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Rinns Crossing kindle  eBook 9781633938861 Free ✓ moneyexpresscard õ They had been friends who fought side by side for better things Now both were running from crimes neither could have imagined of themselves On a remote Alaskan island Rinn van Ness commits a minor felony His former lover is arresD to pin on himOut on bail Kit Olinsky fights a scorched earth battle in the state legislature to save the Alaska she loves She can only win if she betrays her friend Dan Wakefield a Tlingit fighting desperately for what was promised to his people a generation ago In the In Rinn's Crossing Russell Heath has cast his engaging story of greenies and Indians and loggers and corporate men and mountain men and their lobbyists and lawyers all maneuvering among themselves in the wilderness of southeast Alaska This is the 1970s The timeline is not entirely clear but the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act with its Federal restorations of significant land and money to Alaska Natives has been in effect for a few years Land and environment issues attendant on construction of the Trans Alaska Pipeline from Prudhoe Bay to Valdez is at the center of most political discussions of the day in Alaska though not much in evidence in this story Russell's characters are in pursuit of a winning hand in the fog of rough and ready end of session politics in Alaska's capital city of Juneau The power driving forces in Juneau's legislative politics are the corporate and developer interests When the legislative issues are clear cut and traditional and the votes close but may not yet be final the corporate and developer interests are typically cast against the human interests of the Alaska Natives the Conservationists the good government types the liberals the progressives the entrepreneurs the gig workers and often the teachers and college kids On the sidelines are all the members and families of the middle class with their middle incomes and all the independent owners of small businesses These individuals and families each stand to win or lose political favor andor personal income depending on the results of the end of session maneuvering When the legislative issues are not traditional; when new information or new legislative initiatives are being pushed into the legislative arena; when usually certain votes are now less so the legislative stew pot at session end becomes all factions all the time Suddenly the Legislature becomes the place to be because things are happening there and Russell has been there This has been his milieu and I trust his real world observationsThere is the possibility of literary magic here Russell develops a story and characters and conflict that help him keep his writerly balance as his factions and personalities come together – except for the dead guy – to make a strong and very credible foray into the fog the confusion and the fracas of end of session vote tradingAs a reviewer there is possibly enough here to make an argument that Russell’s book is literary art However I am not inclined to do that because there are too many literary flaws One of these occurred to me as I got a little deeper into the narrative There are too many characters with the implication in the alphabetical list on page 2 that they are of eual importance to the story Worse is the omniscient narrator who seems to be a story participant – though unidentified in the character list who speaks in the same voice as the characters in whose heads the narrator too often lives speaks and thinks In these passages Russell violates a foundation rule of literary fiction “Show me Don’t tell me” It is important to have things to engage the reader’s imagination Though there are differences in the kinds of words and phrases spoken by each character there is not enough difference in the use of tone and emphasis pauses and degree of articulation between the narrator and the various characters to fully engage the reader’s imaginationThere are plenty of incidents to support the story As the plot unfolds there is destruction of property and murder There

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They had been friends who fought side by side for better things Now both were running from crimes neither could have imagined of themselves On a remote Alaskan island Rinn van Ness commits a minor felony His former lover is arrested for the crime and a murder someone trie What were Kit’s chances with Macon the governor Hasselborg the Native community oil and timber pro life groups and every non union business in the state against her?“You have no credibility Rinn The cynics on the board will think it’s a scam you cooked up to get back into Kit’s pants and the politically astute won’t touch it because of the likelihood it’ll blow up in our faces“Why do you want this bill so badly Billy? You’ve been around too long to take a single measure this seriously It is a good one to run on for governor growing the economy jobs to the interior wise use of our God given resources but you don’t need it Only a few of our resident lunatics are challenging you for the Republican nomination and with the Democrats flopping around like deboned chickens you have no serious threat Why are you pushing so hard?”For those who are familiar with the themes of the post American Civil War “Wild West” there will be some “here we go again” reaction to the clash of politics rights and culture that Heath portrays in Rinn’s Crossing Heath’s strengths are his knowledge of the issues and his portrayal of the “rough and tumble” politics of the USA’s 49th state Alaska Natives had struggled since the 1920s to get their land claims resolved but no one paid them any attention until oil was discovered in the ’60s and the oil industry realized it couldn’t build a pipeline over disputed land Instantly Congress got to work and in a few years ANCSA the Alaskan Native Claims Settlement Act became law The point was that things moved when the oil industry’s self interest was engagedThe conflicts are played out over part of a year in Alaska when the legislature is back in special session and many see this as their opportunity to “seize the high ground” and dominate the outcomes The players include both local and national environmentalistsThe greenies’ foo foo environmentalism had infuriated Dan Kit—and East Coast congressmen who’d never seen Alaska—were fighting for their “recreational opportunities” and “wilderness experiences” while Natives were fighting for their economic and cultural survivalAnd then there is big oil from the North Slope all the way down to Anchorage “I don’t buy it” Joseph said “No politician’s dumb enough to get the next spill named after him” “In the real world maybe but this is Alaska The spill’s ancient history now and when it comes to oil the state’s like a junkie trying to hustle a hit off his supplier”Each person each group is very sure of its rights and positions that justify how they conduct themselves They have little but disrespect and disparagement for the other “players”They came from different worlds Whites even sympathetic ones could never understand at the fundamental gut level the importance of subsistence to a Native For a thousand generations Natives had taken their sustenance from nature Denying them this right was like driving a spike through their souls“May I offer you something to drink?” he asked “If you have it soymilk” Kit liked to confirm the prejudices of people like Isherwood incapable of taking conservationists seriouslyHis bolo tie was a polished turuoise set in Navaho silver Most people who came to Alaska co opted the last frontier stereotype by growing beards buying husky pups and adding “breakup” and “degrees of frost” to their vocabularies Macon was from New Mexico and flaunted itOver this mix of groups and issues

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Rinns CrossingBack rooms of the legislature Senator Billy Macon manipulates Alaska's grimy politics with vindictive mastery in his drive to the governor's mansionLike a lone wolf Rinn slips out of the forest to protect Kit never suspecting that he has at stake than a lonely prison cell Rinn’s Crossing by Russell HeathI loved this book This is a story of four main characters Kit an environmental lobbyist who stalks the halls of the Alaskan State House; Dan a lobbyist for Native Alaskan rights; and Rinn a man who carves out his existence in the woods and lives by his own rules; and the beautiful State of Alaska Alaska is the main character in all of her power beauty and vulnerabilityNative subsistence has been promised for years but has not been written into law It provides protection for the land and waters so Native Americans can live on the land without threat to their existence There are two triangles a love triangle between Kit Dan and Rinn and a larger triangle between the environment native subsistence and greedy corporations who want to strip the lands and pollute the waters for their own wealthThis book provides a realistic insight into Alaskan life and the political issues that swarm in state government It has left me wanting