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Excession Summary Ù 102 ☆ Iain M Banks is a true original an author whose brilliant speculative fiction has transported us into worlds of unbounded imagination and inimitable revelatory power Now he takes us on the ultimate trip to the edge of possibility and to the heart of a cosmic puzzle Diplomat Byr Genar Hofoen has been selected by the Culture to undeKe a delicate and dangerous mission The Department of Special Circumstances the Culture's espionage and dirty tricks section has sent him off to investigate a 2500 year old mystery the sudden disappearance of a star fifty times older than the universe itself But in seeking the secret of the lost sun Byr risks losing himself There is. Foolish childMake all hasteA BDO novel taking place in the Culture universe Will the law of diminishing returns apply There is so much weirdness and wonder in the Culture already how much value can an artefact add to the heady mix Possibility Culture universe not well suited for BDO sense of wonder stories Possibility Dilution of impactLet’s try and review this thing The drone felt calm thinking as coldly and detachedly as it could for those few moments on the background to its current predicament It was prepared it was ready and it was no ordinary machineThe novel wasn’t uite what I had envisioned but that doesn’t come as much of a surprise It deals predominantly with the reaction of the Culture and specifically a collective of ship minds to the appearance of the Excession of the title also known as an Outside Context Problem There is a lot of maneuvering and build up as events are put into motion to deal with the artefact and to determine whether it is a threat Ship mind psychology and ship mind politics take centre stage which distinguishes this story from the novels that came before What’s there are factions of ship minds exploiting the reappearance of the Excession to further their own agendas Expect conspiracies Expect fireworks This was different Nothing like this had been seen in the galaxy since the worst days of the Idiran war five hundred years earlier and even then not remotely on such a scale This was terrifyingI enjoyed Excession but I found it a challenging read Initially I didn’t identify strongly with the ship minds and their techspeak uite innovative Fortunately I was eventually able to settle into a rhythm and extricate the complexities of the various sub plots As for the artefact itself its capabilities are rather interesting and potentially devastating It isn’t by definition a big dumb object either because there’s nothing dumb about it In the end it’s a morality play Everybody means well even though they are at odds with one another Typical Banks with lots of shades of grey Excession delves deeply into the psychology of the minds and their capabilities As such there is no Cheradenine Zakalwe or Jernau Morat Gurgeh or their euivalent to be found here Actually because of the hedonistic nature of the Culture societies the human characters that do feature here are petty churlish and shallow In fact the human drama component of Excession is so overly melodramatic it’s the reason I knocked off a star self perpetuating pregnancy really Here was the vast enfolding darkness the sheer astringent emptiness of space colossal writ wide and deep across the entire sensorial realm; an unending presagement of consummate grace and meaninglessness togetherWhen the book takes off it does so spectacularly Space combat shows off the awesome might of the Culture ships hint it’s impressive There are also some awesome constructs such as God’shole an Affronter ring habitat with a black hole at its hub Pittance a chunk of expelled planet core with gigantic hangars filled with latent warships or the vast stepped habitat Tier original builders unknown This is a bit of a throwback to the sprawling sense of wonder of Consider Phlebas What they had all agreed they would prefer would be to be woken only as a prelude to joining the Culture's ultimate Sublimation if and when that became the society's choice Until then they would be content to slumber in their dark halls the war gods of past wrath implicitly guarding the peace of the present and the security of the futureIt's a difficult book to rate sub plots take off in unexpected directions and focuses at seemingly unrelated events at weird intervals In the end everything comes together but it’s not such a smooth ride It isn’t meant to be With so many ship minds featuring in the story it is a challenge remembering who is who and what faction they belong to Having said that Banks does go to some length to establish individual traits for the minds consider for example the naming conventions Despite what may sound like criticism it’s actually a twisty but rewarding story that greatly adds to Culture lore More than enough intrigue and action to keep me happyRecommended for Culture junkies 4 stars should suffice Casual readers should probably start elsewhere ’Don't be so naive as to imagine that Minds don't employ strong arm methods now and again or that in a matter resounding with such importance any ship would think twice about sacrificing another consciousness for such a prize’

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Only one way to break the silence of millennia steal the soul of the long dead starship captain who first encountered the star and convince her to be reborn And in accepting this mission Byr will be swept into a vast conspiracy that could lead the universe into an age of peaceor to the brink of annihilation From the Paperback edition. Music something from Slowdive like Souvlaki Space StationLike putting my feet back into the river this felt like I had not taken any break from reading this series This one was fun to read that can be said So there's a mysterious ship that apparead many years before now it is back and everybody seems to want to check it out prod it talk to it see if there's anything new and benefitting in its secrets and even attempt to destroy it There's also a conspiracy going onThis novel concentrates on the ships with names like Honest Mistake Killing Time Not Invented Here Sleeper Service and Grey Area which is also known as Meatfucker for its tendency to sometimes mess with creatures' heads There's a few Culture people like Ulver Seich who lives a kind of Marie Antoinette life something like that Sofia Coppola film while also wanting to try adventurous things; the Affronters playful yet sadistic problem area Culture has wrung its hands long about; the ships of course and drones some of these that I met in the story I grew to care about like the loner at Pittance storage thing The created worlds on ships were also rather amazing 3The story ends uite neatly with some nice twists and with an epilogue that left me bouncy the world also reminded me of the one seen in Valérian And Laureline comic book series I have two books from this series unread I haven't read the books in order and this does motivate me to read them sooner I hopeLovely

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ExcessionIain M Banks is a true original an author whose brilliant speculative fiction has transported us into worlds of unbounded imagination and inimitable revelatory power Now he takes us on the ultimate trip to the edge of possibility and to the heart of a cosmic puzzle Diplomat Byr Genar Hofoen has been selected by the Culture to underta. This happens to be exactly what I wanted when I wanted it I wanted intelligent galaxy spanning space opera with a handful of baseline humans getting caught up in an existential conundrum that the far superior AI Ships and Main Characters had to faceAnd we even get a BDO to spark an enormous intergalactic war Woo Woo Of course the BDO big dumb object is nothing of the sort In fact it might be smarter than all of them combined Who knows I loved the speculationLife love sex conspiracy extremely high stakes this novel really pretty much had it all but I think I had the most fun chuckling over all those damn ship names I Blame Your Mother I Blame My Mother Use Psychology Jaundiced Outlook It's Character Forming Unacceptable Behaviour Serious Callers Only and Meat Fucker just to name a uick few that tickled my fancyThis novel kept my attention much better than the previous novels but honestly I think I liked those previous ones better on the re read than the first shot Maybe I'm just getting used to Banks's writing at long last or all my fancies were tickled in just the right measure in just the right timesThese are of a higher uality Space Opera than practically anything else out there but it's of a very particular sort Tongue In Cheek Absolutely Out to prove that a beneficent galactic society can still have some real humdingers for stories despite the apparent lack of conflict You bet It's like a master's course in Proving It Can Be Done despite all the doomsayers It's nothing like any kind of Space Opera I've ever read again Still Continuing on It's pretty damn awesomeI want to continue these Culture novels like something fierce but I have so much on my plate already I'll schedule them for one a month from now on and savour them in delight