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summary The Secret ↠ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ In 2006 a groundbreaking feature length film revealed the great mystery of the universe— The Secret—and later that year Rhonda Byrne followed with a book that became a worldwide bestsellerFragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions in literature in religioN can bring joy to every aspect of your life The Secret contains wisdom from modern day teachers men and women who have used it to achieve health wealth and happiness By applying the knowledge of The Secret they bring to light compelling stories of eradicating disease acuiring massive wealth overcoming obstacles and achieving what many would regard as impossibl. Excerpted from an online essay I wrote To be sure the so called Secret represents a financially viable means to wealth obviously so but let's be clear only for Rhonda Byrnes The Secret DVD's producer and book's authorThus Byrnes would have you believe that the world's wealthy distinguished and famous—every last luminous one of them—attained their high position by dint of simple adherence to a secret law The Law of Attraction She shits you not Further they the world's rich celebrated and leisured have all conspired to keep knowledge of this law from the rest of us Einstein Plato JP Morgan Mozart Sir Isaac Newton Beethoven and the Rockefellers among others are all given as examples of this mighty and mightily secretive ThemThere are problems with this theory For starters the Law of Attraction isn't really a secret Self help books with a metaphysical bent have preached this stuff for centuries I mean just walk into your nearest New Age bookshop and pick up the first book you see; it will undoubtedly mention something about the LawSo is Byrnes lying to us Not exactly Harry Frankfurt a Professor of Philosophy Emeritus at Princeton puts it this way in his little book On Bullshit The Bullshitter does not care whether the things he says describe reality correctly He just picks them out or makes them up to suit his purpose p 56 A liar you see at least recognizes the truth enough to know that he's departing from it; a bullshitter couldn't care less—just show her the moneyThe Law of Attraction then is the bullshitter's belief that one can change the objective world alone by the power of thought—forget action; in fact eschew action If your belief is strong enough says the Law your dreams and desires will come to you much as a steel screw hops across a tabletop and slaps into a powerful magnet This is the As you sow so shall ye reap philosophy minus any actual sowing a fairy dust notion that we all at one point in our lives have espoused it's called magical thinking We're supposed to outgrow itWhen I was four years old I had an invisible friend named Kenny His existence such as it was may or may not have originated in direct response to my sister Amanda's birth an event which made me an oldest child instead of the only child in the family Unlike my busy mother Kenny always paid attention to me and let me have my way I loved Kenny My mom eventually forced me to go outside and play with real children Predictably Kenny soon disappeared The Secret would explain the account thus my early imagining of a perfect playmate eventually attracted other corporeal playmates into my reality Which is true—at least to the degree that we forget about my mom forcing me to go outsideWhat follows then is an arbitrary list of some of the authorities that appear on the DVD the trained animals of the circus or the witch's evil monkeys depending on the metaphor waxing explanatory on the The Secret But don't imagine the monkeys as evil; rather picture streetwise capuchins earnestly working a cheap accordion with their tiny hairy hands glancing up now and then with a smile anxious to see if you've put a coin yet in their dented tin cupsDr John Demartini DC Doctor of ChiropracticMarie Diamond internationally known Feng Shui mistress Diamond a Caucasian speaks with an inexplicably strong Asian accent a la Seinfeld's Donna ChangJohn Assaraf a former street kidwho has dedicated the last twenty five years to researching the human brain uantum physics and business strategies as they relate to achieving success in business and life In the film John relates an account about the power of visualization whose denouement has him crumpled on the floor and weeping the former street kid because he found a picture of a house in a boxMichael Bernard Beckwith a non aligned trans religious progressive—your guess here is as good as mine Beckwith also claims the title of doctor although God alone knows where the title comes from Beckwith ever the walking conundrum dresses in a sharp suit speaks in patrician tones and sports a wild head of dreadlocksAnd Ester Hicks spokesperson for Abraham a multifarious spiritual entity She is the author of The Law of Attraction Byrnes Rhonda The Secret all presenter material from the book The Secret BIOGRAPHIES section pp 185 198Esther Hicks is no longer a featured presenter in The Secret Enhanced DVD Why It's hard to say Esther's website uotes Abraham the spiritual collective she channels on the topic It is our desire that you be easy about all of this There is nothing that has gone wrong here Email communication between author and Hicks's companyEsther is a pleasant looking middle aged woman She has a serene presence almost comforting She also has the most attractive voice I've ever heard—very earthy very sexy I find it difficult to reconcile