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Border Wars Read & Download ä PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Two New York Times Washington correspondents provide a detailed “fact based account of what precipitated some of this administration’s brazen assaults on immigration” The Washington Post filled with never before told stories of this key issue of Donald Trump’s presiTwo New York Times Washington correspondents provide a detailed “fact based account of what precipitated some of this administration’s brazen assaults on immigration” The Washington Post filled with never before told stories of this key issue of Donald Trump’s presidencyNo issue matters to Donald Trump and his administration than restricting immigration Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Michael D Shear have covered the Trump administration from its earliest days In Border Wars they take us inside the White House to d. 45 stars Maybe even 475 I have largely avoided anything that is about the Trump White House from inside because they all felt too spur of the moment recently spurneddiscardedhated people that didn't feel like the best way to read uality journalism But this one feels different partly because of the authors they're New York Times journalists who aren't and haven't ever been part ofrespected by this administration Partly because immigration is something I'm interested in and this specific focus felt worth reading It was at times and sometimes simultaneously fascinating terrifying enlightening and maddening It cast a great deal of light on the often muddy waters of what is policy in this administration and how much of it really comes through impulse and instinct as well as a lack of understanding on the limits and possibilities for change within our current system Biggest surprise for me and shame on me for not knowing this was how much Lindsey Graham fought for protection of the Dreamers and to negotiate on DACA Biggest annoyancefearanger everything about Stephen Miller It was odd that there was a chapter about how he acts like a real person at times to those he knows well and that the public persona of his is just that a persona He might be a nice enough person to those he knows personally but that doesn't excuse the xenophobic white supremacist actions that he takes on public policy And the authors don't try to excuse it just round him out a little which does in fact prove he too is a person who is not only one sided All in all enlightening Certainly not something to be taken as gospel but a great peek behind the curtain of something crucial in our time and place Worth reading for sure

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Ocument how Stephen Miller and other anti immigration officials blocked asylum seekers and refugees separated families threatened deportation and sought to erode the longstanding bipartisan consensus that immigration and immigrants make positive contributions to America Their revelation of Trump’s desire for a border moat filled with alligators made national news As the authors reveal Trump has used immigration to stoke fears “the caravan” attack Democrats and the courts and distract from negative news and polit. Comprehensive review of border policies enacted during this administration's tenure So much has happened in such a short time I found it useful to review the events again Written in an inviting style with lots of anecdotes to make the book most interesting

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Border WarsIcal difficulties As he seeks reelection in 2020 Trump has elevated immigration in the imaginations of many Americans into a national crisis Border Wars identifies the players behind Trump’s anti immigration policies showing how they planned stumbled and fought their way toward changes that have further polarized the nation “Davis and Shear’s exuisitely reported Border Wars reveals the shattering horror of the moment and the mercurial unreliability and instability of the president” The New York Times Book Revi. Intolerant and RacistIt’s true that unskilled and entry level workers are at risk of losing jobs to immigrants And also previously immigrated people are most at risk of losing their jobs to newly immigrated people It makes sense to have a balanced approach to immigration Trump’s policies influenced by his intolerant advisors Steve Bannon and Steve Miller are insensitive and fueled by racist sentiment Trump wants to limit legal immigration Even though some research shows that immigration is good for the economy he doesn’t believe that Trump doesn't care so much about research; he prefers anecdotes and false accusations to prove his points about how immigrants are dangerous He won by appealing to deep red America the alt right When he criticized Obama over his citizenship the polling data showed that he got strong support for doing that So he took that information and decided to make it a part of his brand by making limiting all immigration a big issue in his campaignTrump’s policies are taken from the Federation for American Immigration Reform a network of restrictionist activists who tried largely without success to prod lawmakers and presidents toward their anti immigration views Davis 45 These people are shunned by Democrats and seen as policy outcasts by mainstream Republicans because they are too aligned with the agenda of racist hate groups that oppose immigration at all costs Davis 44 The Southern Poverty Law Center an organization that tracks and monitors hate groups condemned their work and listed some of them as hate groups on par with neo Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan Davis 46 Trump took the platform of these outcasts and gave it legitimacy and influenceHe wants to ban our Irai allies from traveling to the US These people were given visas because they helped the US military and fought with us to defeat Al ueda It’s not in the interest of national security to ban them but Trump doesn’t want people from Muslim countries The TPS program is another program that allows people to stay here He terminated these designations and he’s deporting the people here through that programThe book describes the caravans coming from Central America through Mexico protesting Trump's immigration policies The caravans enraged Trump who threatened to pull out of NAFTA and bring troops to the border But what the book doesn't say is that the caravans wasn't a massive influx of people trying to cross the border or a security threat The caravans were a demonstration to bring awareness to an individual’s right to seek international protection from violence and persecution Isn’t that a lovely hope for humanityWhen an undocumented person gets convicted of a crime in the US they get deported So what's happening is the exact opposite of what Trump is saying We are sending them murderers and rapists We are sending them crime and drugs The Hispanic gangster phenomena the culture of impoverished disaffected minorities started in LA in the ’80s And because we are deporting criminals their country is overwhelmed with gang violenceOn the subject of immigration Trump said “I don’t want people from shithole countries” He was referring to immigrants from Africa And then he said “I want people from Norway” Norway is 80 percent white Personally if a person from Norway came here overstayed their visa and had a baby so their baby can have citizenship worked some scam job and never paid taxes that would annoy me just as much as if an Asian African or Hispanic person did thatTrump admits that many illegal immigrants were hired to work for him as he was building his properties He said it was too much of a hassle trying to E Verify everyone This annoys me because he is saying he is a hypocrite and that for all practical purposes he doesn’t make sense We clearly have a schizophrenic policy towards Hispanic immigrants We like them for cheap labor We use them We hardly pay them And then we deport them Businesspeople like lots of cheap labor and that’s wrongThis book didn’t go into the peonage type work situations Hispanic migrants deal with The book also didn’t mention the hypocrisy of our laws that make hiring an illegal person okay but it’s a crime to be here illegally In many industries especially farm labor and construction inexpensive illegal workers are used I recently read that the average strawberry farmer in California lives to the age of forty five They get paid much less than minimum wage and they live in sualor This book didn’t bring any awareness to these issues Trump showed very bad judgment when he told the Department of Homeland Security to shoot Hispanic migrants at the border It’s illegal for officers to do that This and the travel ban are examples of how his directives are what the author describes as “legally dubious and politically incendiary” And finally he's planning on creating a wall that will cut burn and electrocute anyone who tries to cross itTrump isn’t the moderate Republican former Democrat that I thought he was in the 2016 election This administration's approach to immigration eg shoot people at the border is obtuse It's also risky to elect someone with no history as a politician or record of how they vote I didn't think Trump would get his policies on immigration from an alt right hate group