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The Wasp FactoryAsp Factory is a work of horrifying compulsion horrifying because it enters a mind whose realities are not our own whose values of life and death are alien to our society; compulsive because the humour and compassion of that mind reach out to us all A novel of extraordinary originality imagination and comic feroci Nifty freakshow with significantly horrific tableaux which will remain with you somewhat of an eternity

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The Wasp Factory Book ß 192 pages Download ò Frank no ordinary sixteen year old lives with his father outside a remote Scottish village Their life is to say the least unconventional Frank's mother abandoned them years ago his elder brother Eric is confined to a psychiatric hospital; and his father measures out his eccentricities on an iFrank no ordinary sixteen year old lives with his father outside a remote Scottish village Their life is to say the least unconventional Frank's mother abandoned them years ago his elder brother Eric is confined to a psychiatric hospital; and his father measures out his eccentricities on an imperial scale Frank ha a gentle coming of age tale set in rustic scotland depicting the charming misadventures of a precocious lad and his idiosyncratic older brother as they struggle to understand themselves and each otherthis is some hard stuff and by hard i mean Hard Like the Maruis de Sade Is Hard do not read this if you cannot stomach depictions of animal torture do not read this if you cannot stomach the murder of children this one was hard for me to read at times and i read some pretty terrible thingsbut this is actually not a bleak book perhaps because of the narrator young Frank is a sadistic creature but his perspective is often self deprecatingly wry or amusingly pedantic he may be an affectless sociopath who channels his monstrous emotions into bizarre rituals and vicious traps but hey he is also a sensitively wrought kid with many problems what makes the book such a uniue affair is the tension between the horrors illustrated and the traditional vehicle in which they are expressed it is in many ways a kind of Young Adult novel albeit one chock full of grotesuerie one in which the protagonist struggles to move beyond his outsider status to connect with others to understand his distant father and his er 'problematic' older brother Frank's cruelties exist side by side with a cold blooded version of typical teenage angst angst that is built around familial relations gender and simply finding a place in the world the ending resolves some truly dreadful plotlines in a truly dreadful manner but also parallels the typically transformative Young Adult ending in which the hero comes to understand himself and so is able to move forward with his life clever Banks very clever the narrative is designed as a chinese box of layered and revolting mysteries but it is also designed as a subtle trap for the unsuspecting reader look at you you just found some sympathy for a remorseless little psycho the personal problems that he has to struggle with ARE pretty heavy for a kid to deal with right? and you felt a bit of happiness at his eventual self discovery didn't you? well you should be ashamed sickothe writing is clean clear precise and the tone is surprisingly upbeat the protagonist's thoughts have a uiet yearning and naiveté to them that makes even his most horrific plans and rationalizations seem almost understated almost innocent the deadpan humor also relieves some of the viciousness of the very dark activities portrayed the dissection of gender was fascinating and the use of the wasp factory itself moves beyond that of a torture maze becoming a metaphor and a parallel for the fates of each of the characters overall a disturbing but very enriching experiencethis is a pretty uniue book if you like it you may want to search out jack vance's Bad Ronald which is also dryly and ironically concerned with the deadly fantasy life of a youthful psychotic outsider

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S turned to strange acts of violence to vent his frustrations In the bizarre daily rituals there is some solace But when news comes of Eric's escape from the hospital Frank has to prepare the ground for his brother's inevitable return an event that explodes the mysteries of the past and changes Frank utterly The W Now we all know that dating a fictional psychopath or a sociopath can be a lot of fun While it is true that these individuals rarely make viable candidates for a long term commitment short term relationships have been shown to have some real upside For example dating a psychopath can be a “breath of fresh adventurous air” following the end of a stale boring and unsatisfying relationship as they are much “uninhibited” and willing to experiment than the typical person In addition a psychopath or a sociopath is a great choice if your goal is to get back at an overly controlling parent as they make the ideal “ I’ll show them” companion HOWEVER despite the positive aspects of casually dating a fictional sociopath or psychopath it is still important to exercise caution when deciding to court or allow oneself to be courted by one of these individuals as there are some very troubled individuals that it is best simply to avoid Therefore as a public service I have been maintaining a list of these “DO NOT TOUCH” individuals and now need to make an addition to the list Previously the list was comprised of the following1 PATRICK BATEMAN 2 LOU FORD 3 ANTON CHIGURH 4 ANNIE WILKES 5 CLOWNS They are ALL creepy sadistic and evil and they scare the piss out of me 6 This spot reserved for THE JUDGE from bookBlood Meridian Or the Evening Redness in the West|394535 I haven't read it yet but have been told be people I trust that he may actually be #1 on the list 7 BUFFALO BILL 8 DELBERT THE BUTLER GRADYSeen here talking to Jack Torrance Jack Torrance did not make the list because Jack Nicholson who plays him in the movie is SO COOL that you can’t choose to avoid him even if he does chop you up in the end 9 THE BURGER KINGAND NOW MAKING IT AN EVEN 10 THE NEWEST MEMBER TO JOIN THE “THEY MAKE STEVE SCREAM LIKE A LITTLE KID WHEN THEY LOOK AT ME” CLUB IS FRANK CAULDHAME from The Wasp Factory who joins the list near the top Frank is a 16 year old boy living with his not all there father in a very secluded thank God Island near Scotland Frank is a smart imaginative resourceful EXTREMELY DISTURBED sociopath Frank’s entire life is about rituals and ceremonies hence the title which is explained during the story Frank spends his days trapping and killing animals on the island and placing there heads on “Sacrifice Poles” set up along the perimeter of his family’s property While these rituals are bizarre and gruesome they are not arbitrary and Frank has a detailed rigid belief system behind his actions which is both fascinating and very unsettling Told in the first person by Frank this short 200 page book is RIVETING from beginning to end as Frank slowly unfolds the history of his life In one early scene that sets the tone for the novel Frank very casually mentions having killed 3 children during his young life but doesn’t plan on killing any saying “it was just a phase I was going through” While Frank is detailing the history of his childhood another plot line involves the escape of Frank’s brother Eric another disturbed individual from a mental hospital in Glasgow During the course of the novel Eric is slowly making his way back home for a “family” reunion while trying to evade the authorities I don’t think you need to know much except that this is an absolutely amazing study of a disturbed mind and for me ranks up there with American Psycho and The Killer Inside Me as a true crawl under your skin classic The writing is excellent the characterization is as good as it gets and the plot is captivating 50 stars and my HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION