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MOBI Î DOC The Five Graces of Longbourn ´ OLIVIA KANE ´ Mr Darcy finds Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourn too distracting for his own good So when he packs up Bingley from Netherfield and breaks Jane’s heart Elizabeth vows to never forgive him But Darcy always gets what he wants and when his affection for ElizabethIous But when a surprising scandal occurs Elizabeth is shocked to learn that Darcy is not as predictable as she thinks For behind his stony façade beats the heart of a true romantic a heart she fears she may have rejected one too many tim Just so soAlthough the book is well written I get annoyed by an Elizabeth that is this pig headed and vindictive telling anyone who will listen how much she despises Mr Darcy In this story she is extremely vocal and unkind about her perception of him Her epiphany comes uite late in the story so most of it is spent with her resisting everyone's efforts to convince her that he's not so bad Even her own parents can see his worth as well as her friends and she's still stubborn Her enlightenment comes uite suddenly so we do get our HEA but it feels a little contrivedEven though I don't like Elizabeth I do like Darcy 's character His reform happens uickly and I like it when he bonds with Mr Bennett The attitude of the Meryton community changes in his favor early on so he becomes a romantic figure He is a kinder gentler DarcyThis is a short story well written and well edited It did not however sweep me off my feet

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Mr Darcy finds Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourn too distracting for his own good So when he packs up Bingley from Netherfield and breaks Jane’s heart Elizabeth vows to never forgive him But Darcy always gets what he wants and when his affec 35 stars rounded up to 4 starsThis story did not hold my attention and I found myself putting it down and reading other stories before finally determining to finish what I had begunThe story does focus on all five sisters Yet while Collins is the first suitor it is his pursuit of both older sisters that brings us to Rosings where surprisingly Lady Catherine informs him that these two are too glamorous for the position of a vicar's wife Mr Bennet has accompanied his daughters to Rosings where they stay at an inn Darcy's relationship to Anne along with his insult of Elizabeth at the Assembly his influence on Bingley and Jane and finally his damage to Wickham's happiness all combine to settle Elizabeth's opinion about Darcy He does not get to even complete his proposal and thus his letter is never written although he does send her a short apology later in the tale Ignored by the author is the fact that men and women who were not engaged did not correspond in the Regency eraSo the rest of the story mainly involves events which show Darcy's care of those who matter to him Georgiana is the one to inform Elizabeth about Wickham's attempt to elope with her; while it is residents of Meryton who tell of how Darcy redeems Wickham's thefts of their property and debts to businesses Elizabeth remains sure of his engagement to Anne and it only when she meets Anne by surprise that that fact is correctedLydia has a much different fate in this variation; one which allows her to brag of precedence over her sisters Of course this is ever so pleasing to Mrs BennetThroughout the story there is Grey’s Guide to Hertfordshire Walking Paths and the guide to Derbyshire Walking Paths which keeps coming up and it is this guide which creates some final angst and brings ODC together The story does not give us much angst in reality Although Elizabeth is very stubborn in her opinion about Darcy we do know that in the end they will have their HEA Darcy is patient and works to change her opinion without throwing his changes in her face It is others who bring it to her attention and in the end it is she who worries that he will think her seeing Pemberley for herself will think that that changed her mind

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The Five Graces of Longbourn Tion for Elizabeth cannot be constrained he can’t help but charm her family and friends in an attempt to gain her good graces Unimpressed Elizabeth refuses to be won over by a man who has shown himself to be both prideful and class consc In this Pride and Prejudice variation the Bennet sisters are very close and speak rationally even if some are very silly The plot takes the traditional route but Elizabeth dislikes Darcy and won't stop talking about it At the end she realizes that all the people around her and the things he has said and done prove him to be a good man