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Read ↠ The Dark is Rising 105 Ô In Cornwall wo die Mythen um König Artus wurzeln schrecken die Kräfte der Finsternis vor nichts zurück um die Mächte des Lichts für immer zu besiegen Gemeinsam mit den Mächten des Lichts und ihren Gefährten Will und Bran nehmen die Geschwister Jane Barney und Simon den Kampf gegen das Böse aufWill Stanton erfIn Cornwall wo die Mythen um König Artus wurzeln schrecken die Kräfte der Finsternis vor nichts zurück um die Mächte des Lichts für immer zu besiegen Gemeinsam mit den Mächten des Lichts und ihren Gefährten Will. Originally read 1979My absolute favorite series as a child One of these days I need to reread it ETA see below A bit like Harry Potter but darker in tone and of course Will Stanton predates Harry Potter by decades A shame that Hollywood's treatment of this classic book was so epically bad It should be noted that while technically this is book two in the series the saga really begins here with Over Sea Under Stone being a preuel of sortsReread 2013I first read this book when I was ten years old and though I have held it in my heart as one of my favorite books ever I only just reread it for the first time in decadesSusan Cooper's The Dark Is Rising features Will Stanton last of the Old Ones and no we're not talking about Lovecraft Old Ones On his eleventh birthday he learns that he is a being of great power who is prophecied to bring the circle to a close ending a cycle of battles between the Light and the Dark that has been waged for thousands of years Mentoring him in his uest is one of the most ancient and powerful of the Old Ones a stern yet compassionate old wizard named MerrimanSound familiar Yes perhaps this series was why many many years later I took to Harry Potter despite being long out of the target age range for those booksIn my opinion Susan Cooper is an enormously better writer than JK Rowling Whereas Rowling's worldbuilding is a creatively zany hodge podge of random fairy tales mythological critters and pun Latin spells Cooper's is a carefully constructed reinterpretation of English myth There is tons of lore even in the first book from the obvious Arthurian references to the men out of time cursed to wander the world forever to the Wild Hunt And on a prose level Cooper just writes better than Rowling too Her imagery and especially her poetry is far artfulThat said this is ultimately a rather dark and gloomy tale even if the good guys win; there's very little of the fun and light heartedness of Harry Potter no secondary characters who become best friends Will Stanton's uest is mostly made up of tasks he must perform on his own and his introduction to magic and the power of the Old Ones is not an entrance into a fantastic world of wizardry but the realization that he's now an eternal warrior whether he likes it or not and he's also been forever set apart from his family and everyone else he knowsFor a book targeted at young readers it's pretty heavy stuff There is of course not much direct violence though there is death and the good guys are always good the bad guys unambiguously bad Though one character a traitor who turned to the Dark is as tragic a figure as Gollum and far sympathetic But this isn't fun times with wands and owls It's freezing storms blanketing all of England and sinister rooks and as much scary stuff as you can throw at a preternaturally aged eleven year old boyI really liked The Dark is Rising upon rereading it though to be honest I would probably rate it only 4 stars if it were my first time reading it While in my opinion a better work of literature than most juvenile fiction including that really famous one with the Johnny come lately boy wizard it does lack that indefinable uality of joy and fun that I guess made JK Rowling the richest woman in England and not Susan Cooper It's really a classic of children's fantasy literature thoughI will continue my reread of this seriesWarning A few years ago Hollywood made a movie called Seeker The Dark is Rising Do not see this movie It is awful I cannot describe how awful it is Even aside from the book it's supposedly based on it's just terrible and brainless one of my few 1 star ratings on Netflix but when compared with Susan Cooper's book it is truly painful to watch Susan Cooper deserved the JK Rowling treatment and what she got was a dumbed down Americanized piece of crap that bombed deservedly at the box office

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Und Bran nehmen die Geschwister Jane Barney und Simon den Kampf gegen das Böse aufWill Stanton erfährt an seinem elften Geburtstag dass er zu den Uralten gehört Als Letzter einer langen Reihe von Auserwählten muss. The one of my heart But not entirely a book of childhood Unlike the rest of the series this one is layered all through young adulthood for me I read it countless times as a wee thing of course but it was also my book on a horrible flight home from Oxford after Trinity Term and what I read the week I retired my first guide dog and what I read in tiny pieces in the month after I lost my eye Looking at that list is one of those foreheadslap moments where you notice that narrative refrain isn't something that happens only in fiction This book recurs in my life the way Greensleevves recurs in the book This is a book of departing for me a book of loss Which is not surprising since that's kind of what it's aboutIt's true there isn't much of a story here It has this treasure hunt uality to it where Will shows up somewhere and magic happens and then he gets a prize There's this one part where Will beats back the Dark by being a coat rack Straight up he stands still and holds up the signs and waits And this is textually celebrated as extraordinary because the Old Ones have always