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review A Suitable Boy ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ´ De geschikte jongen speelt zich af in en rondom de fictieve Indiase stad Brahmpur gelegen aan de Ganges Het is voorjaar 1951 mevrouw Rupa Mehra schakelt vrienden en kennissen in om haar te helpen een goede echtgenoot te vinden voor haar jongste dochter Lata Met dit simpele motief alEchtgenoot te vinden voor haar jongste dochter Lata Met dit simpele motief als voorwendsel voert Vikram Seth vier families ten tonele drie met een hindoe en een met een moslimachtergrond de Kapoors de Meh. Spoiler alertI finally finished reading A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth For some reason I used to avoid picking it up and kept putting it off I suppose it was mainly the size it’s one thick book approximately 1500 pages but I also think it had to do with this misconception I had that it would be a tough read that Seth’s writing would be pompous and saturated with flowery descriptions of rivers winding through the green and yellow village of GraamNagar Imagine my surprise when I find that the language is smooth his tone light and his narrative interesting The fact that Seth managed to keep the threads of the numerous plots and subplots clear in his head is an accomplishment in itself but even impressive is how each characters of his story is real; they are people we recognize with mannerisms we’ve noticed in ourselves and others and dialogues we’ve heard thought or spoken The title might suggest that it’s the story of finding the perfect marriage candidate for the central character but that would be belittling the grand work that is A Suitable Boy It is the story of the Mehras the Kapoors the Khans the Chatterjis and a myriad of other characters such as Saeeda Bai and Kakoli many of whom are fleshed out substantially even when their appearance is minimal The beauty of the story arises from their interactions with each other their thoughts and their ups and downs Little details that create vivid images of a decaying courtesan’s world a cosmopolitan Calcutta the shoemakers’ rank as in rancid neighbourhoods and so on The story covers about a year of the characters’ lives detailing the day to day mundanity Little decisions — a smile here a letter there a glass of nimbu pani lemon water every now and then are what makes the story Yet these little decisions these microsteps that are taken culminate in huge changes that are noticed only in hindsightI’m probably not giving away any surprises when I say that I was thoroughly pissed off at Lata Mehra’s decision to marry Haresh Khanna I shouldn’t have been surprised because Lata does say in the first few pages ” I always obey my mother” and so the ending wasn’t so much a surprise as it was a disappointment I did understand why she did it but I couldn’t help my acute disappointment in her all the same I was genuinely frustrated at her pigheadedness her thought process that led her to this decision I was angry because I am afraid that her reasoning resonated with the coward in everyone especially south asian girls who have had to or will have to at least discuss the concept of arranged marriage at some point in their livesIronically her mother later suffered a number of ualms herself about whether Haresh would be the right boy for her daughter Had Lata decided against the marriage Mrs Mehra would have been perfectly amenable especially since Lata’s yuppie brother Arun did not condone the marriage either So why did Lata decide to snub both Kabir the Muslim she fell in love with or Amit the Bengali poet she could fall in love with easily Her reasoning in the last few pages was scary because it reminded me of how we would rather our lives be a smooth ride of mediocrity than a roller coaster of brilliance that plummets from time to time We choose to be mediocre ly happy the utilitarian idea that the “aim of action should be the largest possible balance of pleasure over pain or the greatest happiness of the greatest number” She says “I’m not myself when I’m with him Kabir I ask myself who is this this jealous obsessed womanI don’t want to passionately love him I don’t know want to If that’s what passion means I dont’ want it”Once Lata makes her decision we know that she will lead her life contently enough It upset me because I saw Lata in a number of people I know in real life including myself Mind you I am not advocating against arranged marriage as a whole because I know they can work Lata’s sister Savita who marries Pran after meeting him only once in front of her elders does genuinely fall in love with him and go on to lead a happy life So it’s not that arranged marriages are wrong I just felt that Lata was wrong in her decision to marry Haresh Even if he was considered fair and good looking confident and ambitious Ironically from Haresh’s side it’s not exactly a traditional arranged marriage He arranges his nuptials himself because he doesn’t like the parents getting involved in this matter; his parents already know that he will run away metaphorically speaking if they try to set him up So to Haresh this is a decision he’s making by himself for his own benefit Haresh had already been in love with someone else before had neatly folded away his Devdas romanticism for that girl and was ready now to live a contented life with someone else it just happened to be Lata He is oh so bloody honest about his feelings for this girl and that he knows it won’t ever happen and so must move on Lata wanted his practicality his forceful ability to get things done his willingness to help out her family members What angered me was the underlying assumption that KabirAmit couldn’t be all those things that they would be selfish beings simply because they would also love her and she would have to him either him back My favourite characters in the book are Amit Chatterji and Pran Kapoor I know Vikram Seth denies fashioning Amit after him but to be honest for some reason while I was reading about Amit’s tendencies for the necessary inactivity that comes with being a writer I thought of Seth What I liked about Amit was that he was the uber intellectual his tone was oft sardonic his amusement freuent his observations of people accepting and piercing He talked a lot and said very little He was cryptic in his cynicism I loved him Lata rejects him on the basis of his being high maintenance type someone who needs his meals laid out for him who wouldn’t have time for her if he was working on a novel and whose moodswings are as freuent as her own I don’t buy that completely He did make the time for her he knew how to be charming and behave in society he wasn’t an absent minded intellectual he knew what he wanted and he knew how to get what he wants Lata was right in that he wouldn’t fall apart at her rejection but I think it’s not his insensitivity that would allow him to be friends with her

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De geschikte jongen speelt zich af in en rondom de fictieve Indiase stad Brahmpur gelegen aan de Ganges Het is voorjaar 1951 mevrouw Rupa Mehra schakelt vrienden en kennissen in om haar te helpen een goede. I know some GR’ers didn’t really cotton on to the style of this book And maybe it was because I read this while on vacation in India itself but wow Just WOW It’s a fucking long book—1500 pages And every single page was worth the time I spent on it and If Midnight’s Children is India’s One Hundred Years of Solitude then A Suitable Boy must be its War and Peace It’s got the same melding of personal lives seen in amidst great national events Instead of the romance of Natasha and Pierre it’s that of Lata and her three suitors Instead of the war with France we have the post Independence and post Partition politics of a nation searching for an identity And instead of descriptions of war we get exchanges of heated debate on the floor of the state parliament and the passing of a contentious bill Seth looks at the lives of four families intertwined by marriage and friendship And all the detail—and it is indeed loving detail—is very very necessary to immerse you in the India of the 1950s and what it felt like to be alive then We get details of village life life in the city life of the different castes business life religious life modern life traditional life It’s all there And it works in tandem with several great stories of love and passion and what these mean both at the level of family romance and nation Word has it that Seth is working on a follow up not sure if it’s a seuel as such to be called “A Suitable Girl” I for one can’t wait

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A Suitable BoyRa's de Chatterji's en de Khans Hij brengt het postkoloniaal India tot leven dat aan de vooravond van zijn eerste algemene verkiezingen probeert om verschillende culturen en religies met elkaar te verzoene. I was never entirely sure who belonged to what family in this book but it never really bothered me I mean after we switched back to a different group of characters I was able to reconstruct who they were related to fairly easily but I never could hold the genealogies in my mindNote The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision hereIn the meantime you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook