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Read & Download Chicks with Sticks It's a Purl Thing Book 1 µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook · A fun frothy novel about friendship and knitting Scottie feels like her whole world is turning upside down Then she discovers knitting and it s as if she s been thrown a cashmerino lifeline Soon Scottie and her Not just for crafty types through it does include several knitting patterns and projects It s for anyone who s ever found friends in the most unlikely place or wanted to Sometimes you just need some string and sticks with some full fat hot chocolate on the side to get you there. This novel is one of those cute fun Meg Cabot kinds of young adult chick books—with a couple of serious issues thrown in to make the book meaningful Scottie a 10th grader feels overlooked by her prominent artist mother and now her BFF isn’t she’s moving away from Scottie into the “popular” group Then by accident Scottie discovers a local yarn store a new pastime in knitting and a friendship group that helps her deal with the uncertainties that come with adolescence Serious issues include dealing with learning disabilities when they clash with parental expectations dealing with different kinds of parents social disadvantages of long term “home schooling” and of course identity vs boyfriends Positive and really fun to read the novel comes with some knitting patterns and is the beginning novel in an engaging series

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A fun frothy novel about friendship and knitting Scottie feels like her whole world is turning upside down Then she discovers knitting and it s as if she s been thrown a cashmerino lifeline Soon Scottie and her best friend Amanda along with new friends Bella and Tay find themsel. Reviewed by Cana Rensberger for TeensReadToocomFifteen year old Scottie has trains roaring through her dreams at night resulting in hours of early morning insomnia It's been like this since Aunt Roz's funeral To make it worse she's begun to feel like a stranger in her own home turned art gallery Her mother spends days in a trance creating bizarre paintings that have become the new must have art and her dad spends hours on the phone schmoozing potential buyers and scheduling the next art party Scottie's parents don't seem to remember she exists and Scottie fears that she's becoming invisible to her best friend Amanda as well Amanda has left her for the popular cliue as she developed curves that Scottie is so far lacking Scottie's life is falling apart Only a ball of yarn and a couple of needles keep her from becoming completely frayed Early one morning once again wide awake she discovers the knitting her Aunt Lucille had pressed into her hands at her Aunt Roz's shivah under a pile of clothes on the rug at her feet Intrigued she tries a stitch surprised she can remember the spike loop swish knitting motion One stitch turns into an entire row Scottie feels the tension leaving her shoulders Without thinking she crams her knitting into her book bag as she prepares to leave for school Under pressure with Amanda and her new friends at lunch Scottie whips out her swatch and ball of yarn and begins knitting So much for being invisible Scottie becomes so hooked on knitting that she goes in search of a store named KnitWit and finds herself staying for a free class offered by the owner Alice Fate intervenes and Amanda shows up along with other girls from her school Tay and Bella It doesn't take long before they become the Chicks with Sticks and Scottie finds comfort in finally belonging somewhere But will the feeling last It seems friends are dropping as often as she drops stitches Amanda deserts her to free form with her new knitting friends after her Learning Disability session at the college Bella becomes so engrossed in knitting that she prefers solitude with her afghan And Tay blames Scottie for the problems between her and Josh And when she finally gets the nerve to tell her parents that she's a knitter they get all excited that she's decided to be a fiber artist whatever that is She turns to Alice only to find KnitWit's doors are closed on their meeting night Elizabeth Lenhard has created a warm woolly read in IT'S A PURL THING As a knitter I found myself itching to grab my needles and feel the familiar comfort of K3 P3 of my current work in progress in soft homespun lavender Teens are taking up their needles and creating beautiful works of art I encourage you to join them But before you do take a moment to curl up with IT'S A PURL THING

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Chicks with Sticks It's a Purl Thing Book 1Ves hanging at their local yarn store a magical place called KnitWit bound together by a yen for yarn and a hunger for friendship Their stitches and their relationships become so intertwined that it s hard to remember which came first the girls or the purls Chicks With Sticks is. You know I liked this book I can't bring myself to rate it higher than three stars though because of a couple of thingsFirst the character Alice is one of the biggest Mary Sues who ever Sued Now I don't have anything against using your personal life experience in writing In fact I think it makes the writing believable and immediate However it's the lack of flaws in characters their utter perfection at everything they touch that makes me start to pull away from the writing Yes Alice was slightly just SLIGHTLY insensitive to someone and this could be seen as a flaw but the way it was dealt with in the book just made it yet another wonderful glorious TRIUMPH Bleh It made it apparent I was reading a book and not listening to a story if you understand the differenceSecond the parents in the book are featureless caricatures instead of characters I understand that sometimes adolescents the main characters of the book feel that way but it was really completely unrelenting They were featureless insensitive robotic drones repeating the same one line characterization over and over It got kind of tiredThird the resolution at the end of the book seemed rushed and a little weakThe writing was good enough The characters were likable even if their motivations seemed paper thin a few times And hey I'm a KNITTER for goodness' sake and even I found some of the knitting analogies wanky Not to mention there's the fact that the characters in the book were knitting projects way over their heads at times and the amount of time that some things take booties in TWO HOURS bzuh was completely unrealistic at times If you're going to put in all that detail about knitting it really seems like it shouldn't be fudged for the sake of the story the way it really was in several places Also their angst about being caught knitting got OLD That dead horse was beaten into spam by the end of the bookI know that sounds like a lot of flaws but it wasn't a horrible experience Like I said the writing itself was fine readable and enjoyable if you can grit your teeth through the moments that are rough around the edges