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PDF ☆ BOOK Pandora's Daughter FREE ¸ IRIS JOHANSEN Ò The number one blockbuster bestselling author delivers her most explosive and compelling novel yet in which a woman must unlock the secrets of her own mind before she loses her life She has a gift of unspeakable powerHe must control her or destroy herFor as long asEr life and her mother's death bombard her as she fights to take contril of her heritage and save herself and everything she believes in Grady holds the key to understanding her future a future in which Megan's life will never be the same If she survives to have a future A fast paced thrill ride Pandora's Daughter is Iris Johansen as you've never read her before I'm back OCD has a tight grip on my reading choices I try to remind myself that I only have fifteen IJ books left to read if that It's complicated and no way in hell am I going to explain everythingIf you read a lot of my reviews you know for the most part why I hate Johansen's writing but to sum it up she uses the same phrases over and over again; her women are all the same; her men are all the same; a lot of the sex is bordering on rape; everyone talks with the exact same dialect even though her characters are spread out all across the country and indeed the planet; she doesn't know how to write children realistically; and every character is ludicrously gifted in some way to the extent that you're left wondering if there are any average people in IJ's world The of them I read the reasons I find to dislike themThat's not to say IJ is completely talentless She is actually uite good at building tension and occasionally there will be a line that makes me chuckle And I can't write off hee someone who's written multiple bestsellers She seems to genuinely enjoy writingThat said I'm not going to lie and say I adore her books or think they're well written I don't That's my opinion and I'm not going to try to change anyone's mind But I needed to vent somewherePandora's Daughter appears to be one of IJ's better known books at least outside her Eve Duncan series It tells the story of a woman Megan Blair who grew up hearing voices which her late mother told her was just a phase However it turns out that her mother had psychic powers which she has unfortunately passed down to her daughter Both Megan and her mother are Listeners which means that when in a location where something bad happened they can hear the voices of those who were involved in those tragedies They may also be Pandoras people who can awaken others' latent psychic abilities Unfortunately this gift is often a curse rather than a blessing as ordinary people usually can't handle such powers and commit suicideEnter Neal Grady a Controller someone who can greatly influence people to do something or feel a certain way who promised to Megan's mother to do everything in his power to suppress Megan's gift which Neal does by essentially brainwashing Megan into believing that her mother died under circumstances unrelated to psychic powers or even that such powers exist Now however he's going to need Megan's help in order to find and kill the big bad of the story so he's willing to return her gift to her He outright says that he's using her for his own ends but that's pretty typical of IJ's menBut we get something special in Neal Grady Now IJ loves her December May romances But in this case she goes one step further Neal who is 10 years older than Megan admits not just to himself and the reader but to her that he's wanted her sexually ever since she was fifteen The fact that she mentions that she was mature for her age at that time makes this creepy not less because that's exactly what pedophiles say to justify dating children Johansen a fifteen year old isn't even legal in any state in the US And no I'm not going to give Neal a medal for waiting until Megan was in her late twenties to screw her especially when he tells her I had to keep telling myself that you were no Lolita and I'd be sorry as hell if I seduced youNow this is the same author who thinks Bathsheba was a bimbo who took baths on rooftops the Bible says nothing about her bathing on a rooftop; DAVID was on a rooftop so he could have easily seen her bathing but she has sorely misinterpreted Lolita Dolores didn't ENJOY being raped by Humbert I guess he's saying that unlike Dolores Megan wasn't trying to seduce him? So if she was it would have been okay? Never mind that Lolita's behavior can hardly be called seduction when she barely knows what she's doing? Lolita was a VICTIM NealBut it doesn't matter because even though Neal waits until Megan is legal to initiate sexy times he has no respect for her boundaries than any other male in IJ's books When she puts up a feeble resistance he refuses to take no for an answer because he knows she wants it At one point he tells her he'll leave her alone then immediately changes his mind and begins to fondle her throat I'm not kiddingLadies if you want this kind of dynamic with a man find someone who's into BDSM and will discuss your boundaries and limits and you can do a little roleplay Don't date anyone who treats you this way for real Especially if he can control your mind and is constantly reminding you