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characters Goldilocks ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ☆ Soft hearted attorney Matthew Hope has never been known for taking easy cases and this is no exception A mother and her two little girls are brutally murdered on Florida's steamy west coast and the only person who doesn't have a motive is confessing and insists that Hope defendT and the only person who doesn't have a motive is confessing and insists that Hope defend him. finished this one early evening 41317 good story i liked it the first matthew hope kinda strangereading along knew it was a matthew hope story says so at one point the ex wife of one of the guys calls matthew charlie and i hit the brakes whoa now back up a pace or two throw it in idle throw my look way back over the seat to the start i wonder if i checked in google bing hehjust one of those things hit the road mack but then tooi don't think the name matthew hope doesn't come in until page 63 give or takematt before that maybe once it is i narrator so yeah okay this one is as much about marriage infidelity as anything there's a murder yes and the search for who what why this that the other but all of that revolves around the infidelity of the characters jamie purchase initial murder suspectand still later on tooand matthew too boff of em reminded me a bit of macdonald's the deceivers though i think macdonald is the superior story teller in this regard sogood read i liked it that is all

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Soft hearted attorney Matthew Hope has never been known for taking easy cases and this is no e. SynopsisblurbGOLDILOCKSGOLDILOCKS stealing into someone else's house testing the chairs and the porridge and especially the beds Goldilocks the other woman GOLDILOCKS something than a murder mystery A story which begins with the slaughter of the innocent and goes on to reveal piece by dazzling piece a guilty world of other women and other men double lives and creaking marriagesA world stained with moral murder of which few are innocent for Goldilocks visits everyone and everybody knows Goldilocks Perhaps his best since he left the 87th Precinct Compulsive and very cunningly contrived with a stunning and not unduly contrived solution The Observer My takeEd McBain is probably better known for his long 87th Precinct series of books as opposed to the dozen or so books featuring a Florida attorney Matthew Hope Goldilocks is the first in the Hope seriesOnly 200 odd pages long it was a disappointment We open with Hope called to the scene of a triple murder His friend and client Jamie Purchase has discovered his second wife Maureen and their two young children stabbed to deathOver the course of this plodding book we have a triple murder dodgy alibis lies interrogation infidelity a confession from the victim's step son and half sibling somewhat shaky and possibly false an ex wife mistresses a pity party secrets ultimatums broken promises gallery parties an attempted suicide a dead cat a confrontation or two the appearance of another family member another confession and our outcomeI wasn't really expecting a high energy book I think McBain's books portray a realism regarding police work and the everyday drudgery and routine I was expecting something with a bit fizz though Hope isn't a crusading lawyer as such he kind of sits in on interviews asks a few uestions offers advice mostly ignored and for the most part concerns himself with his own marital issues somewhat brought into focus by the deceits and betrayals surrounding the players involved in the murder caseI didn't especially find him a likeable or sympathetic character He's cheating on his wife and he's semi committed hmm a bit vague about leaving her and asking for a divorce but there's always an excuse or a reason not to rock the boat This is a situation which causes friction with the other woman He loves his step daughter He's cold towards his wife in return she's frosty and they are both argumentative He seems a bit of a coward to be honest You don't really see his lawyerly skills or expertise to any great degreeThe husband of the deceased doesn't really feature that much None of the extended family including the ex wife solicit much sympathy either The dead wife and children do Hope's wife doesn't I didn't like the cat either though that's purely out of principle I'm a dog person The only character I kind of took to was the investigating detective Ehrenberg His instincts tell him that something is a bit off with the first confession from Michael Purchase He has concerns about an innocent man taking the rap for a crime he didn't commit and getting sent to death rowThe first 160 pages dragged and I don't really think it was my reading mood I think it was the story The last forty pages or so picked up I kind of planned to read a chapter a day to finish the thing by the close of the weekend but 160 170 improved 170 180 maintained so I just toughed it outOverall borderline 3 because of the last uarter or so of the book but nah 25 from 5 is on the moneyI've read McBain before but none of his 87th Precinct books I still intend to somewhat ambitiously read my way through the series over 50 of them I have of the Matthew Hope series on the pileMy McBain's to date areDowntown 1989 Guns 1976 Driving Lessons 1999Read October 2019Published 1977Page count 208Source owned copyFormat paperback

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GoldilocksXception A mother and her two little girls are brutally murdered on Florida's steamy west coas. A brutal murder of a young mother and two young daughters but not in the same class as the 87th Precinct books the lead character Matthew Hope is not a particularly sympathetic 'hero' and out of his depth as he is not a criminal lawyer Perhaps this first Hope book sets him up for a new beginning in Book 2 as he considers his future for both his marriage and his lover