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Berlin The Downfall 1945MyAntony Beevor reconstructs the experiences of those millions caught up in the nightmare of the Third Reich's final collapse telling a terrible story of pride stupidity fanatacism revenge and savagery but also one of astonishing endurance self sacrifice and survival against all odds When I was writing my novel Skeletons at the Feast I read a great many histories about the end of the Second World War in Europe and the final collapse of Nazi Germany I'm currently involved with a possible TV series adaptation of that novel and so I have been returning to that literature Anthony Beevor's The Fall of Berlin is one that I missed in 2007 It's brilliantly researched and captures the horror of the winter and spring of 1945 on the Eastern Front the relentless sacrifice of Russian soldiers and the politics in the Kremlin; the German old men and boys sent out to stop them; the despicable soul crushing Nazi crimes and the madness inside Hitler's bunker in Berlin; the rape and abuse of the German woman at the hands of the Russian soldiers violence that was at least in part a retaliation for the horrors the Nazis inflicted on Russians This isn't an easy book to read but it is a profoundly important history of that horrific moment in time

kindle Berlin The Downfall 1945

Berlin The Downfall 1945 kindle ☆ 489 pages ☆ The Red Army had much to avenge when it finally reached the frontiers of the Reich in January 1945 Political instructors rammed home the message of Wehrmacht and SS brutality The result was the most terrifying example of fire and sword ever known with tanks crushing refugee columns underThe Red Army had much to avenge when it finally reached the frontiers of the Reich in January 1945 Political instructors rammed home the message of Wehrmacht and SS brutality The result was the most terrifying example of fire and sword ever known with tanks crushing refugee columns u I do have issues with some of the text not being footnoted in a manner I find useful but there is a fine bibliography and a section of interviews diary and unpublished accounts In the end though an interesting read on the appalling fall of Berlin that showed that the enemies each had no idea as to the humanity of each other Propaganda by the opposing sides was always fierce and in the end with the Eastern Front being probably the most brutal event in history this book bought to the fore the never ending uestion of man’s inhumanity to man and how propaganda can cause appalling events to happen As the Red Army crossed into East Prussia and had seen German wealth in comparison to their own homes towns and cities Senior Lieutenant Klochkov said he could not understand why Germany had attacked them and risked such a prosperous life Zhukov’s divisional commander General Maslov said “What was surprising was that they were crying in exactly the same way as our children cry as he watched these children weeping for their lost parents Revenge propaganda had convinced its citizens that all Germans were ravening beasts wrote the author The same was true of the Nazi’s propaganda The Nazis use of “soft faced children” in the final battle was an utter indictment on their moribund ideology and latter attempts to blame the Nazis by Wehrmacht officers holds no water with this reviewer The final toll of rape as well as the death and destruction that the eastern front was from the start to the fall of Berlin is not pretty reading in this very competent telling Gertraud Traudl Junge once said of Nazism after WW2 had ended “at that moment I actually sensed that it was no excuse to be young and that it would have been possible to find things out” uite

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Nder their tracks mass rape pillage and destruction Hundreds of thousands of women and children froze to death or were massacred because Nazi Party chiefs refusing to face defeat had forbidden the evacuation of civilians Over seven million fled westwards from the terror of the Red Ar Somehow I missed doing a review when I read this ho hum1945 The chickens are coming home to roost The Red Army has systematically dismantled and destroyed the Wehrmacht in a series of massive campaigns By April they are on the outskirts of Berlin The capital of the Reich is a mass of rubble its inhabitants cowering in cellars pensively awaiting Ivans arrivalThe Fuhrer sits in his bunker too Reduced to a shambling wreck and allegedly numbed by drugs much of the time Hitler promised to Make Germany Great Again but all he has achieved for his adopted country is ruinationBetween the Russians and the capital is a rag tag army many of them old men and teenage boys as the recruitment barrel is scraped one last time Fourteen year olds are given rocket propelled grenades and sent out against tanks Hopelessly outgunned and outnumbered the German army fights on ferociously defending the homelandNumbers prevail and the Russians break into Berlin conuering the city street by street against fierce resistance Many thousands on both sides die and as always on the Eastern Front the war is extremely brutal The victorious Russians loot and rape at will despoiling the detested capital of the enemyIn the Fuhrer bunker Hitler shoots himself his precious Thousand Year Reich destined to outlast him by just a few days A journey from beer hall rabble rouser to the conueror of much of Europe ends up with a funeral pyre in a sualid shell hole Hitler burns as Berlin burns around himA powerful book well written and meticulously researched Worth a read