needed their minds to beat back the Dark but now they have things I stopped reading there and blinked a lot because you just don't see formulations like that in fantasy and it was confusing because I remembered this book as being so much about the mind That's because it's not about the uest It's about Will And it's all about his mind He has this beautiful sad double voiced narration One voice is eleven and content with life and then afraid and delighted by magic in turns And the other is the Old One the overnight adult who alienates Will from his family and community Coming into power and into symbolic adulthood is a process of endless loss for Will though of course it doesn't really ramp up until Silver on the Tree This is the only book in the series to take place at home; all the others are on holiday It has to be at home because you have to be home to lose homeSo of course I read it in times of loss But not in the expected way I loved Will as a child fiercely and without reserve like a totem There was something hopeful to this sad sad book It's like Will reading his book of magic within this book and being granted power through reading that's what I wanted and a little of what I got That a child could be lifted out of childhood by knowing and by reading that adulthood would come and take me into a new world and even if it wasn't always a kind world I would have power there and it would be mine and I could find my people And hey look here you guys areAnyway There's a whole hell of a lot going on here with Merriman's bitter lesson through loss of course that mortal men will break if trusted too well used too hard And the connected tidbit that I don't really have anything to say about yet but I want to flag it for myself because I willneed it later I think that a person must be born to the Light to be of it but that the Dark is a thing any man can chooseOnward to Greenwitch

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The Dark is RisingEr den entscheidenden Kampf gegen das Böse ausfechten Ohne zu zögern stellt er sich dieser Aufgabe In der entscheidenden Nacht während eines Schneesturms holen die Mächte der Dunkelheit zu ihrem finsteren Schlag a. The Dark is Rising is a memorable and imaginative fantasy novel by the British author Susan Cooper first published in 1973 This novel for readers of maybe 9 and above gave its name to a series of five contemporary fantasy books written between 1965 and 1977 They form an Arthurian uintet in which the forces of the Dark and the Light are pitched against each other in a battle for humanity The Dark Is Rising although the second novel in the series remains the most popular and it is possible to begin the series with this bookThe Dark is Rising has a different set of characters from the first one “Over Sea Under Stone” and introduces us to Will Stanton the seventh son of a seventh son and an Old One; the last initiate of an ancient order of benevolent immortals He is destined to seek the six magical signs of power which will enable the Old Ones to triumph over the evil forces of the DarkSusan Cooper is not as well known as other British children’s fantasy authors writing around her time such as Alan Garner or a little earlier CS Lewis with his Narnia Chronicles JRR Tolkien with “The Hobbit” or much later JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series Her mood pitches betwixt the darkness of Alan Garner and the fantasy books of CS Lewis Her writing is steeped in mythology and Celtic folklore especially the Welsh “Mabinogian” and like theirs feels very British In a way this series is subtler than either with its moral dualism of the Light and the Dark It is not as comfortable and clear cut as the reader expectsThere are family domestic scenes common to most books of this type ostensibly geared to older children and has a child as the protagonist However Susan Cooper’s descriptions are powerful and parts of this book leave you spellbound with her beautiful prose As in all her novels there is an underlying sense of menace A perfect time of year to read The Dark is Rising is Winter as much of the story is steeped in the snow and parts of this book chill you emotionally too with a hard relentless freezing coldIt begins on the eve of Will Stanton’s 11th birthday 21st December or Midwinter’s day and like many children he longs for the snow to fall Will is part of a noisy bustling cheerful family with 11 members; Will is the seventh child of nine They live in a rambling farmhouse on the edge of the Thames Valley near the Chiltern Hills Will imagines great white blankets of snow covering the land around the old farmhouse and bringing everything to stillness and silence And yet even during this festive day when Will should be doubly excited because of what will happen the next day he is uneasy The weather seems brooding and threatening with its lowering sky “It’s a horrible day It’s—creepy somehow”People seem to be behaving oddly and even his neighbour Mr Dawson does not seem the same cheery man he usually is with his mysterious dark comments “The Walker is abroad And this night will be bad and tomorrow will be beyond imagining”And why should Farmer Dawson give him an odd sort of old belt buckle “a kind of ornament made of black metal a flat circle uartered by two crossed lines”as if it were somehow significant Even the rooks seem to be behaving oddly And Will thought he caught sight of someone a few times—just a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye It’s all rather mysterious and worrying Eventually the day comes to an endNext morning Will is woken by delicate trills of music so enchanting that he doesn’t want it to stop It slowly recedes and yet Will is convinced this strange music was not a dream Even oddly something weird has happened to his family He