that he's choosing not to do it but he could do it if he wanted to and he really wants to because he's a selfish SOB Take him at his word and dump himThere's another character Renata Wilger who's thrown into the novel about halfway through Like Megan she had the potential to be interesting but she's just another Strong Female Character that IJ seems to like so much It's laughable that IJ attempts to portray her as being different from Megan because they're exactly the same Oh Renata may be a little crabbier and a little willing to use people but both women are stubborn and refuse to take help from anyone because God forbid you actually behave like a normal human being At one point Megan tells Renata she needs to grow up and accept that Megan is going to pity her Ha Can you imagine ANY of IJ's heroines taking pity any better than Renata does? But I guess it's okay because Megan's olderor somethingAnother annoying thing that Megan does is insist that Neal throw everything he can at her so she can master her power and not be a cripple This book was published in 2007 Can we say insensitive? Although this isn't IJ's first flirt with ableism In general people with disabilities are either special or objects of pity in IJ's books She does lean toward the special side especially with mental disorders and intellectual disabilities In fact most of her heroines would ualify for depression or PTSD but there's often the faint implication that only weak people let their disabilities take over their lives as if all you need is a positive attitude and everything will work out She also throws around insanity and madness to refer to evil or unfortunate people but of course her heroines are never crazy Her villains are nothing special The big bad had a son whom he loved but again it's not enough to make him interesting Just like the bad guy in the TakingHuntingSilencing Eve trilogy that was published a decade later he has conversations with his dead son His evilness was so over the top that I practically groaned aloud whenever the narrative switched to him Honestly you could line all of IJ's villains side by side and I couldn't tell you who was who or what book they were from; they're all that identical And of COURSE he's a pedophile too Look I know pedophiles exist but this schtick has gotten so predictable Give it a rest Trust me Iris Jo your villains are horrible enoughThe concept of the Ledger wasn't terribly interesting to me but I was interested in the individuals from the Devanez family and their psychic gifts None of the gifts that were elaborated upon in this book were terribly interesting to me Finders are like bloodhounds they can find someone as long as they have an object that belonged to them I guess I'm supposed to find it interesting because it's paranormal but I prefer things like talking to animals predicting the future even mind control See psychic abilities in fiction are supposed to be relatable to the rest of us They're supposed to ask and maybe answer uestions about humanity and philosophy and ethics Like is controlling someone's thoughts ever morally justified? If you can hear the thoughts of animals what does that say about sentience? About the use of animals for food and clothing products? Does the existence of a readable future even a highly unlikely one cancel out free will? Instead we get psychic powers that only exist to cause drama Sure Megan's abilities have a few practical uses but mostly they just cause her a lot of pain And yetI don't know what exactly but there was something about Pandora's Daughter that made it stand out a bit among her other novels Maybe it's because it didn't try to hide the fact that it was a paranormal novel Maybe it's because I didn't have to deal with Eve Duncan or her insufferable daughter Jane Maybe it's that I'd heard of the book before and knew about positive reviews for it Maybe it was the sex scenes of which there were than usual and which I enjoy when I can ignore the fact that the male is a POSIn any case it's rare for me to give an IJ novel than two stars but there you go I actuallykind of liked it I just wish I could put my finger on why

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D voices that bring her to the edge of madness and terror Megan possesses psyhic powers that have been dormant for years hidden deep in the past she's tried so desperately to forget But now everything has come to a boiling point someone is trying to kill her and others are trying to use her including the deadly and seductive Neal Grady Shocking secrets about h I have never read anything by this author and the only reason I picked this one up was because it was a group read I didn't even read the book description so it was a big surprise to me that it was paranormal I wasn't sure what bookshelf to put this one because it had elements from both romantic suspense and paranormal romance The basic premise of the story is that there are people in the world who have other abilities that are not normal Some are empathic can read minds some can hear echos of things that happened etcMegan grew up hearing voices and one night she is with her mom who told her she might have a mental disorder and her mom is murdered A man named Grady did something to her so she could forget The book fast forwards to the present Megan is now an adult and a doctor in a hospital She seems to react emotionally than the other docs do and she's not sure why Then someone tries to kill her and her past comes back to haunt her with Grady at the forefront She begins to unravel the secrets of what she is and what her population of people hide from the worldThe book was very fast paced by the time I went to put it down the first time I was already half way through I liked Grady he was an interesting mix of bad guygood guy Megan was a very strong female lead who I liked from the beginning of the bookI am interested in reading books by this author

