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Schoolgirls Young Women Self Esteem and the Confidence GapA NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEARThe classic account of the hurdles facing adolescent girls in America now reissued with a new Foreword to coincide with the award winning author's new book on women and identityInspired by a study by the American Association of University Women that showed girls' self esteem plummeting as they reach adolescence Peggy Orenstein spent months observing interviewing and getting know dozens of girls. I gave this book four stars because it does exactly what its description says it does describe the hardships that girls in their adolescence faceAnd now for the 1000000 uestionWhere is the euivalent book call it Schoolboys that describes the hurdles that adolescent boys facePeople especially feminists like to assume that all is hunky dory with boys and that we don't need to help them even the media likes to assume this just ask Time magazine I don't think this is the case because if it were then we wouldn't see a few teenage boys walking into schools with ammunition and opening fire It is evident that our public schools I don't know about private schools parochial ones etc are failing to meet the needs of boys in part in my opinion because it isn't politically correct to do soAn anecdote comes to mind While I was student teaching my cooperating teacher was teaching a lesson on ratios of boys to girls in the class this was a ninth grade class She asked the class how many girls there were and recorded the number on the chalkboard Then she asked the class how many boys there were and then said way too manyIs it any wonder then why we see boys dropping out of school way often than girls do even though the total number of male dropouts have decreased over the years I'll give you that but that still doesn't take away from the problem attending college less doing much worse in reading even though they do slightly better than girls in math and science but that too doesn't take away from the problem and making the honor roll less often than the girls Despite this we not only see books like these but also programs like the ones on WeTV that highlight the hurdles of adolescent girls think of the programs as the video euivalent of Peggy Orenstein's bookIn sum what I'm getting at is that even though this book does do girls a favor by highlighting the challenges that they face it is high time that we do likewise for the boys For as long as politics and the media ignore the suffering of a segment of the youth population for the sake of leveling the playing field instead of seeing EVERYONE as a victim our society will remain a precarious place

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Both inside and outside the classroom at two very different schools in northern California The result was a groundbreaking book in which she brought the disturbing statistics to life with skill and flair of an experienced journalist Orenstein plumbs the minds of both boys and girls who have learned to euate masculinity with opportunity and assertiveness and femininity with reserve and restraint She demonstrates the cost of this insid. This book was written in response to a study about self esteem and girls in school conducted by the American Association of University Women and I have to admit that throughout most of my reading of it one of the uestions in the back of my mind was okay but don't girls generally out perform boys in educational settings So it's interesting that one of the feminist blogs I read because that's the kind of manhating bitch I am had this posted earlier this weekWhatever learning differences boys and girls may have and whatever problems educational settings have in balancing those differences I do think the issue of self esteem and confidence is huge in girls' success This book raised a lot of issues about girls' socialization and what is acceptable feminine behavior vs acceptable male behavior that are really interesting both in general and of course narcissistically I know I was one of those perfectionist girls in middle school I could so easily have been one of the white middle class girls she interviewed I never had eating disorders or wanted to cut myself but I cried in class a couple times because I wasn't doing well enough and I didn't want to contribute even though I knew I was the smart kid One of the things measured in the original study was what kind of traits adolescents listed as the thing they liked most about themselves; boys overwhelmingly listed skills or personality traits girls listed physical attributes I would have listed my intelligence in middle school I'm sure I have always identified as smart not pretty But it's not like I've overcome the need to be pretty; I just kind of wrote it off I chose smart I wasn't pretty the end And although I do think I'm attractive today I have problems with people being attracted to me in a way I don't have problems with people thinking I'm intelligent or funny And even traits I like about myself are cast into doubt from a feminist perspective in this book I don't want to be louder or less diplomatic but how much of that is the nice girl socialization And if I accept that it is a result of that socialization at least to some extent am I obligated to try and change ituestions uestions uestions

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Free download ✓ Schoolgirls Young Women Self Esteem and the Confidence Gap Ê PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ A NEW YORK TIMES NOTABLE BOOK OF THE YEARThe classic account of the hurdles facing adolescent girls in America now reissued with aIous lesson by taking us into the lives of real young women who are struggling with eating disorders sexual harassment and declining academic achievement especially in math and science Peggy Orenstein's SchoolGirls is a classic that belongs on the shelf with the work of Carol Gilligan Joan Jacobs Brumberg and Mary Pipher It continues to be read by all who care about how our schools and our society teach girls to shortchange themselves. Every parent teacher man and woman needs to read this book I can honestly say it has changed me This is not a problem that went away when women entered the work force or were given the right to vote Ineualities happen in subtle ways everyday everywhere Reading this book made me so much aware of them and pushed me to change the way I teach and think