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After spending time together Sigfrid and Brunahild had to separate each other The ex Walkyrie return to her people and wait Sigfrid meanwhile he is in his stepfather's land to gain fame and glory As he passes through burgundian land he will become tied to it and will forsake to whom he loved before He finally will met with King Gundohar Hagano and most important the princess GudrunAn Oath will bind them together and Brunahild will be brought to Borbetomagus to complete the circleAs Sigfrid becomes King Gundohar's most trusted champion treachery and envy will grow on the realm to the same level of the hero's reputation Treason and sorrow will be breeding on Burgundian soil and soon the Dragonslayer will have to tread the path that Fate has for him Comentary may contain spoilers don't read it if you haven't finished the bookSplendid seuel set some months after the conclusion of The Wolf and The Raven Paxson work with emotions and feelings has gone a way better than first book Also the story has grown mature including a better ambient and becoming drama and intrigue oriented The core of the Nibelung legend is well handled and delivered through a great cast of characters The inner struggles of them are very understandableInitially feeling part of the king's man Sigfrid enters the world of man as kin to the Burgundian royal family Even that he spends a lot of time in being the King's Champion he never get used to living with men and becomes alienated by itself understanding that he is a wolf among dogs His previous relationship with Brunahild still haunts him and when she becomes ueen he had to endure her bitter presenceIn this novel we are witness to an emotionally weakened Sigfrid He tries to conceal the fact that he is shapestrong and the fact that he took Brunahild's maidenhood among some others things He fears the outcome of ill born decisions and the reader feels that very well Sorrow and treason had made Brunahild bitter and vengeful She wields that resentment to King Gundohar humiliating and despising him Gundohar as well will learn that love is not as he thought it should be and regrets his decision to marry Brunahild It hasn't bring any joy to him so farIn the other side of the coin we also see a naive Gudrun She is not aware of all the deceit and scheming that the royal couple Sigfrid and Hagan are in She only knows that she loves Sigfrid and Sunnilda She feels the trouble that Sigfrid is in but after the pain of bearing she will not appease the fear and concern on Sigfrid's eyesA great cast that also has a good part of recurring and supporting characters such as Hagan Aetius Attila Grimhild Godomar Gislahar Waldhari and many Paxson improved the plot by setting the most important part of this legend with a solid base of people who feel and act according to their values and inner struggles thus making the perfect mix between story and characters They don't feel to the reader just as vehicles to tell the story their deeds decisions and passions ARE the story itselfRecommended to anyone want who like an fantasy historic set drama and intrigue novel and if you are used to the Nibelung myth this will be an refreshing approach to itAside from this the only let down is that despite the first novel novel being in kindle store digital purchase this one it doesn't I had to import it to my country You might have to do something similar or go to check into your library or local bookstore

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