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Empire of Wild Free read ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB é From the author of the YA crossover hit The Marrow Thieves a propulsive stunning and sensuous novel inspired by the traditional Métis story of the Rogarou a werewolf like creature that haunts the roads and woods of Métis communities A messed up grown up Little Red Riding HSuffering a delusion he's the Reverend Wolff and his only mission is to bring his people to Jesus Except that as Joan soon discovers that's not all the enigmatic Wolff is doingWith only the help of Ajean a foul mouthed euchre shark with a knowledge of the old ways and her odd Johnny Cash loving 12 year old nephew Zeus Joan has to find a way to remind the Reverend Wolff of who he really is If he really is Victor Her life and the life of everyone she loves depends upon it. These lands were given to us by the Lord Himself They are ours to live on and prosper from This entire wilderness is ours for the very purpose of celebrating and honouring the glory of God He is the answer to our poverty for how can we know poverty in His love And in return we need to dedicate our success and wellbeing to His holy light This entire empire of wild is ours in order that we may rejoice in His nameIn Thomas King's The Inconvenient Indian he describes Christianity as “the gateway drug to supply side capitalism” and although Cherie Dimaline's Empire of Wild reads a bit like a supernatural thriller and a lot like a love story it would seem that Dimaline's goal here was ultimately to prove Thomas King's point for him or else why take the book's title from the Christian sermon above designed to trick Indigenous folks out of their traditional lands for the benefit of greedy capitalists As with The Marrow Thieves I think that Dimaline has some fascinating lore to share from her Métis culture yet also like with that earlier work I wasn't blown away here with her writing style This was overall just okay for me Long after that bone salt carried all the way from the Red River was ground to dust after the words it was laid down with were not even a whisper and the dialect they were spoken in was rubbed from the original language into common French the stories of the ragarou kept the community in its circle behind the line When the people forgot what they had asked for in the beginning – a place to live and for the community to grow in a good way – he remembered and he returned on padded feet light as stardust on the newly paved road And that ragarou heart full of his own stories but his belly empty he came home not just to haunt He also came to hunt Joan of Arcand was raised in a traditional Métis community in northern Ontario and for the past year she has been desperately hunting for the love of her life – her husband Victor – who uncharacteristically disappeared after a mild argument When Joan discovers Victor in a most unexpected situation and he insists that he has never seen her before Joan must pull together all she knows about her husband her people's beliefs and her own skills and courage to attempt to bring him back home again I liked everything that happens in the local community – the interplay with family and elders Joan's backstory as a child and with Victor – and the legend of the ragarou promised to add an intriguingly otherworldly dimension But I didn't much care for how Joan's world intersected with the mostly unChristianlike white fundamentalists that Victor had become entangled with and view spoilerit felt like a copout to have the Métis monster the ragarou somehow controlled by a white man; even if he is a Wolfssegen and old Ajean helpfully made the point about the various world cultures that have wolf based legends it would have been a braver choice to not have a white man – a greedy resource extractor at that – be the ultimate bad guy hide spoiler

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From the author of the YA crossover hit The Marrow Thieves a propulsive stunning and sensuous novel inspired by the traditional Métis story of the Rogarou a werewolf like creature that haunts the roads and woods of Métis communities A messed up grown up Little Red Riding HoodBroken hearted Joan has been searching for her husband Victor for almost a year ever since he went missing on the night they had their first serious argument One terrible hungover morning in a Walm. His narrow tie and pocket suare were both daffodil yellow a colour that brought out the gold hue of his eyes deep set below groomed brows As he came toward her he extended his right arm to check the time on a wide gold watch In the shift of fabric Joan saw dark hair dense on his too white skin He met her eyes and then smiled with so much sharp in it something in Joan reacted like she’d taken a punch with the promise of “My what big teeth you have” she said aloud Joan has been relentlessly looking for her husband Victor for almost a year The love of your life does not just step off the face of the earth with no reason no notice Something must have happened to him and she is determined to get him back and find out what took place The morning after a night of indulgence hungover she is in a local mall looking to pick up some breakfast and feels drawn in by a large white tent newly planted in the parking lot What she sees there sends her off on her search again I mean the man she saw in there was Victor however much he may have denied it But the lupine head of the revival Thomas Heiser a name with some historical resonance has her taken away by medical and law enforcement sorts and by the time she is released and gets back to the mall the revival is gone Not only that while she was away her beloved grandmother was killed by something wild Cherie Dimaline image from The Globe and Mail This is a story about story Sure there is a werewolfish creature or two loping through and a missing family member to be saved There are some scares but the core of this novel is the importance of story to culture the importance of adding to and passing on what was passed down to you by those who came before Tradition being a people is not just about DNA but sharing with children the history and lore of generations long past The lessons learned over so many years might actually come in handy Empire of Wild focuses on the Métis people of Canada Dimaline shows not only the importance of larger cultural issues but presents as well a bit of what it is like to be a member of this community in its day to day functioning I belong to the Métis Nation on the Georgian Bay We used to live on Drummond Island and were then forcibly removed—when the island was being annexed to the US—to the shores of the bay across from the town of Penetanguishene That land then became very valuable as “cottage country” We’re only one and a half hours from Toronto with its wealthy weekenders And we were moved again away from the water Now we largely reside in the FrenchMétis town of LaFontaine just up the road on less valuable landThese removals and relocations of a culture are specific to my community although experienced in different ways by all Indigenous people It’s part of our stories And it’s a huge piece of why we share stories and keep that history intact just as we’ve kept our culture intact There must always be connection to nation when we tell stories from the Publishing Perspectives interviewCorps Werewolf image by JS Marantz via Deviant Art via Writing New OrleansThe org chart of lycanthropy is usually pretty simple A bites B and B becomes either a meal or a lycan There are however different vectors of transmission for the rogarou Perhaps better known in places like Louisiana as Loup Garou the sort on display here “There’s lots of ways to become one” She counted on her fingers “Being attacked by a rogarou mistreating women betraying your peoplethat’s the ones we know around here anyways” Rogarous also differ a bit physically from the familiar werewolf form getting all wolfish from the neck up but while physically enhanced remaining recognizably human belowImage from Bastidores da informacaoIf religion is the opiate of the masses it is the natural resource extraction industry that is providing the poppy product The connection is made clear here as religion is used to soften up indigenous communities for exploitation by diverse mining interests You know all these projects have to go through approvals right” he saidWhy would she know this But “Yeah”“The only real threat to the project—to our jobs—are the Indians They’re the ones with the goddamned rights I guess Always protesting and hauling us into courtthe missions are good at changing the way people see shit Course it helps if you can hook one or two of the powerful ones—chiefs and whatnot especially the ones willing to take the company cheue and give speeches about moving on with things” The prime baddie here is not only the head of a peripatetic religious revival but an agent of those very earth bound interests Monsters come in all shapes and sizes and use whatever tools are available Image by Viergacht in Deviant ArtThe info payload will not matter much if the characters fail to engage Joan was a wandering sort early in life but once she and Victor connected that was it a total bond which allowed her to begin building a settled life She is dogged in her mission to get her man back never losing faith that he would never have left on his own Makes her heroic and admirable The hunt on which she embarks is not merely personal but ties her back to her community in a way that is highlighted when the men of her town head out to hunt whatever had killed one of their people She is also uite human with enough flaws to prevent anyone from putting her on too high a pedestal I see Tamara Podemski or Irene Bedard as JoanAjean is the oldest person in the community a grandmotherly sort but one with some pretty entertaining edges She is a font of communal knowledge not just history but useful bits of intel like those having to do with battling evil magical creatures