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EBOOK ´ EPUB Trapped at Rosings è Û When Fitzwilliam Darcy’s aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh loses patience waiting for him to propose to her daughter Anne she takes a daring and dangerous step to force them into a compromising situation But as Darcy is on his way through Rosings Woods to propose to Elizabeth Bennet Lady Catherine'Generous than she ever realised really be responsible for destroying the lives and happiness of so many people? Two acuaintances in particular are not happy to learn about the forced marriage One has set her heart on becoming the future Mrs Darcy and the other has long wanted to avenge himself on his former friend Knowing Elizabeth cared for Wickham and still believes his lies about Darcy's treatment of him the pair spot a perfect opportunity to tear the couple apart And when the jealousy and deceit of others threaten to come between them Elizabeth and Darcy must take a daring risk to decide what they want once and for al Again me in the middle of Regency romance and P P variations I finished this book recently and I was uite surprised at how good it is It has everything the romance of ODC misunderstandings and some adventure It is a bit angsty and ODC get into some sticky situations not of their making but it is very good and the chemistry between them is for melting away No worries it doesn't go further than kissing but the tension is amazing and they are very very sweet As the title says Mr Darcy and Elizabeth are in Kent together Lizzie still thinks Mr Darcy doesn't like her and is trying to find fault in her meanwhile Mr Darcy thinks Lizzie tells him about her favourite walks in Rosings Park to give him hints so they can meet together On one such occasion Mr Darcy was waiting for Elizabeth in a grove near a cottage she finds him and thinks is a coincidence Mr Darcy has been thinking about Lizzie and decides he cannot live without her so plans to propose and he gets all worked up and anxious but thankfully is interrupted by Mr Collins looking for Lizzie to tell her his esteemed patroness Lady Catherine De Bourgh has honour them with an invitation for cards in the evening He then drags Elizabeth back to the Parsonage and warns her about the impropriety of meeting with Mr Darcy alone in the woods Charlotte hints Mr Darcy likes her but Lizzie doesn't believe it and anyway she likes Colonel Fitzwilliam but she knows he is a second son and as such couldn't offer for her From here on there are spoilers so you can skip this partIn the meantime Lady Catherine is loosing her patience and starts to plot to get Darcy to propose to Anne She talks to some criminal to get Anne and Darcy locked in a cottage in the woods to compromise them When Lady Catherine has planned it she knows Darcy goes for walks in the woods so sends Anne to the woods to with the excuse that it may help her health She doesn't know however that Anne had a conversation with Darcy about marriage and that it wouldn't work for them and Anne has gathered enough courage to discreetly contradict her commands from seeing Elizabeth contradict her mother something she never saw before She also suspects her mother's intentions so decides against it and goes to bed early instead As it happened Elizabeth goes for an evening walk not telling her host at the parsonage for fear they won't let her go She needs some peace and uiet but to her dismay Darcy finds her when she is trying to enjoy the sunset He is again agitated and can't seem to be able to talk to her and when that is happening they encounter some men in the woods that may be workers passing from the fields but they turned out to be a gang of thieves Darcy fights them and he is getting the upper hand until one produces a gun so they give them their valuables and Darcy protects Elizabeth from them in case they want to hurt her The thieves locked them up in the empty cottage in the grove and go away Mr Darcy tries to force the boards from the windows and Elizabeth notices his muscles in his arms and notices how brave he has been she starts seeing him in a different light and starts feeling attracted to him They find some candles and light them and since they can't escape they decide to wait for the morning to be found because nobody will miss them during the night Elizabeth notices Darcy is injured and tries to nurse his wounds a moment that is charged with chemistry Then she says he should sleep but he decides he will stay awake just in case and gives her coat to Elizabeth she goes to a corner to sleep During the night she has nightmares with the thieves and Darcy comforts her and hugs her through the night they lay down together to sleep and they are found in the morning Lady Catherine thinking is her daughter in there with Darcy has brought lots of people to look for them so they cannot dispute the compromise and will have to get married Unfortunately for her is Elizabeth and not Anne there with Darcy and so they are forced to marry Anne is found at home Lady Catherine gets into a tantrum when Darcy says he must marry Elizabeth to preserve her reputation Elizabeth and Mr Darcy talk about it and she says she is not happy to be marrying him like this that they dislike each other and how will they do it but they have no other choice to what Mr Darcy is uite distraught and says to her he never disliked her Elizabeth is astonished I really liked Mr Collins in this story even if being himself as in cannon he stands up to Lady Catherine in defence of Elizabeth's reputation