cromwell Perhaps but I see it differently If you want to create intimacy use the first person Then it is clear that everything is seen and felt by the single protagonist and the reader can share that character's viewpoint thoughts and feelings What Mantel has done is not to bring us close to Cromwell but to inject herself the author between the reader and the prime character She does this on practically every page and I find it jarring every time it happensBefore my final negative notes let me say that Mantel clearly has an exuisite command of the language Even in the few chapters I read her elegant choice of words often made me reflect and smile She can paint a picture when describing a character or a setting that is truly wonderful And when she chooses to do so she writes a vivid scene that has power and emotionSuch continuity of story however is the exception rather than the rule The constant switching of time and place often without the merest hint of transition made the reading much difficult than it had to be Just a word here or there would have made a huge differenceFinally the breezy style in which much of the book is written is entertaining as many have noted and I agree but it had the effect of making me wonder if Mantel was as true to the history as I think a historical fiction should be Of course the dialogue and many of the personal incidents are made up but does the author when portraying actual events present them accurately I think such concern for the truth is an obligation of an author when writing about historical characters and events Mantel left me unsureI think I've had enough of Wolf Hall and perhaps other Goodreads readers have had enough of my criticism of what is surely a popular book I don't usually write negative opinions but this book just seemed to drag them out of me I hope I have not offended anyone