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In Fury Lies Mischief Midnight Mayhem #2 Reader Þ Download Ç Moneyexpresscard ´ She was everything that I wantedHe was everything that I despisedUntil she wasn’tUntil he wasn’tKillian Cornelii was a walking calamity He reached inside of me and touched every single inch of my ruined soulShe was everything that I wantedHe was everything that I despisedUntil she wasn’tUntil he wasn’tKillian Cornelii was a walking calamity He reached inside of me and touched every single inch of my ruined soul but he didn’t just touch it He caressed petted and captivated it He tailored me to fit into MY REVIEW AND OTHERS can also be found on my blog ➽ KITTY KATS CRAZY ABOUT BOOKS 'IN FURY LIES MISCHIEF' is the second full length book in Amo Jone's 'Midnight Mayhem' series Spoken in 'dual perspectives' Killian The trickster with no heart SaskiaHow do you go about writing up a review when the book consumed you it took over your life and spat you out at the end after closing that last page and leaving you numbBook by book this author is holding us captive with her words she's taken the book world by storm as she goes from strength to strength with each book and 'In Fury Lies Mischief' was no different She nailed it This book deserves than 5 stars The beauty of Saskia was placed on this earth specifically from God to taunt me for all my wrong doings Only Saskia isn't from heaven No Saskia isn't sent from God That kind of beauty is crafted from evil Killian in the kind of wild you want to run away with not cage He's an untamed animal turbulent and viciousIt captivated me as soon as I opened that very first page right up until the last I love this world high octane of feels Killian and the gang put all previous book boyfriends to shameAnother amazing cover another amazing read This book ticked so many boxes from the enemies to lovers to the nail biting stunts to the hot filthy sex the twists and turns the dark and grit went hand in hand these two were perfect for each other Uniue Unputdownable Utterly addictive Amo Jones set up the stage perfectly

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The palm of his hands The same hands that possess so much cruelty were the very same that comforted meI thought I knew himHe thought he knew meThis isn’t a fairy tale or some achingly beautiful story about two soul mates who instantly fall irrevocably in love with each otherThis is a story about a love “I'll figure your shit out Little Villain and when I do”In Fury Lies Mischief is the second book of Midnight Mayhem series It can be read as a STANDALONE We can read the story from Killian Saskia's POV When I take an Amo book or write a review about it I just can't help myself I'm flooding the story all the time It is what it brings out of me I read from a lot of authors but she's my BEST EVER The highlight of my life when I start to read a new book from Amo Everytime when I got her books in my hands the real world is disappears From that moment only that world exists what Amo's created And this world ruined me Fucking Ruined Me This feeling this characters I can't explain with words This is FUCKING EPICI thought there is no character who I liked better than King I was wrong again KILLIAN IS PERFECT He is occupant and savage but simultaneously he is a protector and a real likeable character We can know a new heroine She is Saskia Her character has long been a mystery to me I didn't understand if she didn't know about Killian why did she fight so vehemently against However that there is no escaping because yes it's LOVE Twisted dark and maybe ugly but LOVE Meanwhile I felt that this whole thing isn't that simple Something is happening in the background Somewhere there is a missing piece which makes it a whole picture I thought nothing new already she can't surprise me Yeah I was wrong again She masterfully twist the story The whole thing taking place before my eyes and I didn't see She did it again she gave us a PERFECT STORY again Although I still don't understand why I'm so surprisedYou need to read

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In Fury Lies Mischief Midnight Mayhem #2So painful so rich that it destroys everything and everyone around itIncluding ourselvesMidnight Mayhem is the platform to which Killian performs his tricks on but the greatest trick wouldn’t come from himIt would come from meTricksters don’t have heartsThey just pretend that they do Tick Tock Tick To „Do villains have hearts baby?” What have I just read My mind is completely blown away I feel like Amo Jones has compelled me and threw in a different dimension where reality blends with something out of this world I have no words to describe what this sorceress of an author just did I’m so consumed with Midnight Mayhem that I don’t know how to act in a normal world Can someone remind me what year it is and what’s currently happening on Earth?There is no proper way to explain the storyline of this spectacular book All I will say is that in order to experience it fully you have to go into it blind Every detail description or event is important in general and each of these surprises allows us to feel the impact of this story deep to the bone Killian and Saskia are amazing characters precisely detailed perfectly imperfect and astonishing I never knew what behavior I could expect from them and what they will do They made me gasp cover my mouth from shock and clutch for my chest I wanted to shake them slap them and hold them tight The push and pull between them made my head spin but they shared such an incredible bond that I wanted them together all the time And their passion? It was raw intense consuming and dirty There are few things that could embarrass me but Kill and Saskia’s intimacy definitely made my eyes pop out of my head and my face turn crimsonKillian is a guy who instantly makes you obsessed with him Like some kind of drug he lures you with his undeniable charm flirting and promise of good time just to switch his personality to intense dangerous and cruel bastard But he’s so addictive that you’ll let him fool you every time You’ll allow him to caress and daze you just so he can bite you and steal a part of your soulSaskia turned out to be the biggest mystery and I loved to peel off all of her layers She’s a mix of vulnerability and power She’s both delicate and tough innocent and deadly She keeps her walls up and her heart guarded but also cares deeply for the ones close to herJones proved that she’s the biggest trickster ever because with her captivating words she’s taking control over our thoughts and emotions and we’re just like puppets asking for In Fury Lies Havoc is Amo’s newest stunt that makes us hipnotized and enchanted just to wonder at the end what the hell happened and if it was real My mind is still reeling but it was so freaking good that I want ARC provided in exchange for an honest review