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Deal with the Devil Summary ✓ 8 À Orphan Black meets the post apocalyptic Avengers in the vein of Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy series by USA Today and New York Times bestselling author duo Kit Rocha The United States went belly up 45 years ago when our power grid was wiped out Too few live in well protected isolation while the rest of us scrapIssion to bring hope to the darkest corners of Atlanta She and her team of mercenary librarians use their knowledge to help those in need But altruism doesn’t pay the bills raiding vaults and collecting sensitive data is where the real money isKnox is a bitter battle weary supersoldier who leads the Silver Devils an elite strike suad that chose to go AWOL rather than slaughter innocents Before the Devils leave town for good they. Hmm I'm not sure what to think about this novel I was able to read a few chapters to develop a first impression That impression is a far cry from what I really think now that I've read the entire novelSure there's enough action in this dystopian sci fi novel There's also some humorous moments which lighten the dark moments that the characters have to endureWhat I found out of place were the r rated sex scenes Maybe there was a purpose to having them in the story but I found them to just flatten the mercenary action aspectDeal with the Devil is the first book in the Mercenary Librarians series For now I see a slight connection of the characters to being mercenary librarians But perhaps that connection will develop a lot in future installmentsRating it three stars I liked it vs my first impression of four stars I really liked it

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Orphan Black meets the post apocalyptic Avengers in the vein of Ilona Andrews’ Hidden Legacy series by USA Today and New York Times bestselling author duo Kit Rocha The United States went belly up 45 years ago when our power grid was wiped out Too few live in well protected isolation while the rest of us scrape by on the margins The only thing that matters is survival By any means At any costNina is an information broker with a m. 2020 Ripped Bodice Summer Bingo ‪Happily Ever After Bookstagram this is FUN I had expected a sexy sci fidystopian romance with intricate world building and exhilarating adventure and that's exactly what I got Per the blurb Orphan Black meets the post apocalyptic Avengers is a very good description You might like this book if you like the following things Found family There are TWO sets of found families that meld into a bigger found family so it's really like found family suared Watching Nina and Knox's respective crews transform from reluctant allies to bantering comrades was my favorite part of the book He gestured to his men “Rafe Conall and Gray” Dani flipped a knife from one hand to the other then pointed the tip of the blade at each of them in turn “Let me guess—muscle tech and bullets” Rafe uirked an eyebrow at her “Charm brains and taciturn silences But you were close” That trope when the sunshine one infects the grumpy one with idealism Even my cold shriveled heart grows three sizes when cynics fall in love and want to be productive members of their community Nina Maya and Dani are already the bedrock of their Atlanta community As librarians they provide information books music etc to a community in need and help them survive a post solar flare dystopia The Silver Devils are focused on survival after defecting from the Evil Corporation but teaming up with the mercenary librarians soon leads to soul searching and a new calling Road trip romance I mean there's no there's only one hotel room available so you have to share a bed or every stranger we encounter thinks we're in love hijinks But there is murder professional cage fighting rescuing a town from bad guys and lots of snark That's practically the same thing right “Fucking hell” Maya groaned “Just murder me already You know I’m going to remember every word of your second rate villain monologue for the rest of my life” Sex during a thunderstorm This was advertised to me before reading the book so I was pretty excited for it what can I say I'm a simple woman What no one told me was that there would be sex after one MC bandages up the other MC after a fight Suee Again I'm a simple woman with simple desires Don't judge me You know how some romance novels have uiet signs of seuel bait so that the audience can guess future couples of the series A brief glance of longing a murmur of past love gone wrong but still burning bright Yeah this isn’t that This is the freaking megaphone of seuel bait and I loved it You will know exactly who to ship by chapter three and then you will be very upset that you can’t read their stories immediately Per the blurb there is a deceptionbetrayal premise No spoilers as to what enfolds but I was very satisfied by the length of time between Reveal of Deception and End of the Romance In my opinion deceptionbetrayal storylines work best when that length of time is LONG and the reader gets closure for grovelingforgiveness I got that closure here It was odd to read about the post solar flare dystopian world building details when our own reality is gestures helplessly at my surroundings and the news The moment that felt REALLY uncomfortable is when the crew stops by an abandonedransacked movie theater Someone says it's surreal to communally gather for a movie on a big screen basically why bother and go through all the trouble of having an entire building for a communal film experience when you can just watch a movie at home and I was like OKAY THIS IS HITTING WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOME NOW There were lots of little moments like that lolsob I guess COVID 19 will keep entering my brain whenever I read dystopian fiction from now Lots of other thoughts but I'll stop here My main complaint I wish we saw of Nina's crew interacting with the Atlanta community and acting as the mercen

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Deal with the DevilNeed a biochem hacker to stabilize the experimental implants that grant their superhuman abilitiesThe problem Their hacker’s been kidnapped And the ransom for her return is Nina Knox has the perfect bait for a perfect trap a lost Library of Congress server The data could set Nina and her team up for yearsIf they live that longAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied. Mercenary Librarians Well this really called out to me If like me you've read the Beyond or the Riders series by this talented duo then this the first of a new series will definitely go on your shopping list Yes its dystopian which seems to be their forte and whilst perhaps not as erotic as some of their previous work it nevertheless was a very interesting start to the seriesNina is a perfect foil to Knox because she's full of heart and such an optimist who truly wants to help others Knox is a super soldier who has recently rebelled against his superiors although he is in an insidious position as he has to trick Nina but as he gets to know her that's getting much harder to do Yes this slightly futuristic storyline is definitely a winning format with great world building fabulous well developed characters and I'm already desperate to read This voluntary take is of a copy I reuested from Netgalley and my thoughts and comments are honest and I believe fair