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Download Through Each Others Eyes Reader Û 159 pages ↠ Moneyexpresscard ´ At the Netherfield Ball Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy are at wit’s end with each other Darcy can no longer deny his growing attraction to her but she is clearly not ready to hear him Elizabeth is confused by the many veAt the Netherfield Ball Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy are at wit’s end with each other Darcy can no longer deny his growing attraction to her but she is clearly not ready to hear him Elizabeth is confused by the many versions of Mr Darcy she has encountered She seeks refuge from the crowds including her ridiculous family on the terrace He finds solace in the empty library Grappling with their own feelings each look up at the night sky The evening is fine and the stars shine in their multitude reminding Elizabeth and Darcy just how sma When you wish upon a starMakes no difference who you areAnything your heart desires will come to you When You Wish Upon A Star sung by Jiminy Cricket This is a PP Freaky Friday mash up On the night of the Netherfield ball both Darcy and Lizzy wish upon a shooting star and awaken the next day in each other's bodies This is a tricky concept to pull off and the author does a decent job In other body swap time swap novels I have read the authors usually have the body continue knowing what to do while the personality is astonished that they can dance curtsy etc This book doesn't take that easy out instead has erstwhile characters struggle with their new bodies Unfortunately this isn't consistent; Lizzy in Darcy's body isn't comfortable riding but has no problem sucking down brandy or playing billiards While Darcy as Lizzy is way to comfortable talking to his new sisters and managing Mrs Bennet Also for two people who really didn't spend a lot of time together they both excel at faking their new personas And that is sort of where the book fails because it would be better if when Caroline got clingy if Larcy™ had given her a stellar set down; while Dizzy™ would have been awesome if she was outraged at Mr Collins' proposal with a bunch of Darcy haughtinessAnd that isn't the only problem There is a lot of modern language and idioms there is too much detail IMHO of the characters exploring their new bodies Regency manner errors and a lack of understanding about the tilt of the earthThe Netherfield ball is on 1126; thus two days later is November 28th The author notes Days were still long enough to enjoy out of doors now if you are a native of Scandinavia or Alaska you might agree with this But here are the facts on 112818 Hours of Daylight today 0712 to 1626 1626 is 426 pm GMT to further belabor the point on 52819 Hours of Daylight today 0421 to 2135 Yes this is one of my pet peeves because 2 of my trips to London were in November one the same week as the Netherfield ball and I as a 40 degree North person was surprised how early it was dark and how late the sun rose Because I had never thought about it until I was confronted with it

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Too much wine the night before remains blissfully unaware of his situation while he sleeps It was not until much later in the day than is his usual wont that he finally awakes and discovers that he too is not himself While Through Each Other's Eyes stays true to the overall character of the Pride and Prejudice the radical change in the characters’ situation allows for some changes in perspective and timing as well as some sensual situations but no explicit sex scenes It includes all the original characters but also adds a few new one Duration 3 hrs 56 minsPublisher Aleena Ashe#BennetSistersScale Lydia 🌹🌹 Lively and highly unconventional rewriting any rule that stands in its way Through Each Other's Eyes by Aleena Ashe is a fantastical re imagining of the Regency's most famous tale However well you think you know Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett they are about to become far better acuainted with each other Somewhat ironically with this book I'm always in two minds about 're tellings' of famous stories unless they bring something new to the tale such as with Jo Baker's Longbourn which recounts the lives below stairs of the Bennet family's servants It often feels a little like a rip off of another's work when the likeness to the original is directly observed but that is not a concern here I loved the idea of taking a familiar story which is set very much in an ordered predictable reality and turning it into something fantastical which still has to try and follow the rules of etiuette when the laws of physics and reason have flown It did not disappoint with Darcy and Elizabeth forced to gain a greater understanding of life on the other side of the strict gender divideThrough Each Other's Eyes rewrites a little of Austen's timeline changing a few of the outcomes in the process and though it remains faithful to the tone of the original it often riffs rather loosely on the Pride and Prejudice we know and love I did like what Ashe did with Mary Bennet however whose fate I always thought would have suited this particular pathThough the story remains engaging the writing could do with a little polish in places and there is uite a lot of anachronistic language used; with several Americanisms also detracting from its authenticity I cover these in detail in the full blog postDespite those frustrations this book was a fun a lighthearted diversion which is perfect for those who enjoy re tellings of this particular love story; providing you can suspend your disbelief and don't expect anything to make complete senseSiobhan Waring the narrator did an impressive job of keeping track of the voices especially once the body switch had taken place and Darcy spoke aloud with Elizabeth's voice but articulated his thoughts with his own and vice versa It must have taken considerable skill and no doubt a lot of highlighter to make such freuent switches without getting muddled I received this audiobook free of charge in the hope of an honest unbiased review

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Through Each Others Eyes Ll they are While looking up at the Heavens each notices a shooting star streaking across the sky And each makes a wish to better understand the other Neither is ready for what happens next The day dawns bright but almost immediately Elizabeth realizes something is very wrong She is not in her room not even in her own home But it was not until she saw her – or rather his – reflection in the mirror that the magnitude of her situation becomes apparent She has somehow come to inhabit Mr Darcy’s body Meanwhile Mr Darcy who had imbibed A very original storyEven though the exchange of bodies is not a new concept the extremes to which this story takes our beloved couple makes them really appreciate each other Highly recommended