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Read & Download ´ Brainchild ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF È Everyone in town knew there was something different about Lois Wilson But Lois didn't care Lois cared only about Science Behavioral Science Even when the kids at school taunted her Lois didn't care Even though her parents were disturbed by her and her littlImplacable Lois was in complete controlNow her scientific curiosity could have full expression If she could control the behavior of laboratory animals imagine what she could do withpeop. Read it in Dutch and was the first book I voluntary read until the end Really thrilling and interesting Has relateble Parts and some really horrorcrazy like parts Easy to read also Perfect for every young girl that loves suspension bonus if you're into science

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Didn't care Even though her parents were disturbed by her and her little brother worshiped her Lois didn't care And when her father suffered a stroke and her mother began drinking strong. Another recommendation grabbed up from the excellent Paperbacks from Hell The Twisted History of '70s and '80s Horror Fiction This is an odd dark little book with a bone chilling premise a surprisingly complex mad scientist teenage girl and a disappointingly lackluster resolution The last factor isn't enough to make the book a thumbs down not when the rest is so weird and intriguingLois is a high school senior and a cold blooded genius Her father a pharmacist makes some effort to understand the off kilter turn of her mind and her little brother reveres her but to her mother she's the odd unnatural girl who keeps bringing lab animals into the house Lois has a particular interest in behavioral conditioning and when she gets the opportunity to audit a college course on the subject she acuires a fascinated audience in the form of a professor intrigued by her singular intensity Unfortunately without meaning to he spurs her on in creepier and creepier directions as Lois begins using her family as unknowing test subjects in her very own studies in behavioral conditioningAt first these efforts are simple even if Neiderman makes them skin crawling For example Lois starts encouraging her little brother to resent and fear their mother thus increasing his dependence on her All that's bad enough But then her father has another stroke leaving him effectively trapped in his own body and Lois decides to take advantage of his condition to bring the family completely under her control She subtly uses her psychological know how to push her mother into becoming a recluse who avoids her husband; she works on devising a maniacal seemingly sadistic plan to help her father's rehabilitation along by training his body to respond to her The helplessness of the family especially the father caught in her web is really well conveyed I thought you'd press the bar and ring the gong Aren’t you hungry” He blinked once “Well you’re going to have to press the bar Daddy That’s the way it’s going to be now I don’t have to go through the procedures to establish a conditioned reflex with you do I You want food you press the bar; food bar that’s the association You’ll get so you like the system you’ll see The dependent you are on it the you’ll like it It’s a common phenomenon evidenced in the behavior of hostages who develop positive relationships with their captorsCool Lois thanks for all the nightmaresThe problem is that all this horror doesn't really go anywhere Neiderman fails to bring it all to a satisfying dramatic climax and instead it winds up feeling like it just fizzles out at a certain point That it fails to stick the landing is a big disappointment but I know I'm still going to remember Lois one of horror literature's creepiest figures Lois is definitely the main selling point of the book especially since Neiderman gives her an unexpected bit of complexity For example while Lois feels a lot like a budding supervillain she's as unsentimental about herself as she is about her family; she's pretty low on ego When she colossally fails her audition for the role of the only character she's ever really identified with there's a moment where she considers reframing the experience as everyone who laughed at me was wrong and I was actually great but then she rejects it and accepts that she failed and she's just not meant to be an actress And while her plan and its execution are obviously evil her motivation does genuinely seem to be the advancement of scientific knowledge and she argues sincerely and passionately that she's really trying to help her father All of this contributes to making her a vivid well realized character which makes her much scarier than a cardboard cut out

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BrainchildEveryone in town knew there was something different about Lois Wilson But Lois didn't care Lois cared only about Science Behavioral Science Even when the kids at school taunted her Lois. Academic achievement as the ultimate perversity Everything is an experiment We are all animals in a lab Love is just pushing a button and hoping a food pellet comes instead of an electric shock