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Pandora's DaughterThe number one blockbuster bestselling author delivers her most explosive and compelling novel yet in which a woman must unlock the secrets of her own mind before she loses her life She has a gift of unspeakable powerHe must control her or destroy herFor as long as she can remember successful young physician Megan Blair has tried to silence the voices in her hea What we have here is a mediocre actionromance with supernatural elements added in that could have resulted in at least an entertaining beach read or something if it weren't for the god awful dialog that plagues the entire thingThe situations are frankly kind of silly and it gets boring when both the good guys and the bad guys have contacts in super high places all the time that allows them constant access to planes and helicopters and other junk but okay the book's going for an actionadventure feel and things are just easier that way Still the baddie is like every cartoon villain out there sending out all his incompetent goons to try to dispatch of the good guys first while he sits around in his H maybe stroking a pet cat or going excellent from time to time Meanwhile the goons all fail Big surprisePersonally I couldn't stand any of the characters besides maybe Renata and Harley but that's mainly because I find most of Johansen's characters to be too boring or one dimensional and I'm pretty sure I've already seen all these characters in the two books of hers I've read previously This is actually something that plagues lots of authors I read where they just end up reusing the exact same character personalities in every single book but I find it particularly aggravating here because they're character types I don't likeFinally going back to the laughably bad dialog this had me nearly tearing out my hair in the last book of hers I read so I decided to keep track of how often Johansen abuses certain wordsDammit 58 usesBastard 21 usesHell 22 usesDamn ityou as an adjective damn arm damn idea etc 40 usesScrew youthisetc 6 usesAnd those are the only ones I noticed so it's not actually an accurate count; there were definitely MORE than what I noted in the bookThis is just embarrassing especially if you're supposed to be some well known big name author What the hell is her editor doing? Picking their ass while reading the book? So I don't know I guess because it's too much effort to indicate that Character A is currently ANGRY or AGGRAVATED or UPSET in any other way Johansen constantly peppers their speech with Dammit or Damn you or something similar to show that the characters aren't happy Who talks like that? Who says Bastard all the time? It's not just in the dialog sometimes to accentuate things dammit is thrown into the narration THE NARRATION Sure it's supposed to be some character or another's inner thoughts but it's like come ONOkay no look the evil bad guys are really nasty business kidnapping children to sell as sex slaves having the main character's mother gang raped while everyone laughs slaughtering numerous people along the wayand the strongest word the goodies use to refer to this human piece of shit is Bastard? Or even better Scumbag Oh yeah that was used uite a few times throughout And this is a book that doesn't mind using the word Shit fairly often either See I don't really enjoy reading books with nothing but f bombs but if you're going to have the characters swear anyway use some interesting language for crying out loud NOBODY FUCKING TALKS LIKE HOW THEY DO IN JOHANSEN'S NOVELSOutside of constant repetition of words spoken by characters Johansen really likes having characters stiffen Or maybe tense sometimes I counted at least ten uses of so and so stiffened in the book Are there seriously no other descriptors that could have been used?It's not just the overuse of certain words that kill any sense of reality or suspense in these things Megan the main character gets on the phone with above child sellerrapist and when she learns that he has someone ELSE killed she asks What did he ever do to you?What did he ever do to youOh oh and he kidnaps someone in a coma and Megan is all It could kill him His immune system can't handle it to a guy who had her mother GANG RAPEDHE DOESN'T FUCKING CARE WHAT IS WITH ALL THIS INSIPID DIALOG? There's not a single drop of wit or cleverness to be had in any of it If you don't want wit at least make the lines serious sounding What did he ever do to you? Dammitheaddesk headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk headdesk