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The Warrior MoonWait for the next volume Martha Wells author of the Murderbot Diaries series Rich expansive and grounded in human truthsimply exuisite” V E Schwab New York Times bestselling author of the Shades of Magic seriesAscendant#1 The Tiger’s Daughter#2 The Phoenix Empress#3 The Warrior MoonAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM appli. Magical Intense Emotional Overwhelmingly spiritual The best of the series so far I couldn't put it down even now I want to keep reading The next book can't come soon enough

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Summary The Warrior Moon ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF À The Warrior Moon the seuel to The Phoenix Empress and striking conclusion to K Arsenault Rivera's wildly buzzed about epic fantasy which began with The Tiger's DaughterBarsalayaa Shefali famed orin adventurer and the spoiled divine warrior empress O Shizuka have survived figThe Warrior Moon the seuel to The Phoenix Empress and striking conclusion to K Arsenault Rivera's wildly buzzed about epic fantasy which began with The Tiger's DaughterBarsalayaa Shefali famed orin adventurer and the spoiled divine warrior empress O Shizuka have survived fights with demon armies garnered infamy and ruled an empire Raised together since birth then forced into exile after th. See I enjoyed The Tiger's Daughter and The Phoenix Empress uite a bit when I read them last year Both of them feature lovely prose and a story that we haven't seen a gazillion times before told in a uniue way I grew to really like spending time with Shizuka and Shefali and found myself rooting for the two of them But I recognized with all their storytelling and letter writing that in many ways they were the poetic prelude to The Warrior Moon this 650 page beast of a book If this book didn't work the whole trilogy would be a beautiful disappointmentOf course the star ratings are displayed at the top of the review which kind of ruins the dramatic tension of the introduction here Yeah K Arsenault stuck the landing The Warrior Moon is a book with no time to waste There's no time for flashbacks The book is centered on a uest and that uest propels the novel forward at a pace that detractors of Books 1 and 2 will find to be a pleasant surprise Also welcome are some POV chapters from characters whose thoughts we haven't been privy to before If you've read the previous two volumes you know how high the stakes are You know the Traitor lies in wait for our two heroines along with their destiny You also know I'm keeping this intentionally vague because I'm not going to spoil the journey But suffice it to say that the climax is lyrical thrilling and satisfying and there's a great denouement as wellWhat Rivera has accomplished with this trilogy is nothing short of stunning a graceful and piercing entry into the ueer fantasy canon that saved the best for last I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad to see it go and if I didn't get a tear in my eye at the ending Do yourself a favor and give this series a chance With the benefit of hindsight I can say it's time well spent

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Eir wedding and reunited amidst a poisonous invasion these bold warrior women have faced monumental adventures and catastrophic battlesAs they come closest to fulfilling the prophecy of generations Shefali and Shizuka will face their greatest test yet The Phoenix Empress expands and deepens the mysteries of this intricate and fully realized fantasy world I'm riveted by this story and can't. Two years ago I read the first book The Tiger's Daughter and it stole my heart and ran away with it The writing rendered my breathless and I was completely thunderstruck by it by the story by the characters by the worldbuilding by the narrative it was an epic fantasy like no other I could think of a sweeping fantasy of powerful women rising goddesses and true love made legendary And what a fresh of breath air for an epic fantasy set in cultures inspired by Asian culture and histories particularly Japan and Mongolia and one done such such respect and reverence for their nuances their complexitiesI continued with the second book The Phoenix Empress and it cemented my absolute love for this series and also made the narrative so much complex the author did not shy away from the harsh realities of epic wars from critiuing the line between romantic retellings of awesome heroes and those same heroes have to suffer from PTSD while poets run away with the romance did not shy away from striking into the heart of the truth about conuering and empires and true leadership the costs the losses and the lessons to be learntThis series has been a sweeping love story a remarkably written hero's journey twice over and a truly mature take on the things most epichistorical fantasies often oversimplify and take for granted And it still isNow I come to the end of this journey The Warrior Moon of two lovers who are ascending into their fated godhood but must fight one war the big one the one that