goes around to several other bedrooms and can see all of his family members but even though he tries to wake them they can’t see or hear himWill is soon distracted though when he sees it has snowed overnight He goes outside and hears the strange music again and senses that the world is not right Will meets one of the farm workers who is working at an anvil to make horseshoes while a magnificent black horse waits by patiently There is also a strange figure in a long old fashioned robe This man has a curious accent and also says strange things full of foreboding just as Mr Dawson had done Susan Cooper conveys everything which is happening as if it has an unearthly dreamlike uality A woman Will does not know comes up and offers both of them bread The strange man accepts it but although Will is hungry for some reason he also feels suspicious so he doesn’t take it The man offers to take Will wherever he wants to go on his horse as the snow makes it so difficult to get anywhere but Will refuses Startling himself Will says “I am out to find the Walker” The stranger tries to grab Will and force him onto his horse as he sneers “But now the Rider is abroad”The smith intervenes to save Will though he still does not understand what is happening as the smith too seems to be talking in riddles The arrival of a white horse a “reverse image of the Rider’s midnight black stallion” does little to clarify things Will’s head is once filled with the mysterious music which makes him feel sick and giddy and then he realises he is on the horse’s back But he is not ready to ask the mare to take him anywhere so jumps down When this horse has been shod and gallops off Will notices that her hooves are replicas of the cross uartered circle that he now wears on his own beltWill carries on walking trying to make sense of things and comes across the same old tramp he had seen with farmer Dawson and senses that this is the Walker and that somehow the rooks are involved He is beginning to learn and reveals the strange sign when the black stallion with the man on it rushes up threateningly The white mare arrives in the nick of time and speeds away with Will on her back “Then all at once greyness came around them and the sun was blacked out The wind wrenched into Will’s collar and sleeves and boot tops ripping at his hair Great clouds rushed towards them out of the North closing in huge grey black thunderheads; the sky rumbled and growled One white misted gap remained with a faint hint of blue behind it still but it too was closing closing The white horse leapt at it desperately Over his shoulder Will saw swooping towards them a darker shape even than the giant clouds the Rider towering immense his eyes two dreadful points of blue white fire Lightening flashed thunder split the sky and the mare leapt at the crashing clouds as the last gap closedAnd they were safe“This strange symbol is certainly important and powerful But why does he Will have it And why do people seem to recognise him and know he has a destinyThese first two chapters with their magical prose set the tone of the novel The overall feeling remains mysterious and foreboding Unlike other older children’s fantasy novels Will’s uest is a solitary one he is very much on his own despite his huge family And it is a sort of uest as well as a most unusual coming of age novelChapter 3 in a way forecasts the rest of the story Through a subtle indication that we will view different parallels in time we are introduced to two other key figures an old woman termed “The Lady” and a man named Merriman who is clearly Merlin They explain to Will that his eleventh birthday has marked the moment when he steps into his destiny as one of the “Old Ones” outside Time “I will tell you only this that you are one of the Old Ones the first to have been born for five hundred years and the last And like all such you are bound by nature to devote yourself to the long conflict between the Light and the Dark”These Old Ones must prevent the Dark—personified in this book by the “cloaked rider on a midnight horse”—whom we have met from “rising” and gaining power over the land Will is told he find the six signs of the Light which will help him defeat the Dark before Twelfth Night when the Dark will be at its peak They are circles uartered by a cross in wood formed from bronze iron water fire and stone “For the Dark the Dark is rising The Walker is abroad the Rider is riding; they have woken the Dark is rising And the last of the Circle is come to claim his own and the circles must now all be joined The white horse must go to the Hunter and the river take the valley; there must be fire on the mountain fire under the stone fire over the sea Fire to burn away the Dark for the Dark the Dark is rising”Will is still doubtful about his powers He is just a small boy How can he be an “Old One” But it starts to make sense to him when Merriman and the woman tell him to think of something and make it happen He doesn’t believe them at first but then he imagines a fire and one magically appears in the fireplaceAs the book progresses we move with Will between warmth and safety and a much darker uncertain world as he learns about himself and his own powers Sometimes he is part of his family’s comfortable and familiar seasonal traditions such as lighting the yule log fire and decorating the Christmas tree and others in a strange uncharted territory compelling but increasingly terrifying trying to come to terms with his new self; powerful but isolatedWill struggles with his new identity and readers see him mature Increasingly he finds to his horror that he is obliged to choose the greater good over the fate of any single individual At one point he is mortified when his actions appear to view spoiler have caused the death of “The Lady” hide spoiler