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Hotel WorldE never knew And one night all five women find themselves in the smooth plush environs of the Global Hotel where the intersection of their very different fates make for this playful defiant and richly inventive novel Forge. The fall occurs at dawn Albert CamusIf I had not read MJ’s excellent review I would never have purchased this book as firstly I had never heard of the author and secondly this didn’t sound like my type of book at all That’s the “problem” with Goodreads; there is too much choice and I seem to be continuously stumbling across new authors All one can possibly do in my case is to compare my purchase with a rather prized sweet in the sweet shop and to buy it on a whim A bit of a hit and miss scenario Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t Luckily I chose wisely this timeWell I started reading this novel last night and I was completely frustrated with the first twenty five pages I was not enjoying it at all It seemed all too vague in content and I was about to abandon it when I decided to give it another try I don’t know if it was seeing the incredible beauty of the sun setting over the Pyrenean mountain range or what but I somehow seemed to see this book in a different light I had seen the light and that’s for sureI’ve always loved the uote below by William Faulkner and it sprang to mind when I began to re read this book Read read read Read everything—trash classics good and bad and see how they do it Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the most Read You’ll absorb it Then write If it is good you’ll find out If it’s not throw it out the window Yes I did initially think this book was bad and I had indeed been sorely tempted to throw it out of the window but what a dreadful mistake that would have beenHow can I even attempt to write this review I feel I need to though because such beauty sorrow and poignancy are portrayed in this multi layered book and everyone needs to know about itI was nevertheless taken aback with the first paragraph Woooooooo hooooooo what a fall what a soar what a plummet what a dash into dark into light what a plunge what a glide thud crash what a drop what a rush what a swoop what a fright what a mad hushed skirl what a smash mush mash up broken and gashed what a heart in my mouth what an end What a life What a time What I felt Then GoneNow this doesn’t sound very thrilling but persevere because you the reader are going to have the time of your lifeWell once again I encounter that remarkable wretched stream of consciousness that I'm not really a great lover of Virginia Woolf immediately springing to mind but somehow it worked very well here I must confess that I felt like a voyeur travelling in a somewhat sleepy fashion at times through the book but it is an enthralling workThe plot if you can call it such is based on five woman who are either basedvisiting the Global Hotel or outside and literally too Nineteen year old Sara Wilby has just started work at the Global Hotel as a chambermaid and dies in a rather unfortunate way there Her dead teenage narrator is “floating around” and slowly losing her earthly ties She is forgetting vocabulary and wants to find out how she fell before it is all too late She knows this “thing” fell to the ground and killed her and as a result she attempts to have conversations with Sara down in the grave There are six sections in the book covering various time periods and four other women are gradually drawn into the euation and their lives are all examined in detail Clare Sara’s sister who cries a lot and wants to find out how this accident happened; Else a vagrant really who lives outside the hotel but gets invited in for the night by the receptionist Lise and Penny a journalist who’s on the outlook for a scoopAll of the sections overlap and Ali Smith has done such a wonderful job hereDrat I really hate it when I love a work so much because then I cannot get the natural flow of the wording I had the same problem with Lawrence Durrell and The Alexandria uartet my favourite bookNevertheless I gave it my best shotDo read this book No wonder it was shortlisted for the Booker Prize and the Orange Prize for Fiction 2001

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Hotel World Download » 108 ´ Woooooooo hoooooooFive people four are living; three are strangers; two are sisters; one a teenage hotel chambermaid has fallen to her death in a dumbwaiter But her spirit lingers in the world straining to recall things she never knew And one night all five women find themselves in the smooth plush environs of the Global HoteT room service this is a riotous elegy a deadpan celebration of colliding worlds and a spirited defense of love Blending incisive wit with surprising compassion Hotel World is a wonderfully invigorating life affirming book. While I appreciate Ali Smith's experimentation I'm not a fan of the uotidian rhythm of her narrators Whether they are waiting at the airport or sitting around on their home computer or flopping on the bed of a sleazy hotel room I find myself waiting for something interesting to happen far too freuently Many will find much appeal in Smith's wry and pointed thought provoking comments on society but you can't escape the droll pace and lingering taste of inconseuential dread of the mundane that it leaves in your mouth At least that is my feeling after listening to a third audiobook by this author Curiously the best audiobook reader I've heard was Ali Smith herselfThe best parts of this book was the brooding on the topic of death and the uniue perspectives They added some variety but you will never find a conventional thrill in one of her books More likely you will stumble through with the sensibility you have during those dreams where you're in a public place nothing is happening but you are suddenly overcome with incomprehensible anxiety or you're suddenly naked and dead one or the other Obviously Ali Smith has garnered popularity and success through her slanted view of modern people and their foibles I find myself slightly drawn to her other titles if only for the ease of listening they offer I know what to expect by now Some call this literary fiction It seems to me fiction of everyday life A supernatural twist here and there isn't going to change these laundry lists into anything remotely resembling a spectacle

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Woooooooo hoooooooFive people four are living; three are strangers; two are sisters; one a teenage hotel chambermaid has fallen to her death in a dumbwaiter But her spirit lingers in the world straining to recall things sh. Another astonishing piece of work from Ms Smith Is there anything this writer can’t do I have domestic duties and a rumbling stomach at present so this review might be brief and gushing But here goesI love Ali Smith I love Ali Smith because she moves me and being a man I’m not supposed to be moved by books I’m supposed to be stirred by the raging masculinity of men in battle the sound of gunfire in the crisp Vienna air as heads rain down upon the blood soaked streets But no This pink covered novel moved me to bits and I am proud of the factSplit into six sections marked by a separate tense Hotel World uses a corporate hotel and the accidental death of Sara Wilby as a pull for its five characters establishing a style and structure used in her later novels The Accidental and There but for the Each section varies in rhythm style and narrative position opening with Sara’s ghost conversing with her corpse to get the scoop on her death Crouching in a dumbwaiter a lift shaft for tea trolleys Sara plummeted to a horrible death aged twentyEntangled in this tale is the predicament of homeless woman Else who plots to steal money from Sara’s sister Clare crouched outside the hotel in a state of incoherent grief She is invited in by Lisa third character who later is stricken with a debilitating disease and then hounded by the unpleasant Penny fourth character a journo seeking a scoop in Else Each section immerses the reader deeply in these characters’ worlds each drawn to this grim hotel with their own motives problems tenuous links to lifeMost staggering of all however is the internal monologue from Clare a stream of consciousness outpouring and the most bone shudderingly effective representation of grief I have read The moment the mist clears and we realise Clare is throwing objects down the hotel’s dumbwaiter to determine the duration of her sister’s fall our hearts break like Sara’s brittle bones Outrageously good Books are rarely as skilful nowadays Smith is a singular talent