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What's The Worst That Could Happen? free read î 106 Å Dortmunder is in the midst of a routine burglary of a Long Island mansion when who shows up toting a gun but the owner nasty billionaire Max Fairbanks Worse Fairbanks takes Dortmunder's supposedly lucky ring Highly insulted Dortmunder and his gang execute their own peculiar reDortmunder is in the midst of a routine burglary of a Long Island mansion when who shows up toting a gun but the owner nasty billionaire Max Fairbanks W. Dortmunder is another fine creation of Donald Westlake He occasionally appears in the Parker stories but this one is devoted to Dortmunder himself Things always seem to go wrong and the beginning is no exception They attempt to burgle a house on Long Island that’s supposed to be empty but it’s a house being used as a trysting place for Fairbanks pun perhaps a thieving executive millionaire and his mistress He calls the cops and then has the temerity to steal a “lucky” ring off Dortmunder’s finger before he gets hauled off to jail Dortmunder escapes the police car a humorous event in itself and vows to get the ring back and make the guy sorry for his humiliation The plot then revolves around Dortmunders extraordinary capers to get the ring back And in the process they decide to rob a Las Vegas casino After conducting a little third rate burglary at the Watergate A little third rate burglary at the Watergate” Andy said “I already tried that on him and it didn’t work John isn’t much of a history buff” Herman paused to take a roll of duct tape from inside his tuxedo jacket tear off a length and attach it to the edge of the door over the striker to keep it from locking Spies political agents and other amateurs put such tape on a door horizontally so that it shows on both front and back and can be noticed by a passing security person There is a risk here that anyone under the age of forty will not get this reference at allWhat makes these books are the little side comments Westlake throws in a social criticism For example “On the TV people covered with blood were being carried to ambulances Wherever it was it looked like a real mess Then as Dortmunder watched the people and the ambulances faded away and some candy bars began to dance” and “The thing is” Andy explained “when I feel I need a car good transportation something very special I look for a vehicle with MD plates This is one place where you can trust doctors They understand discomfort and they understand comfort and they got the money to back up their opinions”

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Orse Fairbanks takes Dortmunder's supposedly lucky ring Highly insulted Dortmunder and his gang execute their own peculiar reign of terror and although. I uite dislike the title of this Dortmunder novel a uestion that gets asked several times over the course of the book as if it is a clever refrain What’s the worst that could happen The uestion is ultimately empty a reference to the sad sack but light hearted world of Dortmunder in which the worst never happens What’s the worst that could happen Oh I don’t know maybe a burglary goes horribly wrong and Dortmunder takes a bullet to the head Refrains aside however this is a good Dortmunder novel Its premise is clever without being over the top or silly by Dortmunder standards and Dortmunder’s character grows complex Just as Donald E Westlake complicated Parker’s character by making him slightly human in the later Parker novels Dortmunder becomes three dimensional by evincing a surprising sense of pride for a man who would seem to have little to feel proud about After all many many bad things do happen to him Just not the worst things

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What's The Worst That Could HappenThey acuire uite a bit of Fairbanks' swag they never uite get the ring back Which leads Dortmunder to wonder precisely what sort of luck the ring carrie. If you've never encountered John Dortmunder and you feel a need to cheer up immerse yourself in the series of fourteen books about the dubious criminal career of this marvelous character These stories are among the than one hundred novels and nonfiction books Donald E Westlake wrote in a career spanning fifty years What's the Worst That Could Happen is the ninth caper novel in the Dortmunder series It may be one of the bestJohn Dortmunder is a slope shouldered defeated looking fellow in dark clothing and thinning hair who had an air of such dejection and collapse there seemed no need to point anything at him threatening than a banana He is a New Yorker a professional burglar with a supportive live in girlfriend named May and a large circle of criminal friends with a variety of useful skills Dortmunder picks things up when people aren't looking simply to support himself and May All of finance was too much for him His understanding of economics was you go out and steal money and use it to buy food Alternatively you steal the food Beyond that it got too complexThe inner circle of Dortmunder's fraternity includes Andy Kelp information maven Stan Murch getaway driver and Tiny Bulger the mountain shaped something like a man intimidating presenceHere for example is Tiny speaking to Stan I want to thank you This is a roomy car I'm not used to roomy in a car I remember one time I had to make a couple people ride on the roof I got so cramped in the carHow'd they like that Stan askedI never asked them Tiny saidFrom time to time whenever Dortmunder has an inspired idea or simply feels the need to make money they get together in the back room of the O J Bar Grill on Amsterdam Avenue to plot their next caper Sometimes Dortmunder sits in the front room entertained by the spectacularly ignorant dialogue of the regulars who hang out at the bar Here's one example of that witty repartée Down at the other end of the bar the regulars had segued in a natural progression into consideration of cold cures At the moment they were trying to decide if the honey was supposed to be spread on the body or injected into a veinIn What's the Worst That Could Happen Dortmunder and Gus Brock a longtime associate in this and that travel to the south shore of Long Island to burgle the second or third or fourth home of a billionaire named Max Fairbanks Fairbanks has declared bankruptcy and the judge has declared his Long Island home off limits to him so Dortmunder and Gus enter without worry Unfortunately Max has chosen that night to take his current mistress Miss September for fun and frolic at that very house When Dortmunder heads upstairs to retrieve pillow cases to carry all the loot he meets Max on the stairway holding a pistol Gus escapes but Dortmunder is left to be arrested by the local police Then Max makes a very big mistakeAs Dortmunder is handcuffed and held by the two cops Max announces that the ring Dortmunder is wearing is in fact his—and takes it off his finger This ring was a gift from May and losing it infuriates Dortmunder In fact he is so angry that after escaping from the police he single mindedly sets out to get even with Max—and get the ring back Thus ensues a series of ever ambitious burglaries ultimately involving two dozen of Dortmunder's friends and acuaintances in a spectacular heist in Las VegasWill Dortmunder get the ring back What do you think