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Demon of Mine (The Devil Heart Boys #1) Review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Jack Mandeville just became my worst enemy and cruellest nightmareHe hates the worldHates blondesBut most of all he hates me The worst thing about all of that I have to live with him When my lifeUt of line things are going to get much worse I have to figure out what the ghostly presence in the house is trying to tell me But that means discovering how far Jack will go to keep me away Demon of Mine is a full length paranormal high school bully romance suitable for upper YA readers Set in the real world with a supernatural twist it's got a dark mystery at the heart of it that will leave your jaw on the flo. So freaking amazingI never saw that coming but am on so glad it did This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through I never knew what was coming next which was a pleasant surprise because I usually get an idea of what's coming But not with this book The twists and turns were amazing and I hope there will be to come I'd love a story with Teagan and Temper Also one with lila Definitely 5 star material And of course with a great HEA and no cliffhanger

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Jack Mandeville just became my worst enemy and cruellest nightmareHe hates the worldHates blondesBut most of all he hates me The worst thing about all of that I have to live with him When my life falls apart and I'm taken in by the father of the devil himself in one of the most prestigious parts of London I uickly discover there's something seriously strange about Mandeville Place Something supernatural My dream. Full Review on my blog We made deals We didn't give our help away for free This was a transaction One problem resolved in exchange for something in return And what that something was depended on what our clients had to offer Hmmm where to start I didn’t know what to think going into this book but I loved the mystery surrounding each character Kind of a slow start for me at least but once the story began unfolding and the mystery surrounding Jack and Elle began to reveal itself I was uickly pulled in  Demon of Mine is the first book in The Devil Heart Boys series and tells the story of Elle and Jack It's a supernatural bully romance with added creep factor I enjoyed getting to know Elle and Jack and although their story appears to reach its conclusion there is still the option to continue but I hope to see of them in the following booksIt starts off when Elle's mother goes missing leaving behind a massive debt which forces Elle to move She finds herself living with Aston the only adult who’s ALWAYS at work Jack and his twin sister Teagan Elle uickly discovers that there is something strange about the Mandeville Place something supernatural Not only this but a certain boy in the house has sworn to make Elle's life a living hell and avoiding him at Darkwood Academy is not easy Jack was an absolute asshole to Elle when they first met but as the story progresses and Elle is unknowingly pulled into a deal with the Devil we learn what Jack's motivations are and how they have come to shape his misguided decisionsThe storyline was a little rushed imo and was slightly predictable but hoping with future books in this series that we get background and character development I love Caroline's work but I will admit this isn't the best work of hers but I did enjoy it in the end I recommend ita copy was provided by the authors for review purposesBlog | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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Demon of Mine The Devil Heart Boys #1S are disturbed by dark spirits And it sounds totally crazy but I'm certain something in this house is pushing me toward the boy who's sworn to make my life a living hell if I don't keep away from him Avoiding him at Darkwood Academy is not easy Him and his intimidating friends run this place including every student and teacher in it They've already turned the whole school against me and I know if I step a toe o. Okay I freaking loved this The creep factor alone was just perfect for an October read And it definitely gave me Jane Eyre and Beauty and the Beast vibes Elle has been through a lot Her mom is missing and she's lost her place to live An old acuaintance of her mother's offers to take her in but Elle uickly realizes she won't be receiving a warm welcome at Mandeville Place Now she has to contend with a new school a housemate determined to make her life hell and things going bump in the night in her new home Demons ghosts and a forbidden romance Yes pleaseI voluntarily reviewed a complimentary ARC of this book