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characters ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ Naomi Baumslag G rate in the industrialized world Why has our society defied common sense and scientific data when breastfeeding has so many biological emotional environmental and even financial advantages over laboratory blendsMilk Money and Madness is a thought provoking book that offers honest answers and straight facts about breastfeeding This book is designed to provide women men health workers doctors nurses and midwives with the knowledge they need to advise or decide about the most suitable means of nourishment for infants Baumslag and Michels consider the effects of 50 years of clever marketing and advertising which have transformed this society into one where bottle feeding is the norm and infant formula is considered to be essential to women's liberation and the forming of a paternal infant bond They also examine attitudes toward breastfeeding in cultures all around the world as compared to the antipathy toward breastfeeding that pervades the United States Milk Money and Madness cuts through the myths and paranoia to offer an enlightening culturally significant look at one of the most fundamentally beautiful functions of the human experience. I checked this out and started to read and skim it This book intimidated me and looked boring More like a textbook I thought it would be something I could read while nursing me new son to learn about the history of nursing and reaffirm that nursing was important I assumed it would be pro nursing I honestly didn't read enough to find out if it is or not Well it turned out that my son can't nurse Thousands of dollars hours of doctors visits and five months later I am still pumping and bottle feeding him In the midst of all of that I just couldn't even stand the thought of picking up this book to read it I probably never will because my entire vision of nursing has changed through this experience

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Read & Download å Milk, Money, and Madness: The Culture and Politics of Breastfeeding 109 ✓ I commend the authors of Milk Money and Madness for the considerable contribution they have made by voicing their opinions contributing their knowledge stimulating debate and challenging conventional I commend the authors of Milk Money and Madness for the considerable contribution they have made by voicing their opinions contributing their knowledge stimulating debate and challenging conventional wisdom Dr Richard Jolly Acting Executive Director UNICEFBreastfeeding is a beautiful process It involves the participation of both mother and child and cannot be duplicated by a glass bottle and rubber nipple So why does the United States have the lowest breastfeeding rate in the industrialized world In Milk Money and Madness Baumslag and Michels examine the issue of breastfeeding clearly drawing a line between fact and fiction Among the main points addressed are o How US taxpayers unwittingly support and encourage bottle feeding by spending over 500 million each year to provide 37% of the infants in the US with free formula o How a product created to help sick children and foundlings was transformed into a powerful international industry with revenues of 22 million a day o How an intimate and self affirming life experience that is responsible for the survival of our species has been reduced to just one feeding option Milk Money and Madness. This book is such an eye opening history into the practice of breastfeeding It includes history of not only western culture but worldwide culture on breastfeeding It also goes into detail about infant formula companies specifically Nestle and their immoral unethical practices of marketing artificial breast milk formula to not only western countries but shocking to third world countries contributing to the deaths of thousands of babies every year This book convinced me to never again give a dime of my money to the Nestle corporation and to never again use infant formula This is an excellent read as well as history lesson The pictures included make it one of the most exceptional books I've ever read

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Milk Money and Madness The Culture and Politics of BreastfeedingProvides parents and health professionals with the information they need to fully appreciate and advise about this critical life choice By reviewing the history culture biology and politics of breastfeeding Milk Money and Madness gives the reader a complete understanding of the uniueness of breastfeedingThe crucial decision between breastfeeding and formula feeding is increasingly complicated by misinformation and unfounded theories which cloud the actual facts By all accounts breastmilk is the most amazing life sustaining fluid known to humanity Many women who breastfeed characterize it as perhaps the most fulfilling life experience they will ever know Scientific research supports the fact that breastfed babies are healthier have lower infant mortality rates and fewer chronic illnesses throughout their lives than formula fed babies Similarly women who breastfeed are significantly less likely to contract serious illnesses such as breast cancer Alarmingly few people are aware of the uniue benefits of breastfeeding and do not understand the dangers and risks of feeding an infant formula In fact the United States has the lowest breastfeedin. Excellent and shocking read The history of wet nursing was pretty sad women abandoning their own babies so they could be paid to nurse upper class babies and formula companies are even evil than I thought