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eBook ☆ Baby Sitters on Board The Baby Sitters Club Super Special #1 Ü Paperback Read Á moneyexpresscard ✓ Kristy Mary Anne Stacey Claudia and Dawn are the luckiest baby sitters in the world This summer they're going on the greatest trip ever a plane rBoat trip around the Bahamas and then three days of fun in Disney WorldOf course they have a million adventures Claudia gets notes from a mysterious Secret Admi first note I was not able to get The Be Sharps' Baby on Board out of my head the whole time I was reading thissuper specials are different from regular bsc books in that they are significantly longer this was 24 chapters as opposed to the usual 15 chapters and the narrator switches from chapter to chapter in this the FIRST EVER super special the baby sitters go on a cruise in the bahamas that ends in a three day trip to disneyworld the pikes had won the trip for their whole family and decided to pay stacey and mary anne's way to come along as mother's helpers a la Boy Crazy Stacey and when watson heard about it he decided to pay for the thomasbrewers plus dawn and claudia to come as well there are lots of plotlines in this book so look at the narrator plots section for thosenarrator plots kristy fights with dawn they share a room which sucks because kristy is an oscar and dawn is a felix she befriends mr staples a grumpy old man seriously how many lemmonmatthau references can I make? who just lost his wife and came on this ill advised romantic cruise complete with a trip to disneyworld a place that is totally not designed for elderly people's enjoyment dawn fights with kristy see the kristy plotline above falls in LUV with parker who is kind of a jerk he is mad that his dad remarried and he has to live with his stepbrothers and he basically says that he hates children but dawn still gives him a chance after that and he sort of remedies it by hanging with the stepbrothers a bit she loses her family heirloom bracelet which plays into byron and co's treasure plotline see byron plotline below mary anne sort of befriends this glamorous and beautiful and awful girl named alexandra carmody finds out that she has lied about pretty much everything and that she is actually the kid of famous singing duo viv and vernon carmody and she's just bored with her life so she makes stuff up for attention mallory has recently read Harriet the Spy and decides to spy on everyone because of it I LOVE THIS PLOTLINE because I totally did this when I read that book too it's a tweenage girl rite of passage like a witch phase or something through spying mallory discovers that alexandra carmody is a liar sees a stowaway on the ship see claudia's plotline for info and thinks she sees spider from the insects her favorite musical group spider from the insects you know I love it karen tricks kristy into letting her go back to her cabin alone and goes to get a manicure instead charging it to her dad brat truly believes the hitchhiking ghost thing in the haunted mansion and keeps thinking her ghost is with her okay that's kind of cute tells everyone it is her birthday on their breakfast with disney characters cruise just so she can get the room of people to sing to her and brat karenbrat claudia has a secret admirer she meets a boy named timothy who she later finds out was her secret admirer all along he is also the stowaway ie he likes to hide places and spy on people so when people saw him sneaking around they thought he was a stowaway and is alexandra carmody's brother stacey befriends a little boy with a heart condition who uses a wheelchair named marc kubacki is pleased to see how well disney accommodates him discovers he is going to have a scary surgery soon and gets bummed out but then his surgery goes fine and he no longer has to use a wheelchair see nitpickslowlights byron thinks he's a pirate and gets the other triplets nicky and david michael all into the idea of a treasure hunt they find something they think is a treasure map which we later discover is a copy machine diagram written in dutch and try to find treasure everywhere they find dawn's lost bracelet and get excited until they find out it's actually dawn's and they have to give it backhighlights when the ship is setting sail dawn hears someone from the dock yell Jimmy don't you dare forget to change your underwear mallory and the triplets don't have to stick with an adult as though stacey and mary anne are adults LOL at one point the triplets' plan is to find people wearing goofy bathing caps and laugh at them karen's manicure chapter which is hilarious but also made me kind of angry david michael finds a shell in response throw it back it's pink said nicky looking disgusted when dawn asks kristy if she's ever seen an r rated movie kristy says nah but someday I'm going to this is so cute and little kid ishnitpickslowlights biggest nitpick of all this book came out the month after Hello Mallory how come there is no reference to stacey living in new york and no reference to jessi at all and how come mallory is one of the baby sitting charges? also hello mallory took place in october or so this book is clearly a summer vacation book this timeline makes NO sense can claire even ride space mountain? you have to be 44 inches that seems a little tall for a 5 year old right? when stacey sees claudia's secret admirer offering to pay for her ice cream she looks across the room and sees a couple other girlswomen he could be pointing to but says that they don't look like they deserve a secret admirer HUH? so only your super hot friend deserves a secret admirer? shallow jerk the things dawn says about space mountain are wrong at disneyland it's actually darker than at magic kindgom and at magic kingdom it's much similar to the matterhorn a disneyland ride in both seating and ride style it's not as scary or intense as as the disneyland ride I'm really not sure where ann got this from karen is really obnoxious in this book she takes after her stepsister kristy who is just AWFUL in this book at one point to anger dawn she intentionally gives herself a milk mustache and refuses to wipe it what an idiot the marc plotline is wrapped up a little too neatly he has heart problems that are so bad he can't walk walking is too much of a workout for his heart and then he has surgery and is riding a bike? too good to be true when dawn says that only old people and little kids play ping pong parker says they'll give them a run for their money then parker complains about his perfectly nice step siblings parker is a jerk and dawn is stupid for liking him then dawn is a jerk when playing ping pong against them she says of mr staples who's your boyfriend? to kristy why would anyone go to magic kingdom three days in a row and not even try epcot? idiotsclaudia outfit I

