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DOWNLOAD ´ Found By Margaret Peterson Haddix Ï A fast paced sci fi thriller from the bestselling author of the 'Shadow Children' series Jonah Katherine and Chip are starting to uestion their roots Then they receive a letter 'You are one of the missing Beware They are coming back to get you'A fast paced sci fi thriller from the bestselling author of the 'Shadow Children'. Haddix Margaret Peterson 2008 The Missing Book 1 FoundI may be a bit biased slightly since I love love love Margaret Peterson Haddix My expectations were high with this her first book in a new series And I was NOT disappointed I was WOWed I'm not foolish enough to think that this one will WOW every single kid teen or adult out there But for those that love science fiction and mysteriesthis one is for youHere's the opening of the prologue It wasn't there Then it was Later that was how Angela DuPre would describe the airplane over and over to one investigator after another until she was told never to speak of it again But when she first saw the plane that night she wasn't thinking about mysteries or secretsWhat Angela DuPre witnessed on her first day of the job was indescribably unbelievable Perplexing A plane that appeared and disappeared on the runway A plane that she found minus the pilot and flight attendants A flight were all thirty six passengers were babies Sounds crazy right How could an unscheduled plane a plane that did not show up on any of their radars land on their runway to begin with How could it have gotten there without a pilot on board Why babies But even strange was the fact that once the babies were unloaded and the proper authorities calledthe plane vanished into thin air Angela DuPre witnessed the unbelievable alright But she wasn't crazyThe Found opens thirteen years later Our hero is a boy named Jonah He's got a best friend Chip and a slightly younger sister Katherine Our book opens with the arrival of several mystery letters Two letters Thirteen words Lives are going to changeYou are one of the missingandBeware They're coming back to get youFound is a suspenseful mysterious action and adventure novel that will thrill those that love science fiction Of course I can't promise that it will thrill every reader But I know it kept me reading I couldn't put it down And I was loving every minute of it The pacing was just right The characters were nicely developed and are sure to improve upon with each novel that is published in the series The only problem with the book is that it left me wanting wanting now I don't want to have to wait for the next novel to come out I want to know what happens to Jonah and Katherine and Chip NOW There's this intensity and immediacy that I just don't find in many other books

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Series Jonah Katherine and Chip are starting to uestion their roots Then they re. Found is my first review on goodreads Since a synopsis of the book is available I'm not going to recap the plot but simply give my thoughts I am a fan of Margaret Haddix's work and have read Running Out of Time and the Shadow Children series among others which are in the same genre as Found However Haddix's writing spans a range of genres and I recently read Uprising which is historical fiction and it was excellent I am also a big fan of fantasyscifi and reading the first book in a new series is always exciting I get that feeling of starting a new adventure that you really hope is exciting In the case of Found I was not disappointed Time travel is certainly common in children's books but Haddix puts a fresh twist on it by including time thieves who recklessly steal babies for profit regardless of the conseuences to the future and time police who are out to stop the thieves even if it means that the stolen children must go back in time leave their families and even die The children are caught in the middle Though the idea for the book is exciting the plot occasionally bogged down the characters were frustrating at times and two dimensional for the most part and having a teenager myself I often uestioned the authenticity of the thoughts and dialogue of the main characters It also seems clear as to the direction of the series With that said however I'll definitely read the second book to find out what happens based on the decision Jonah made at the end of the book


Found By Margaret Peterson HaddCeive a letter 'You are one of the missing Beware They are coming back to get you. Great adventure