that voice with anything close to its putative paranormal personaeEven though the author's of The Secret and anyone else swept into their rhetorical corner probably aren't consciously lying to us about their great happiness at having discovered the Law I have suspicions that somewhere deep in their hearts something like a moral uestion prickles and goads For instance how should one respond to a crisis of say Darfur proportions Should the suffering of stranger Africans on a continent far far away be of concern if ultimately all that matters is how I feel Esther asked Abraham the multifarious spiritual entity for clarification on this very matterI used to be extremely disturbed when a person's rights were violated by violence on a person or by someone forcefully taking someone else's propertyBut then after meeting you Abraham I got to the point that I see all those things they're doing with others as games that they're playing— or less agreements that they have between one another spoken or unspoken I've gotten somewhat better at not feeling their pain But can I get to the point that I don’t feel anything negative when I see someone violating the rights of another Can I just look at whatever they're doing to one another out there and think You're all doing to one another what you have somehow chosen to do Ibid pg 142That might to some ears sound a little cruel this idea of blaming the victim for attracting the perpetrator The upside of course is that such a belief absolves we standers by from stepping in and offering help Let's take as an example the recent shooting at Virginia Tech Apparently if the Law of Attraction holds true those 32 men and women somehow attracted their crazy executioner to themselves Mass homicide in this light is simply a game played between the shooter and his frightened victimsRhonda Byrnes attempted to defend this belief in a telephone conversation with Newsweek's Jerry Adler cite link They were speaking on the topic of Rwanda which dwarfs Blacksburg in terms of scope but certainly not in terms of horrorIf we are in fear if we're feeling in our lives that we're victims and feeling powerless then we are on a freuency of attracting those things to ustotally unconsciously totally innocently totally all of those words that are so important Totally Totally those words that are so important whether thought or spoken consciously or not let the victims enjoy their just deserts It's true that any survivor of genocide or attempted homicide is responsible for picking up the various shattered pieces and attempting to make something of what's left of life But to pretend that tragedy is nothing than a game is to diminish its victims suffering in the cruelest possible way The word compassion incidentally comes from the Latin com pati to bear suffer If compassion would have us bear another's suffering what then is its opposite What is the word for ignoring or minimizing another's suffering for the primary purpose of easing the bystander's discomfort and as Law of Attraction espouses the dubious secondary purpose of somehow inspiring the sufferer to uit wallowing in his own tragic juicesAm I overreacting here I feel like my parents yelling at me for listening to Heavy Metal music But the uestion remember was whether one could actually reach a state of consciousness where he isn't bothered in the slightest by another's pain or suffering Heavy Metal music on the other hand was meant to be a tongue in cheek solace to teenagers suffering under their parents' heavy hands There is a difference the Heavy Metal promise is a lie the other is bullshit albeit scary bullshit Here's a secret the Mother Theresas of the world will be remembered long aft

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E Secret come together in an incredible revelation that will be life transforming for all who experience itIn this book you’ll learn how to use The Secret in every aspect of your life money health relationships happiness and in every interaction you have in the world You’ll begin to understand the hidden untapped power that’s within you and this revelatio. went to dinner with the boss lady the other night she went on and on about this wonderful book it was truly life changing and she was already seeing the positive results of applying principles from it in her business and personal lifeshe wasn't able to really articulate any ot those principles so she just gave me a copy went through it the next dayholy crap my employer the person that i am financially dependent on is a fruitloop am updating my resume now

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The SecretIn 2006 a groundbreaking feature length film revealed the great mystery of the universe The Secret and later that year Rhonda Byrne followed with a book that became a worldwide bestsellerFragments of a Great Secret have been found in the oral traditions in literature in religions and philosophies throughout the centuries For the first time all the pieces of Th. I had a long review and I got too many responses to it Comments and emails and strangers connecting with me because of this reviewSo I deleted itHere is what I will say nowI once gave this 5 stars I have since changed it to 2 starsMy focus is on something else now This book is fine but I don't recommend it any but other books insteadIf you are looking for control over yourself and future Its in being as close to God as possibleHow to do that and what that looks like is a much longer explanation and individual for everyoneGood luck on your journey