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Read & Download Hildegard of Bingen ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º Hildegard of Bingen 1098 1179 was one of the most remarkable and influential women of her time Blessed with an astonishing array of talents she was at once a mystic theologian scientist doctor nutritionist composer writer linguist and artist Born to a noble fNear Bingen From a young age she received extraordinary lights or visions of Heaven which she described in a book called Know the Ways of God Hildegard's collection of imaginative music and poetry includes seventy seven songs for the liturgical year and a morality play making her the most prolific composer of early music in Europe Her pioneering scientific work formed the ba. This book was gifted to me to review for the Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2020 event 13120Hildegard of Bingen Scientist Composer Healer Saint published by Wisdom Tales and authoredillustrated by Demi is a richly illustrated and informative picture book for children ages 4 8 who are interested in learning about the intriguing life of a Catholic saint The text begins with Hildegard’s first visions at age three of “dazzling and bright lights that would make her whole body tremble and shake” These “inside lights” showed her many things such as “how to live for God and enter His heavenly city” Hildegard soon is recognized as a Benedictine nun and continues her life writing books composing music inventing a language among other impressive feats The text follows through to her canonization and ends with a succinct and informative appendixHildegard of Bingen stands out with its hypnotic arresting and highly textural images The swirling clouds and exploding lights will keep young readers engaged while the stories of Hildegard’s miraculous feats will inspire awe and likely uestions about the nature of Catholic sainthood This book brings to life a facet of Catholic Germany that sure to fascinate the inuisitive young mind#ReadYourWorld

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Hildegard of Bingen 1098 1179 was one of the most remarkable and influential women of her time Blessed with an astonishing array of talents she was at once a mystic theologian scientist doctor nutritionist composer writer linguist and artist Born to a noble family in Mainz Germany Hildegard entered a Benedictine monastery and went on to become abbess of a thriving community. Hildegard Of Bingen For ChildrenOnce upon a time in 1098 AD in Mainz Germany a little girl was born named Hildegard With this traditional beginning Demi begins her newest story Hildegard of Bingen Scientist Composer Healer and Saint Demi has written over 130 books for small children most of which are on a variety of religious and spiritual themes that cross denominational lines For example Demi's award winning book Talking to God Prayers for Childrenintroduces young readers to prayers from many religions including Christianity Judaism Islam Hinduism Buddhism Taoism Shintoism American Indian and Central African The book is an excellent way for children to begin thinking ecumenically about spiritualityDemi's Hildegard of Bingen tells a particular story about a remarkable person In a short simple book for children from four to eight Demi offers a beautifully appealing introduction to the life and accomplishments of Hildegard 1098 1179 who was formally declared a saint by the Catholic Church in 2012 and declared a Doctor of the Church that same year The story emphasizes the mystical character of Hildegard's life beginning from when she first experienced visions at the age of three The book shows Hildegard becoming a nun at the age of 18 and later becoming the Abbess of her cloister The book focuses on Hildegard's many accomplishments that came from her inner life and inner voiceWhen you see a great light inside youthat too is the light of GodYou must let other people see what you seeYou must let your inside lights shine outThe book is inwardly focused than most literature for young children Demi describes and even summarizes Hildegard's spiritual writings For example she discusses Hildegard's book Know the Ways of God and says it shows how to live for God and enter His heavenly city This is inspiring material indeed for a children's book Demi describes Hildegard's work The Book of Life's Merits as showing how man can rise to Heaven by overcoming his faultsHildegard wrote many other books in subjects as varied as physics and cooking and became justly renowned as well as a composer Children may be inspired by this book and by Hildegard and have many uestions to discuss with their parents or other readers I found this little book encouraged me to learn about Hildegard The book reminded me of the breadth of spiritual knowledge and even broadly of how much in this world there is to learnDemi's illustrations are mostly on bright background colors yellows blues and purples that enhance the focus of the book on inward experience the secret land of heavenly lights and their outward expression in Hildegard's works A short Appendix to the story offers additional information about Hildegard for both children and their adult readersThis lovely book is an appropriate addition to the series of spiritually ecumenical children's books published by Wisdom Tales It is enjoyable and inspiring both for those with Christianity and for those from other religious traditions Wisdom Tales kindly sent me a review copy of this bookRobin Friedman

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Hildegard of BingenSis for the study of natural history in Germany while her holistic medical studies helped to provide cures for numerous diseases Hildegard was also the author of a cookbook recommending nutritional foods of joy and she even invented a new language Such was Hildegard's fame and influence that bishops popes and kings as well as humble peasants sought out her wise counsel Today. Was very sparse on details about her faith and her daily life and interactions Was too focused on her book titles