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FREE PDF Ä BOOK By Charm or By CHOICE ´ SHANA JEFFERIS-ZIMMERMAN Ñ What does ‘happily ever after’ look like? This first in a series of two novels is a look at what happens AFTER the day Mrs Bennet got rid of her two most deserving daughters If you are looking for a renewal of the angst and suspense causWhat does ‘happily ever after’ look like? This first in a series of two novels is a look at what happens AFTER the day Mrs Bennet got rid of her two most deserving daughters If you are looking for a renewal of the angst and suspense caused by poor first impressions and romantic misunderstanding this may not be the book for you But if you’ve ever wanted to know what happiness is found by Elizabeth Bennet as Mrs Darcy or yearned for a reunion with the beloved cast of Pride and Prejudice that succeeds the original storyline this book satisfies those cravingsWhile many of her acuaintance may have concluded that Elizabeth Bennet was leading a charmed life her choice to adhere to her principles by rejecting the certain security of two marriage proposals in o 45 StarsIf you are familiar with my PP preferences there is no way I should have liked this PP seuel but I did In fact I loved it This is a really unusual PP seuel Set after wedding we have a Lizzy who is a bit of a Mary Sue; as in everything she touches turns to gold She gets slate roofs for the tenants improves the servant's uarters gets Georgiana to talk and laugh wows London improves Mary Kitty straightens out Lady Catherine saves Mr Collins' life rescues Jane from Caroline and turns Caroline around to being a nice kind considerate person St Elizabeth of Derbyshire??There is also possibly 'what they ate what they wore' than I can generally tolerate but this is all okay because the story has very little dialogue I would actually say where it does have dialogue may be the weakest part of the book Instead we are treated to a story that is just fascinating We are able to avoid a lot of tedious detail time moves things happen we learn about them in a calm reflective way I would have liked a little comeuppance for Lydia and to some extent Mrs Bennet but hey it's all good I am not sure this is a book for everyone but the lengthy sample will give you an indication if it is right for you

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Perhaps even find happiness living in Kent? Who shall return from the war on the continent possibly needing assistance? After learning the conniving Miss Bingley is being banished from her brother’s new estate can Elizabeth help her beloved Jane by seeing Miss Bingley properly settled? Amidst the familiar faces continued follies new absurdities and sometimes harsh realities of all their acuaintance the Darcys with the considerable resources at their disposal must decide when and if to intervene on behalf of those they love Can Elizabeth help those she left behind? Should she?By Charm or By Choice? is the first of two books that comprise the Pride and Prejudice Continues series It is a sweet and clean Regency romance and a full length novel of 108000 words An interesting look into every day lifeThere is no doubt that the author has spent a considerable amount of time researching regency life The story is full of little details dropped in for no apparent purpose and without additional description I found myself constantly having to stop and research many of these details eg Ashlar Pattern or Lord and Lady Melbourne’s infidelities I can’t say I minded much I rather like going down a researching rabbit hole but it does rather break up the flow story I could see a lot of people would find this feature extremely tedious especially as there is also a great deal of unnecessary minutiae and repetitionThe plot line was also an exercise in detail long and drawn out with very little feeling or drama Again I didn’t hate this story but it was the ultimate slow burn that ended in a puff of smokeThere were some points that I did find very irritating First and foremost that there were far too many Americanisms and modern words used When you consider how much effort the author put into creating an authentic sounding story this was uite jarring For example the use of the appellation Pastor there was just no excuse for it Austen used clergyman and reverend and a simple google search indicates the origin of a Pastor is American The author also used modern words such as grabbed and grinned which just strikes me as lazy writing there is such a thing as a thesaurusOverall I suspect that very few people would find much enjoyment in this story

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By Charm or By CHOICE Pride and Prejudice Continues #1 Rder to marry for affection and esteem should not be ignored As a happily married woman of means Elizabeth Darcy now lives a worldly knowledgeable fashionable and public life She also has many new household estate and family responsibilities she must learn to meet But she still has the choice to be guided by her principles in her thoughts and deeds Can she help her shy new sister Georgiana Darcy prepare to be introduced into London society? With Longbourn as entailed away as ever what will happen to Mary and Kitty Bennet? Have they any hope of making good matches in the limited society of Meryton with an indifferent father and an insensible mother? Has Elizabeth’s view of Charlotte’s decision to marry Mr Collins changed? Can Mrs Collins remain content or This book is a Pride and Prejudice continuation where Elizabeth seems to solve all her sister's issues while becoming an amazing mistress of Pemberley She is almost too perfectShe helps Mary Georgiana Jane and surprisingly Caroline Bingley