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EBOOK ✓ EPUB Eldest by Christopher Paolini ê 9780375840401 FREE ´ CHRISTOPHER PAOLINI î Darkness fallsdespair aboundsevil reignsEragon and his dragon Saphira have just saved the rebel state from destruction by the mighty forces of King Galbatorix cruel ruler of the EmpTravel to Ellesmera land of the elves for further training in the skills of the Dragon Rider Ages 1 “The world is stretched thin Eragon Soon it will snap and madness will burst forth What you feel is what we dragons feel and what the elves feel—the inexorable march of grim fate as the end of our age approaches Weep for those who will die in the chaos that shall consume Alagaësia And hope that we may win a brighter future by the strength of your sword and shield and my fangs and talons” Well that was some ride Amazing First off thanks to my BR partners Her Purpleness and Her Pinkyness who not only kept me company but also greeted and treated me with such amazing warmth I felt so welcomed Thank you ladiesI don’t think I can review this book effectively Mostly bcz I read it on the go and in small bits and pieces The impact was somewhat lost on me thanks to RL shit I’ll still try When I last read this series in 2013 I wasn't reading Not really I was burying myself in anything that could save me from what afflicted me at that point of time This series saved me by not just keeping me sane when I probably would have lost myself it also became close to my heart for some reason a reason that I lost with time and as I healed When I set out to re read this series I wanted than anything to find that reason that connection which made this series special for me not to mention that it made me a reader “Things that change and are lost that is what’s worth preserving” I found that reason in this book It is a deep bond that I share with Eragon Something that has been captured well by Paolini That Eragon went through it and still stood strong it gave me hope and will to keep fighting and pushing when I needed it the most It may sound childish drawing strength or inspiration from this series or this character but that’s the truth I will forever cherish this series for some very deeply personal reasons Eragon will always be a brother Saphira the greatest friend Arya my love Murtagh will be the embodiment of all my betrayals and Galbatorix will be the ultimate foeGiven that I am super biased towards this series I’ll keep this review short and as impartial as possible Here goesAfter the battle of Farthen Dur is done and dusted scarred as he is Eragon wakes up to all the devastation around and yet he along with Varden must suffer another blow The setback that charges up the political maneuvering one where we see Eragon and Saphira grow a touch through their decision making The battle that has ended brought but a small taste of what is to come and the inevitable war that looms And if he hopes to survive the war he must be instructed in the ways of the Dragon Riders Eragon and Saphira must travel to the land of the Elves Ellesmera for there is much they need to know and understand but not enough time While Eragon deals with his troubles Roran has his own share and along with all of Carvahall they must deal with their problems to make a stand or be obliterated at the hands of the Ra’zac or worse sold into slavery And that cannot stand So they must abandon all they own and know their homes and lands and make hard decisions to fight and even kill “Roran had never expected or wanted to kill and yet he had taken lives than anyone else in Carvahall It felt as if his brow was marked with blood” Tbh there isn’t much ‘keeps you on the edge of your seat’ stuff happening in this book except for the battle seuence towards the end This book is mostly character central There are so many characters that come up so strongly in the bookNasuada who takes over the Varden and she is a great character that you wanna root for She is strong and has potential And yet not unkindRoran who goes through hell to come out a changed and hard man one who would do anything to achieve his goals Arya who is still much of a mystery her character is very nicely done I love her strength and resolveBut the highlight has to be Eragon and Saphira They both grow and learn so much and they come even closer if that’s possible I love their interactions their elating and their despairing moments They have such range from suabbles like siblings to jealously like lovers and advice and concern like parents I really really love how Saphira refers to Eragon as ‘little one’ in places and thus adding extra charm Their bond and interactions are not to be missed “Shall we dance friend of my heart? We shall little one” The final battle seuence is somewhat short I felt And could have been intense than it was but that’s a minor complaint The writing overall is pretty great and so is the storyline The twist at the end of the book is a nice one too I knew it since I am re reading but otherwise it’s pretty awesomely done and it is also nice to see Eragon being put down “Eragon closed his eyes tears leaking from under the lids They had won but he had lost” It’s a great book in its own right Even if it draws on Tolkien which I still don’t see or feel btw it lacks nowhere It holds its own just fine Making comparisons as desperate as Eragon Aragorn or Arya Arwen is kinda off putting to me In my opinion Paolini did a great job of writing and creating The Inheritance Cycle and comparing him to Tolkien is an insult to both authorsI can say that I loved the book thoroughly The pacing of the book is fab and it keeps you hooked Not much happens in the book except for a lot of buildup and some major character building and yet so much happens This book serves as a proper launch pad for the next book which I trust to be a cracker bcz battles and skirmishes are on the way for the swords are drawn and the armies march Allies have been called upon and some unexpected support has been found Now everyone must declare themselves and must fight to be rid of tyranny “Is it time to fight Eragon? asked Saphira an odd note of formality in her voice He knew what she meant Was it time to challenge the Empire head on time to kill and rampage to the limit of their considerable abilities time to unleash every ounce of their rage until Galbatorix lay dead before them? Was it time to commit themselves to a campaign that could take decades to resolve? It is time said Eragon” I will be back soon Eragon Saphira Until then fair winds

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E from destruction by the mighty forces of King Galbatorix cruel ruler of the Empire Now Eragon must Slow for the first half but really picked up and actually got very very good All the twists and turns introduced have boggled my mind time to move onto book three

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Eldest by Christopher PaoliDarkness fallsdespair aboundsevil reignsEragon and his dragon Saphira have just saved the rebel stat Honestly this book fueled 90% of my dragon obsession over middle school How obsessed you ask? Tshirts posters movies figurines if you could slap a dragon on it I bought it really not kidding This series will always hold a special place in my heart Eragon having survived the great battle is saddled with a completely unexpected conseuence the Shade's Curse He and Saphira are sent to the hidden lands of the elves Ellesmera to learn the secrets of the Dragon Riders But his training is not easy the magic is challenging and literally one wrong move could trigger the Shade's curse At that instant Eragon's back ruptured in an explosion of agony so intense he experienced it with all five sensesand above all the feeling that Durza had just laid open his back Meanwhile Rowan Eragon's coursin is dealing with a horrible situation of his own The Ra'zac have returned to their hometown Caraval to terrorize the locals in the hopes of luring Eragon back Eragon remains completely unaware as he trains in Ellesmera leaving Rowan to find a way to save the entire town and track down Katrina the love of his life who was stolen by the Ra'zacAs much as I try to be objective about these novels I can't They're so entwined with my past that I simply can't rate them anything below 5 starsDragons were my middle school thing I drew them I wrote about them and I read about them constantly Unsurprisingly this series spoke to me and it still doesEvery time I reread this series I find something new to adore whether it be a new appreciation of Rowan's strength of character or amusement regarding Angela the witch's uirkiness I suppose I won’t see you for a while so farewell best of luck avoid roasted cabbage don’t eat earwax and look on the bright side of life Loved this one the first time through and every time I read it I love it even Audiobook CommentsSomeone give this poor narrator a throat lozenge because my god the voices Gerard Doyle used for the dragons must've caused permanent damage it sounded like a congested yodaYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading