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PDF ì BOOK Found in the Snow FREE Ï JAEZA RAYLEIGH ´ Better connections a visit to Derbyshire and a chance find on a snowy morning sets Elizabeth Bennet along a different path than the one given to us by Jane Austen In this variation the familiar cast of characters is augmented by the introduction of Lizzy’s great Better connections a visit to Derbyshire and a chance find on a snowy morning sets Elizabeth Bennet along a different path than the one given to us by Jane Austen In this variation the familiar cast of characters is augmented by the introduction of Lizzy’s great aunt by marriage Lady Helena Mosse who hopes to give her great nieces opportunities to make good matches than t To begin positively this author does have a nice writing style and although there are a few editing type errors the spelling and grammar generally are correct She has uite a few intriguing plot ideasHowever I can't recommend this book which is badly in need of a content editor I struggled to finish because it gets bogged down with unnecessary details with nothing to drive the reader forward It meanders from one difficulty to another becoming what I call a chronology rather than a focused novel There is freuent repetition where characters relay detailed information about events that were already thoroughly described As an example we read multiple times that Lydia destroyed all of Kitty's things in a childish fit of rage The reader also must muddle through accounts of various characters' thoughts instead of actions relaying them One of the first rules of good writing is to show don't tell but we're told uite often throughout this bookAs the book begins nineteen year old Elizabeth Bennet goes to stay with her Aunt Gardiner's mother Lady Helena in Derbyshire On one of her rambles through the snow she happens across Georgiana who is running from someone and she's cold wet and seriously ill Elizabeth brings her back to her aunt's estate Darcy arriving to confirm the unidentified girl is his missing sister is understandably frantic Georgiana is unconscious and unable to confirm he is really her brother neither of the ladies knows Darcy by sight and Georgiana had been terrified of a pursuer when she was found When Elizabeth and Lady Helena deny Darcy access to the girl he's rude and insulting Although they get past that bad first impression Darcy unintentionally causes offense with his aloof demeanor that is his habitual armor in society The story goes on with various tangents and eventually the evildoers are caught after Georgiana has been abducted and saved a second time Elizabeth and Darcy are about to marry and so are Jane and Mary Instead of wrapping things up here with a nice little HEA the book is little halfway throughWhile there had been numerous tangents in the first part of the book it's at this point where the story really loses its way It takes far too long for justice to be dispensed to the villains Kitty becomes Lady Helena's new companion and is resolved to learn how to be a lady rather than following Lydia's poor example Lydia is completely out of control even than in canon This is one of those books that proves the importance of a good editor I see potential in this author's imagination and writing ability but she needs to learn to weave her various ideas together cohesively avoid all the repetition and avoid doing so much telling

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Is early insults and learn to see him for the man he truly is? Will Kitty find her own way when separated from Lydia? Is Georgiana in danger even when protected by her friends? All these uestions and will be answered in this clean and generally low angst variation on the story we know and love One will be answered as well – what was it really that Lizzy found in the snow? Wordy but niceThis is a complete variation in that circumstances are completely altered and only the characters and their personalities are borrowed from the original PP Great aunt Helena is introduced mother to Elizabeth 's Aunt Gardiner and she takes Elizabeth under her wing to remove her from a somewhat toxic home life Jane is with the Gardiner's in London where she meets Bingley without any help from Darcy Aunt Helena has Elizabeth at her home in Derbyshire about 20 miles from Pemberly Elizabeth finds Georgiana one day in the snow cold and near death fleeing some unknown villain Because Georgiana is unconscious and delirious her identity is unknown until Darcy comes looking for her There is a rocky first meeting between Elizabeth and Darcy but while Georgiana recovers they come to know each other betterThere are some shocking personalities in the story Darcy has a cousin Timothy Darcy who has a malignant envy of what Darcy has and is constantly vandalizing Pemberly and trying to kidnap Georgiana Mr Bennett is portrayed as the worst father imaginable completely lazy and uncaring of his family or his home Mrs Bennett is flighty and senseless but almost to the point of lunacy and has a disturbing lack of love for Elizabeth Mary and Kitty Lydia is completely out of control to the point that the older siblings eventually take action to prevent her ruining the family Lady Catherine has a sadistic need to keep Anne ill so that she can be controlled WowIThe difficult home life that the Bennett daughters endure is kind of depressing Like everyone in the story says it's amazing that they except Lydia emerged able to grow into acceptable and sensible young ladies There is a scene in which Jane gives Mrs Bennett a piece of her mind That alone is worth reading the bookAs in the other book I read by this author I felt there was a lot of useless repetition of dialogue and descriptions The writing could have been concise and the book shorter There were also so many editing errors words missing or misused that it became very noticeable Still it's a good story with some exciting drama I recommend it with these reservations

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Found in the Snow Hey would find in Meryton A snowy encounter leads to a new acuaintance but is it the kind of opportunity Lady Helena hoped for? Because of the chance encounter Elizabeth meets Mr Darcy in the winter before the canon visit to Meryton but their initial interactions are just as rocky Can Mr Darcy change his ways and become approachable? Does he want to? Can Elizabeth forgive h Lovely storyI thoroughly enjoyed this book The characters were true the story was different enough to be enjoyed Even Collins was an amazing character I especially enjoyed how Wickham was treated It made it easy to accomplish Lydia marriage