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Free read Snow Bear ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ When Bessie decides to explore a frozen ice ship one morning she finds a new playmate a baby polar bear Snow Bear and Bessie are instant friends but Bessie's brother and Snow Bear's mother are worried The grown ups wait and watch the little ones play until something happensAnt friends but Bessie's brother and Snow Bear's mother are worried The grown ups wait and watch the little ones play until something. This book has beautiful illustrations that would capture any child's attention but it does not have much of a message to it I would allow the children to read this book during silent reading but I wouldn't incorporate it into a lesson plan unless we were studying arctic life I do enjoy that the author and illustrator did a wonderful job showcasing the beauty of a human being coexisting with a wild polar bear I feel like it would instill a sense of respect for nature and wild animals in children after they finished reading it

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When Bessie decides to explore a frozen ice ship one morning she finds a new playmate a baby polar bear Snow Bear and Bessie are inst. When I read there was going to be simple text I got worried because I hate simple text Sparse writing annoys me and feels like the author is being lazy and doing as little as possible What I hate even than that are pages without any writing at all What a total waste I can't stand when authors make readers put the story together themselves without explaining itI thought it was odd that the mother bear had a name Nanu which I assumed was their word for polar bear because I just read East and the name for polar bear in that language was similar to this word And her cub was called Snow Bear Like she named him or something And how the mom come to be named Also Snow Bear was huge to be a cub way bigger than Bessie like dangerous for a kid bigIt was nice that it showed the POV from people and bears Her brother saw the bear tracks following his sister's and knew she was in danger because bears kill humans The mom smelled him and his gun and knew her cub was in danger because humans kill bearsI didn't buy that the cub would have been so far from its mom in the first placeVincent watched Bessie play with Snow Bear and said cubs are friendly Nanu watched and said children are friendly Uh no you didn't You did not just have a wild animal make the distinction of an adult versus a kid I can guarantee you a polar bear doesn't know the difference between an adult and child or have the thought that a person is friendlythey are dangerous wild animals that would kill the first living thing especially if it was near their babyNanu and Vincent each looked for each other because it's likely that a protective mother bear would pass up the person in direct contact with their cub and instead seek out the adult in the vicinity that they haven't actually seen His dad has told him that in the Arctic you can't rush things and the answers will come if you wait I wasn't really sure what that was in regards toI did like learning that when polar bears get hot they dig little snow caves out and sit down Bessie was cold so she sat beside him and she grew warm while she cooled off From watching TV I already knew that male polar bears kill cubs So when Nanu saw the male she ran to her cub They all knew how dangerous a male bear is but when he smelled Vincent's gun he went back in the water For some reason the author had the bears now what a gun smells like and associate it with dangerJust the smell of a human would be enough to scare them not a gun Nanu and Snow Bear went inland and will eat sedges and lemmings whatever they are And he'll stay with her until he's so big male bears can't hurt himThe kids go home to eat and they attend school and learn about the Arctic like Eskimo kids doThe iceberg that was shaped like a ship dislodged and went back to seaThe endIt was so unfulfilling and strange It seemed to be about a girl learning from a polar bear in the beginning then it morphed to polar bear habits and then to the schedules of this culture what icebergs do It was so on the surface that it didn't delve deeply enough into any of these subjects I don't know much about polar bears or this group of people or the ice flows in the ArcticIt's very very simpleI was impressed to learn that she's an environmentalist but puzzled how an environmentalist would have written this because the fact that animals are having human thoughts about humans is directly against environmentalism and teaches kids false ideas This might make a kid think that they can go up to a polar bear and play because polar bears like kidslike how dangerous of a thought is that If kids find themselves wandering the Arctic that is But it's so dangerous and unethical to put this thought into a kid's headThe illustrations are the best part about the book and without them there would be nothing to offer The pretty sky of different shades of blue with white stars I really liked their brown parkas and boots and designs on them They stand out against their backgrounds The skies with the different colors reminded me of the northern lightsThe best pages were the ones where the skin and snow were orange like from the sunset and the bears were going their way and the kids the other And the last ones showing the big blue iceberg and the orange sky with the polar bear standing on it This just needed to offer

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Snow BearHappens that will break up the happy pair With simple text and lavish illustrations this Arctic picture book will warm readers' hear. Pantings of bears and landscape are beautiful Story reminds me of Blueberries for Sal