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Read The Love Pirate and the Bandit's Son doc ã Sin and Scandal in the Shadow of Jesse James ´ moneyexpresscard ↠ Sparks flew when gold digger Dr Zeo Zoe Wilkins and Jesse James Jr—the son of America’s most legendary outlaw—crossed paths The result a tCording to some reports some decades older and all much wealthier than she But she was no match for the nefarious Jesse Jr whom the author argues stabbed Zeo to death in her Kansas City home in 1924 The murder was never officially solved Laura James maps out the childhood career and marital machinations of this ravishing “love pirate” before charting the promisi Review title Classic oversell sells the story shortThis is a true crime story that has a bit of a bite a bit of a misdirected premise and a lot of oversell of a story that could have stood better on its own The bit of a bite is the story of Zeo Zoe Wilkins and yes Zeo Zoe is correct the kind of name that a child must live up to or spend a life living down and Zeo did some of each This ruthless femme fatale met married and dumped five husbands on her rise from impoverished roots to the peak of early 20th century Midwestern society By all accounts both intelligent and beautiful she parlayed these assets into a degree in osteopathy so that she could perform medical cures of dubious value but primarily meet male patients and professionals who would make good marks Along the way the sin and scandal of the subtitle were all hers until sadly the murder came her way in an early crime of the century that brought intense newspaper and tabloid coverage across the country This character and her actions form the basis of a story almost so good as to defy beliefThe bit of a misdirected premise is the second half of the story when we meet the outlaw Jesse James's son Jesse E James who battled his bitter memories of a murdered father and his own brushes with the law to become of all things a lawyer While he spent most of his moderately successful career defending criminals his connection to this story was the call from Zeo Zoe in the last two weeks of her life to help her recover some lost assets from previous husbands While the title of the book and the author to some extent attempts to connect the two either in a sexual affair or even implicate James in the murder the connection is tenuous and smacks of sensationalizing the title to sell the book on a bit of trickery And hence the lot of oversell of the story The story of Zeo Zoe is crazy enough to stand on its own without the need to make any wild claims or overwrite the story with undocumented asides and speculations in a style that almost seems consciously or not to mimic the tabloid style that so sensationalized the story in contemporary accounts While author James no relation to Jesse Sr or Jr has apparently done a fine job in the research and provides an extensive bibliography the source attribution is only by chapter summary not by footnoting so it is impossible to tell when she is drawing on historical material or injecting her own opinion This is a lesson for true crime writing a good story will tell itself with overblown adjectives or embroidering of the story In fact the best part of the book is in the chapters when James is documenting the police proceedings after Zeo Zoe's murder because there James sticks to just the facts the story picks up pace the writing style is believable and impactful in its simplicity and the page turning interest peaksSo this isn't a mess just not as well done as it might have been The strength of the basic story amplifies the detracting factors

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Sparks flew when gold digger Dr Zeo Zoe Wilkins and Jesse James Jr the son of America’s most legendary outlaw crossed paths The result a tale of sex deceit money and murder grippingly told by noted true crime blogger Laura JamesThe beautiful Wilkins a scheming and oft married osteopath was no shrinking violet; she married and probably buried five husbands or six ac A

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The Love Pirate and the Bandit's Son Murder Sin and Scandal in the Shadow of Jesse JamesNg but invariably disappointing life of the bandit’s only son In the book’s third section the two indelible characters collide with lethal conseuences for Wilkins Ably mixing historical conjecture with forensic fact Laura James conducts a blow by blow reconstruction of their tumultuous relationship including evidence that she believes convicts Jesse James Jr ? This non fiction read fits my taste for murder and mayhem Zeo Zoe Wilkins cuts a wide swath in her life plan to leave poverty behind to become wealthy Her path begins on an Ohio pig farm and continues through the Mid West including Kirksville and Kansas City Beauty brilliance and no boundaries combine in Zeo Zoe Wilkins to create an interesting bit of Missouri history