started centuries ago and has defined their entire continent since the one that you wished Game of Thrones did properly with the White Walkers the one that could finally free their people from the threat of the Traitor a god who rules the shadowy land beyond the Wall of Flowers and has the power to create demons from people Humanity rests on the outcome of this war and as Shefali and Shizuka lead their people into it they discover stakes than they were prepared to take but take it they shall if it means defeating this god to save the world together it has always been within them after all to casually do the impossibleIf the previous two books were parts of a journey this book was a whole ride in and of itself The writing I so adored since the first book has evolved since to accommodate the rip roaring tides of the war and newer POV chapters I did not find this a hardship at all and there was never a moment when one POV dominated all the others the author knew how to balance the few threads of plot and bring them all together with the right timing While there were obviously shocking moments I was never blindsided by anything and it's clear that everything has been built up from the very beginning of the series and the author is damned if she doesn't see all of them through with all the elegance and grace of a Hokkaran duelistAnd that's what makes this third book of the trilogy fantastic I don't find myself thinking the story fell flat that things that were made wonderful in the first or second book ended up paling by the third Absolutely none of that The author very successfully ended Shefali and Shizuka's arcs with a bang that only legendary heroes deserve I say arcs instead of stories because they've become so real in my head another thing the author does successfully that I can just imagine continuing off doing what they do best achieving the impossible protecting people and loving one another for eternity after eternity until the galaxy itself crumblesThere were moments when it felt slow but I do not think it is to the detriment of the story as these were moments to savour moments to re tread moments that make you settle in your seat as you wait for the next page to drop with all the force of a hammer upon an anvil The story carried itself through The emotional beats in this book's story was strong each one stood out from another while never stealing the spotlight from each other and they carried the wave of the plot along uicker as we passed the halfway point and very clearly raising the stakes for both the characters and the reader There are moments where the reader will go OOOOOOOHHH with dawning shock realization and genuine awe in hindsight thanks to details and hints from previous chapters and books seeds planted in a garden that the author has tended to with painstaking love and care Moments that will pain you than actually being stabbed than an arrow drawn from a bow no man but a god could drawAnd yes actual tears were shedThis review isn't for new readers necessarily; it is after all the final book of a trilogy and any new readers would have to look at the first book and their reviews if they are interested This review is for myself and it is a love letter to a series that revealed to me how there were no absolute limits in a fantasy that is why they are epic A love letter to a series that showed me what a writer who believes in their characters believes in possibilities and importantly believes in the strength of a narrative built with a cast dominated by women ueer people and non eurocentric settings Our goddesses in the story Barsalai Shefali and Minami Shizuka are described as being able to casually do the impossible; well I truly believe that K Arsenault Rivera herself casually did the impossible with the fantasy genreYes I may be inclined to be a little biased as a fan a little hyperbolic because of it but it is a fact that I absolutely adore this series There are criticisms to be made and I'm not going to say it is perfect nor will I say it is for everyone However for me this series with so much heart and so much love for its characters and its setting I am sure than anything that it has added something in the fantasy shelves That It has cemented itself as something truly differentI'm so looking forward to the preuel Sixteen Swords about our heroines' just as legendary mothers Burila Alshara and Minami Shizuru who slew a demon general before it was cool The shoulders of the giants that Shefali and Shizuka stood on to become their own kind of legends Having been so enad with the author's writing since book one I have no doubt that the preuel will turn out just as great just as heartfelt and epic Rivera is than capable at telling a tale that's meant to be sung by bards and angels alikeIf I could give myself time I'd come up with a analytical review maybe even a spoiler y one where I look deep into particular moments of the book the parts that made me cry and parts that made me sing For now for this review I'll just cap my review off with this final noteNo fantasy has changed me than this one about two lesbian warrior goddesses