when LC wants him to forbid Elizabeth from accepting Darcy He says it's not right and as a cousin and a clergyman he has to abide for what is right Charlotte is very proud of him Mr Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam take Anne and Elizabeth with them to London to escape lady Catherine's fury Ok I will spoil till thenODC become officially engaged even if Elizabeth is not happy about it and Darcy is appalled she doesn't love him or so he thinks but after they a very honest conversation during the last uarter of the book that clears the air around them and they become very sweet with each other Before there where very charged moments but that is the height of it Wickham is himself and worse Miss Bingley makes her bed plotting away and has to lie on it after she is discovered in irregular circumstances all due to trying to break ODC's engagement Lydia has an unexpected twist much for the better and Bingley has a very strong backbone in this story I liked him Lizzie is amazing even after she has sent a horrible letter by mistake to Mr Darcy complaining about his meddling in Bingley's and Jane's affairs She is very brave and every bit Mrs Darcy as Mr Darcy wants her to be She will surprise the readers with her braveryI want to live that for you to read and enjoy The epilogue is also nice with some twists and sad backstories but ODC ends very well Other than that you are welcome to a great read I recommend every bit of this book It is really amazing the plot is refreshing and the twists are interesting great read and very well written

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When Fitzwilliam Darcy’s aunt Lady Catherine de Bourgh loses patience waiting for him to propose to her daughter Anne she takes a daring and dangerous step to force them into a compromising situation But as Darcy is on his way through Rosings Woods to propose to Elizabeth Bennet Lady Catherine's plan goes awry After being trapped together for the night Darcy must now marry Elizabeth to save her reputation But before he can reassure Elizabeth he truly loves her and already wished to marry her she reveals how much she dislikes him and how little she wants this marriage mistakenly believing he feels the same Darcy must kee 45 rounded up to 5 starsEven though the story leans pretty far to the not so credible side especially toward the end I found this a fun read First Lady Catherine and then Caroline Bingley and Wickham get results from their plotting that are VERY entertaining Lady C acts like a mob boss She paid her muscle to do some persuading on a rogue who wouldn't agree to marry the Rosings maid he'd impregnated Since THAT worked out so well she figures she'll hire the same man to force Darcy to marry Anne The plan is to use a different kind of persuasion that will end in a compromising situation for the intended couple Unfortunately Lady C didn't expect her usually obedient daughter to disobey her nor did she expect that Bennet girl to get in the way She didn't expect her hired goon to get a bit carried away either However she's seen to it that it's a very effective compromise with a whole gaggle of various and sundry people accompanying her to discover themand then Darcy's there with the wrong lady Egads LOVE itThe romance is nicely done too Elizabeth sees a whole different side to Darcy during their ordeal Sadly for him she assumes he dislikes her as much as she's disliked him and that he's eually unenthusiastic about being forced to marry her He's crushed but determined to court her properly during their engagement Yet whenever her attitude toward him starts to soften situations come up that affirm her prior negative opinion of him Love the storylines that emerge for Anne de Bourgh and Colonel FitzwilliamDarcy and Elizabeth get back to Hertfordshire to start planning the wedding with her family and Wickham and Caroline conspire to separate the couple Their planning turns out about as well as Lady C's did The last act is a doozy with Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam returning to Rosings and a mis sent letter sending Elizabeth after them Lots of this is over the top but in a fun way I could sense the author's wink as I was reading view spoilerDarcy had taken Elizabeth to the theatre where they had a discussion about how unlikely it was for a woman to successfully pass as a boy and then Elizabeth does exactly that when she needs to get to Kent by herself I also love that the typical damsel in distress cliche is turned on its head hide spoiler

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Trapped at Rosings P his true feelings a secret though he dreads the prospect of marrying the woman he loves knowing how much she despises him Elizabeth Bennet is conflicted Even though she dislikes Darcy for his arrogance and pride and dreads the thought of their marriage she cannot shake the memory of how bravely he protected her and how gently he comforted her during that terrifying night And as their marriage approaches and the two grow closer Elizabeth realises her feelings for him are growing stronger But how can she love a man who thinks she and her family are beneath him? And can a man who has shown himself to be kinder gentler and Lady Cat Wickham and Carolineoh myThe terrible trio are up to no good again but the story is a sweet telling of how Lizzy and Darcy are forced to get to know and understand the other and fall in loveWickham accidentally perhaps finds a different heiress to latch onto uite fitting for him I enjoyed the story a lot I recommend this book