She might also make you blush Ajean is the most fun of all the characters hereTantoo Cardinal as Ajean – no uestion hereVictor the missing spouse is shown from two perspectives There is Joan’s external world experience of him a much reduced version of himself We know this from her before and after comparisons of his bearing and movement Heiser renamed him Reverend Eugene Wolff He functions as a trained monkey well maybe of a trained dog preacher And then there is the internal horror that Victor experiences as he struggles to hang on to who he is and does all within his power to remain alive and himself under the onslaught of a very dark force in a sort of dream state Victor’s struggle to regain himself incorporates an interesting if somewhat surprising sexual element These trials appear in nine end of chapter inserts Adam Beach as VictorZeus is Joan’s twelve year old nephew He is determined to be her protector His mother has parenting issues and his father is out of the picture so Joan is the closest thing he has to an actual parent His name gains poignance when one knows the role lord lightning bolt played in the lycan origin story Cecile is a very damaged but interesting character an assistant to the head of the travelling mission she has a colorful past very concrete career ambitions and an ability to get things done Heiser is a baddie straight out of central casting The only thing to be said in his favor is a certain sartorial flair and command of language Christophe Waltz or Richard Sammel for Heiser There are fun moments here particularly when Ajean is on the page But Dimaline also has some fun casting Heiser in shades of yellow And offering a “My what big teeth you have” a time or two Zeus’s affection for Johnny Cash was also delightful Dog references abound as well There are some odd moments too I did not understand why view spoileran early encounter Joan has with a rogarou ends with her easily getting away What Had they encountered each other while he was on his way home from a banuet hide spoiler

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Empire of WildArt parking lot in a little town near Georgian Bay she is drawn to a revival tent where the local Métis have been flocking to hear a charismatic preacher named Eugene Wolff By the time she staggers into the tent the service is over But as she is about to leave she hears an unmistakable voiceShe turns and there Victor is The same face the same eyes the same hands But his hair is short and he's wearing a suit and he doesn't recognize her at all No he insists she's the one. Victor has disappearedJoan has been searching for her missing husband for months  Consumed by guilt Joan’s life is in shambles  Following a night of heavy drinking Joan makes her way to the local big box store for some much needed hangover supplies when she spots a tent in the parking lot  Curiosity gets the better of her as she wanders over to check out what is happening inside  Her heart stops when she spots her husband leading the service  Only it isn’t her husband  This man goes by the name of Reverend Wolff and seemingly has no idea who Joan is  However Joan is certain this man is her Victor  Can Joan uncover the reason behind her husband’s sudden memory loss and bring him home  Or worse yet has Joan herself lost touch with realityOn the heels of her critically acclaimed best selling YA novel The Marrow Thieves Cherie returns with a new novel that blurs the lines between belief and reality  Empire of Wild follows Joan a woman who wears her grief like an open wound; all raw and exposed  Dimaline writes her with such uncanny emotion that you truly feel the struggle and desperation on the page as Joan seeks reconciliation with the love of her lifeThe supporting cast helps to flesh out Joan’s world by establishing her deep connection with her family  Although outside of her nephew Zeus who has his own tragic story the rest seem to exist just for exposition which isn’t exactly a bad thing to be honest  Joan’s adversaries in the novel a traveling Christian church revival headed by the loathsome Thomas Heiser do their job in giving Joan a worthy obstacle separating her from Victor  Dimaline takes time to explore what makes Joan’s newfound enemies tick thus making them despicable baddies  Heiser’s lackeys Cecile and Ivy find themselves often at one another’s throats but aren’t made to seem inept  Cecile in particular drives a lot of the action in this one especially near the endThe novel’s conclusion is particularly heart wrenching but I’ll leave it at that I don’t want to spoil anything  It was nice to read a hyped novel where the author was unafraid to go to a place that could polarize an audience  Maybe I’m in the wrong and everyone will enjoy it as much as meI’m not sure Dimaline eclipsed The Marrow Thieves with this one but it’s a good read in its own right  Empire of Wild has already topped Indigo’s list of Best Books of 2019 so I expect continued success for Dimaline  I can’t wait to read what she comes out with next