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Free read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Frances Burney Spirit of romanticism As in Evelina Fanny Burney weaves into her novel strands of light and dark comic episodes and gothic shudders and creates a pattern of social and moral dilemmas which emphasize and illuminate the gap between generations. I loved really loved the writing in Camilla Yes even the sentences that stretched it seemed for paracraphs Like other similar literature I loved many of the themes of honor or honour ; and duty and family I liked Camilla and LOVED Eugenia I also despised Lionel and Indiana and the horrid governess as I was meant to The secondary characters were marvelous

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Summary ò Camilla, or A Picture of Youth ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ First published in 1796 Camilla deals with the matrimonial concerns of a group of young people—Camilla Tyrold and her sisters the daughters of a country parson and their cousin Indiana Lynmere—and in particular with the love affair be First published in 1796 Camilla deals with the matrimonial concerns of a group of young people Camilla Tyrold and her sisters the daughters of a country parson and their cousin Indiana Lynmere and in particular with the love affair between C. I am not enjoying this book as much as I enjoyed The Female uixote which was really really funny but I'm trying to keep an open mind Burney was an 18th century novelist who influenced Jane Austen and if you read this book you can see how However you can also see if you read that Austen was clearly the superior writer Over 900 pages the author seems to drag out the plot than is necessary but once you get past the melodrama of parts of the book it is interesting enough that you will want to continue The heroine of this book is Miss Camilla Tyrold At an early age her uncle Sir Hugh chooses her as his favorite and abandons his preference for his other niece Indiana Sir High decides that he will make Camilla his heir However because of an unlucky accident Sir Hugh becomes the partial cause of Camilla's sister Eugenia contracting smallpox Because of this and contrary to his wishes Sir Hugh must disinherit Indiana and leave all his wealth to her disfigured sister Eugenia Because of the counsel of Indiana's frivolous governess however Sir Hugh soon becomes convinces that Edgar Mandlebert prefers his pretty niece Indiana At first Edgar admires her beauty but upon closer examination sees that Indiana is selfish and frivolous and lured by Edgar's good advice and pleasing manners Camilla soon is captured by his charms Many complications and problems soon occur for Indiana a beauty without fortune; for Camilla who loves Edgar but isn't sure that he loves her back; for Eugenia who has money and good sense but is disfigured and who is in danger of being preyed upon for her wealth This novel also features a large array of secondary characters including the generous Sir Hugh the absent minded Dr Ockborne who tutors Eugenia in Latin but really cares for nothing as much as his books; Camilla's rowdy brother Lionel who plays practical jokes withour regard for the danger of them and Despite the novels flaws one being its excessive length it is interesting enough to warrant a read

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Camilla or A Picture of YouthAmilla herself and her eligible suitor Edgar Mandlebert The path of true love however is strewn with intrigue contretemps and misunderstanding An enormously popular eighteenth century novel Camilla is touched at many points by the advancing. Camilla is a romance par extraordinaire with a great deal of insight into the lives and times of the upper class women in the late 18th century and some nearly perilous excitement at times but a romance nevertheless so 3 stars from me as I'm not a huge romance fan Camilla loves Edgar but as far as she knows he's going to marry her cousin While this is the long term romance on again off again he loves me he love me not she loves me she loves me not of the novel with a lot of misunderstandings and obstacles in the way but there is the shallow and beautiful Indiana the lovely but disfigured Eugenia by an accident and a very severe case of small pox who is an heiress and it's romance andor lack of it in light of these three womenThere are some deliciously nefarious types in this novel and I don't mean all men as well as some wonderful but flawed other characters I would say that some characters are full developed than are others but if you like classics and you like long romance novels then this could be an excellent read for you Much danger than in Jane Austen