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FREE PDF ´ BOOK Delighting Mrs Ù He wished to please her by tolerating her mother He hadn't expected to find his heart so entangled in her familyIn an attempt to right a wrong caused by his dog Fitzwilliam Darcy extends an invitation for the Bennet family to stay at his home He is confident he can tolerate Mrs Bennet and her younger daughters for twoE expects Mrs Bennet and her daughters bring laughter and loudness to his home and cause some disturbance to his life Unexpectedly he discovers that inviting Mrs Bennet and her daughters to Darcy House just might be the best decision he has ever made for his life and his heart will be forever changedDelighting Mrs Bennet is the second installment in Leenie Brown's Pride and Prejudice variation series Marrying Elizabeth If you like well written sweet romance wher This PP variation continues as Dash the dog causes Mr Bennet to fall down the stairs at Darcy House resulting in Darcy inviting the remaining Bennet family to stay and help nurse Bennet's broken leg How will living with the Bennet family change his perspective of their characters if at all Is there a possibility of a happy ending for Elizabeth but what of LydiaI enjoyed this well written variation and learning a bit about the past relationship of the Bennet parents

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He wished to please her by tolerating her mother He hadn't expected to find his heart so entangled in her familyIn an attempt to right a wrong caused by his dog Fitzwilliam Darcy extends an invitation for the Bennet family to stay at his home He is confident he can tolerate Mrs Bennet and her younger daughters for two weeks if it will please Elizabeth and help convince her to marry him After all he is determined to delight Mrs Bennet by marrying her daughterAs h This story ends at 94% and then we are given a Loving Lydia story excerptJeanne and Vaarin posted very complete reviews about this story I received a free copy from the author during a random first come first serve drawing sent out by her No review was reuired Unlike them I did not read the first story in this series in which Caroline Bingley becomes engaged It was interesting to read how her fiancé controlled inappropriate remarks from her with just a look a touch or a sueeze of her handAn exuberant puppy Dash has caused Mr Bennet to fall and break his leg while at Darcy house and as he cannot be moved it is necessary that his favorite daughter be able to nurse him and give him attention as he is cooped up However Darcy may be courting her but there is no chaperone in his house which would allow her to spend time with her father So Darcy bites the bullet and offers to invite Mrs Bennet to visit which in turn means that the other sisters must also come along Darcy wants to win Elizabeth's hand and he knows he must show a different attitude towards her mother and her sisters He thinks this is a limited time situation and surely he can bear that test of his patienceIt was interesting to read as Colonel Fitzwilliam and Aunt Gardiner also spend time at Darcy House and help to corral the behaviors of the Bennet sisters We also learn about MM Bennet's engagement from a past acuaintanceor two I found that the second of these was uite a stretch of the imagination but just go with it Wickham shows up and you may cheer as it turns out his charm is not enough any longer as two sisters in particular have learned the truthDarcy's and Elizabeth's courtship was sweet He learns that first impressions are not at all lasting and you really must not judge by such Lydia Bennet was also of a different character in this variation After all she is young and as such should be malleable if someone only takes the time patiently to guide her with that just judgmental words of correctionThe puppy's major role was in that he trips up Mr Bennet and sets the story up but as he continues to demand attention and act unruly at times he makes some other appearances even helping a bit when a search for missing persons becomes necessaryI enjoyed this story it was basically with little angst other than that search but even there help was found fairly uickly in the oddest place and from a very unlikely person That was a bit of things coming full circle in life

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Delighting Mrs Bennet A Pride and Prejudice Variation Marrying Elizabeth Book 2E the hero and heroine not only grow in their love for each other but also in their understanding of other family members then you'll enjoy this story about discovering that even the most trying relations are not so very trying when seen through the eyes of loveSo put the kettle on grab your copy of Delighting Mrs Bennet and join Darcy and Elizabeth on the second leg of their journey to happily ever after as they learn to see things from a different point of vie Liked it okayMs Brown is a good writer and I enjoy her stories I liked the first book in this series Confounding Caroline a little better than this one probably because it's always fun to read about nasty Caroline getting her comeuppance whereas this story focuses on the always annoying Mrs Bennet Darcy's puppy causes Mr Bennett to trip and break his leg while at Darcy House so the whole family is invited to stay at the house while he recovers Elizabeth is horrified by this idea but Darcy looks on it as an opportunity to further his good impression on her family and hopefully gain her affection The story is light sweet and clean Darcy has totally reformed and is bending over backwards to be Mr Nice Guy to Mrs Bennett and to help improve the prospects of Elizabeth's sisters There is a heavy focus on Lydia even though the next installment in this series is devoted to her I find her character annoying and she still has her stupid moments in this book Hopefully she matures somewhat in the next book because she is clearly destined for Colonel Fitzwilliam who I like and I can't respect his character if he ends up with a stupid silly girlThe addition of Dash the puppy is sweet and provides some comic moments with his very bad behavior He has an important role late in the story that is a little far fetched The young untrained pup is given powers of deduction similar to Lassie the famous collie in being able to communicate somehow his understanding of a dangerous situation It's cute but kind of sillyAs mentioned earlier Colonel Fitzwilliam seems drawn to Lydia and I can't really figure out why He loses some points in my estimation because Lydia is still the vulgar annoying self centered child she usually is in these stories I wish his regard to be based on something worthwhile so I hope her character improvesThe book is well done and I enjoyed it I recommend it