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Stigative eye and psychological acumen he draws on mountains of evidence insight from the world's leading forensic psychologists and the killers' own words and drawings several reproduced in a new appendix Cullen paints raw portraits of two polar opposite killers They contrast starkly with the flashes of resilience and redemption among the survivor. This is a difficult review to write Going in you know the content will be extreme controversial and upsetting While that was the case it was also uite eye opening As the book gets into the details of the massacre before during and after it is going to be a difficult book for many But the depth which the author explores this event is very important in order to clear up all of the details and set the record straight I think true crime fans will be enthralled with this bookThe biggest thing I took from this is it is bad to jump to conclusions and you should not let fiction become fact Going in I thought I knew the basics surrounding the tragedy but it turns out that a lot of what I thought I knew is wrong Seeing how once the event began the population was hungry for answers and the chain of information became like a giant game of telephone and what often ended up in print or on TV is far from the truth In fact the author did so good of a job making this point I am wondering if I should be skeptical of him too He has me paranoidThis was the first time I have ever heard or read in depth the details following the event The success stories the additional tragedies the rebuilding and the healing we're all very facinating One story in particular where the Evangelical Church tried to benefit of the tragedy was disappointing While it sounds like they thought their heart was in the right place they we're pushing too hard for martyrs and new followers and their hope to find the silver lining was lost in the staticSo much about the why and what can we do is touched on in this book You will be amazed at how much life in this suburban Colorado town sounds like any town and the kids both victims and killers are just like many teenagers you might know But it is also amazing to watch the dark side grow inside the mind of a killer while leaving things fairly normal maybe a little rebellious on the surface What do you do What can you do How do you knowA very captivating book Well written and informative Proceed with caution if you are sensitive to violence and graphic details


ColumbineThe tragedies keep coming As we reel from the latest horror So begins a new epilogue illustrating how Columbine became the template for nearly two decades of spectacle murders It is a false script seized upon by a generation of new killers In the wake of Newtown Aurora and Virginia Tech the imperative to understand the crime that sparked this plagu. I wrote the book so I'll forego rating it just thought it should show up my list so you would find me But I'm new to goodreads so tell me if I'm going about it all wrong Thanks

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DOWNLOAD ´ Columbine ê The tragedies keep coming As we reel from the latest horror So begins a new epilogue illustrating how Columbine became the template for nearly two decades of spectacle murders It is a false script seized upon by a generation of new killers In the wake of Newtown Aurora and Virginia Tech the imperative to understand the crime that sparkedE grows urgent every yearWhat really happened April 20 1999 The horror left an indelible stamp on the American psyche but most of what we know is wrong It wasn't about jocks Goths or the Trench Coat Mafia Dave Cullen was one of the first reporters on scene and spent ten years on this book widely recognized as the definitive account With a keen inve. There comes a time that everyone must not only see outside the box but read things that make them less than comfortable Life is not always honeybees and flowers bursting with colour Dave Cullen offers this sobering perspective as he tackles an insightful view into one of the worst school shootings in history though I am not prepared to posit how one ranks school shootings from 'best' to 'worst' Cullen pulls the reader in to explore not only the event that took place in a small Colorado community in April 1999 but also the vast array of sentiments surrounding this shooting both before and afterwards The book throughly examines all three time periods though not in a clear division allowing the reader to learn much about Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold who have long been deemed evil personified Cullen gives these boys a personality as he searches for the triggers that led them to act While both did have their issues with the law there were no outward signs of aggression in the way they interacted with the general community or even their families The revelation found mostly after the fact showed a detailed plot to exact general revenge through taped messages and journal entries What Cullen does highlight is that many of the signs particularly a website were pooh poohed by authorities or the depth to which the hatred was brewing seemed to have been lost as others missed the signs Cullen then gives a thorough and heart wrenching account of the shooting day and how members of the school community became victims of chance It appeared as though there were no 'specific targets' as long as Harris and Klebold killed and hurt many Cullen ties in the ominous date and how the boys sought to top Oklahoma City in loss of life all in an attempt to make names for themselves Victims received names and faces throughout the narrative as did the injured Cullen appears not to have wanted to simply lump them together into 'the victim group' or 'those who barely got away' Cullen also exemplifies the reaction by authorities to the events from police to SWAT and even the national reaction from the White House The reader cannot help but be swept up as they see how things were managed Cullen then pulls the story into the aftermath and the synthesising of all the emotions and outpouring of grief Why and How remained on the tips of everyone's tongues as well as how the school the county and the country as a whole perhaps even the world would bounce back from this School officials did not wish to be burdened with the pall of events though they could not simply turn a new page and forget It is perhaps this thread that proved most powerful for me; how did the school seek to learn and yet not dwell While media outlets sought to focus on Nazi worship and gun stockpiles Columbine and county officials needed to rebuild That said Cullen also spends much time exploring the familial reactions to events both the Harris and Klebold families as victims themselves even though many sought to tar and feather them with ease Bitterness and resentment were flooding the region leaving little time for personal healing Targets were painted threats made and families destroyed How does one seek to rebuild when the core is gutted It is this aspect of the tragedy that cannot be fixed with a coat of paint and new drywall where steam cleaners and a memorial plaue cannot erase self doubt and hatred towards those who destroyed the lives of many There are so many nuances within the book though it is up to the courageous reader to sift through the book and pull out what touches them most deeply Not a book for those looking to apportion blame or shake their heads at two lone souls This is the kind of book that leaves readers thinking and examining themselves as it will do for me while Neo continues his scholastic endeavours Brilliantly presented and captivating on many levelsAs a journalist for the events Dave Cullen brings a wonderful perspective and his writing pulls the reader in throughout this piece I have pondered throughout reading and come to realise that this book is than facts and names and places it serves as a biography of an event Yes a biographical piece of time not a life or a school or even the killers It is the event that needs a face a life and a death which Cullen offers up and allows the reader to dissect at will By putting a face on the event those actors who shaped it also come to life As Cullen admits in his opening notes it would be too confusing to put names to EVERYONE though he has done is best not to offer sweeping generalisations but rather put names and faces and lives to those who were in the middle of things While it would have been easy to go with the majority and dump on the Harrises or Klebolds Cullen seeks to explore the family dynamics as well as the lives of these two boys He pushes into a zone that might have received much fodder already labelling Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold as psychopaths but uses much of the medical and psychological analyses to SHOW how these boys fit the bill They did have psychopathy in them and the key traits were exemplified throughout their lives even if hindsight was the only way to see it come to the surface The book is wonderfully paced and pulls the reader in from the start Topics and chapters move throughout time though in a way that has much organisation This is neither a book of excuses or finger pointing but a thorough analysis of what we as humans go through and how there is never a single answer or path to determinations Media push us around like sheep but to take the time and examine what is going on around us we see the nuances and the differences allowing us to form our own conclusions I am aware of how odd that sounds as I place my trust in Cullen here but that is why I am writing this review; for myself to express what I see from this book I remain in awe and shock as I remember the day well but have come to see that I really knew NOTHING other than what was force fed to me in papers and later stilted documentaries May those who perished and were injured feel the warmth of many for you are than the statistics that surround this event Pain and loss continue to this day and will surely never completely disappear However looking forward this was a learning experience for everyone touched by it Blame no individual for we all play a part in fostering personal sentiments towards or against others Children are our future and it is they who exemplify what is to come As Cullen so aptly puts it the education the world got that chilly April morning is surely powerful than any line item in the curriculum Have we learned from it I suppose only time will tellKudos Mr Cullen for making me see that there is than meets the eye Your delivery has me hoping that you will return with on any subject as you have piued my interestLikehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at