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Kristy Mary Anne Stacey Claudia and Dawn are the luckiest baby sitters in the world This summer they're going on the greatest trip ever a plane ride to Florida a Wibbly wobbly Timey wimey Stuff The previous title in the Baby sitters Club series Hello Mallory was published in June 1988 and up until now although the series has following a fluctuating timescale the series of events has been linear Dawn joined and then Dawn was around Stacey left and then Stacey was goneSo how do we deal with Baby sitters on Board? Published in July 1988 this first Super Special has Stacey in Stoneybrook and Mallory who just previously fought tooth and nail to become a Baby sitters Club member as young detatched reclusive and not a baby sitter Dawn has inherited an inexplicable neat freak streak that conflicts with Kristy who is throwing candy wrappers on the floor and being generally disgusting Who are these people?The premise is that the patron of the enormous Pike family won a cruise and Disney World trip through work and even though he has 9000 kids while some of his coworkers only have 0 or 1 I guess everyone gets to go He invites Stacey and Mary Anne as Mother's helpers the appallingly gender normative job title they adopted during the Pike's previous summer vacation in Boy Crazy StaceyNot to be outdone Watson Brewer Kristy's stepdad decides he can demonstrate that he doesn't need a sweepstakes to have a good time He takes his fabulous wealth and books the same trip for his family including Kristy and fucking Karen of course And he invites Claudia and Dawn too because you can't truly make the Pikes feel poor without also inviting two non family members and telling them they don't have to be staff just to come along Never mind that Watson has 4 other children and offered none of them the option to bring even one friendNothing like a relaxing vacation of 4 adults and 18 children to truly make you appreciate the concept of summer school Imagine sitting in front of them on the plane Oh wait you don't have to just read this book to experience first hand how awful that experience would beI digress The point is the events of this book can be placed after Logan Likes Mary Anne Mary Anne mentions her boyfriend Logan at one point and before Good bye Stacey Good bye Unfortunately Kristy and the Snobs and Claudia and the New Girl the only two stories in between took place over just a couple of weeks When did this vacation happen?With the number of books in this series and the increased dilation of time as they progress forward we were bound to encounter this problem eventually but I honestly thought it would be later on and easier to wrestle with Let's get our feet wet in the Multiverse Theory of the Baby sitters ClubI don't want to go too deep here because there is much we don't know But I would like to posit that the plot of Baby sitters on Board takes place in a pocket universe similar to our own but with different universal constants most notably Dawn's Constant Alternatively either the standard Baby sitters Club timeline or the Super Special universe may be a simulation running in the world of the otherIf we accept that each member of the Baby sitters Club has a finite set of immutable traits that govern how they will respond in a particular situation and we should this isn't Tolstoy you guys we can call those traits a universal constant that describes their universe Generally when any of them acts out of character or all of them in the case of Hello Mallory we have to chalk it up to poor writing otherwise we risk accepting the reality that the Baby sitters Club timelines slips through the branes separating realities in a manner that can lead only to insanityHowever in Super Special #1 when presented with an obvious case of noncontinuous spacetime we have the luxury of assuming that the laws of reality are different and that Dawn would not otherwise act like such an insufferable Danny Tanner clean freak at the prospect of sharing a ship cabin for 4 days Earlier I presented Kristy as another example of a character who is acting outside of type but I'd like to amend that While I don't believe that Kristy being messy and disgusting is particularly representitive of her we must remember that she is doing it to deliberately goad Dawn out of spite And that is VERY in character for KristyConsider also the narration choices in this book Most of the Baby sitters club novels are narrated by one character and they alternate perspectives between the 4 5 girls in the club This was one book with 8 narrators Mary Anne Kristy Stacey Dawn Claudia Mallory Karen and for some reason Byron each get two or chapters and they tell 8 different overlapping stories instead of one coherent narrative It's pretty bad actually But what can this mean if we've already accepted that we're in another universe?Each character only interacts with the others in the discrete experience of their vacation About half the characters are paired with one new character who never existed before Kristy with the grumpy old dude Mallory with the lying girl Stacey with the sick boy etc The whole thing smacks of a social experiment Mix in the time outside of time problem remember there's no conceivable way to fit this into the BSC timeline and the fact that the setting is outside of their world and inherently less complex yet the characters do not uestion their cosmology and the evidence points to Baby sitters on Board being a simulation within the larger BSC worldOr perhaps it's the other way around Maybe the fact of the 8 perspectives speaks to the other novels being a simulation within the world of Baby sitters on Board and we have only now escaped the Matrix Whether you have a background in computer science mathematics or philosophy may inform whether you believe a simulation must necessarily be less complex than the system within which it is runWhat I can say for sure is that things just got very interestingHomework Realize that I don't know anything about philosophy cosmology string theory or anything that would have made this intelligible Act accordingly #14 Hello Mallory#15 Little Miss Stoneybrook and Dawn

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Baby Sitters on Board The Baby Sitters Club Super Special #1Rer Kristy Mary Anne and Stacey make some unusual new friends Dawn has her first real romance And they still have time for what they like best of all baby sittin Next up in revisiting childhood faves I have so many thoughts I also can’t possibly rate these