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Flowers in the Attic kindle ✓ eBook 9780743496315 ò Such wonderful children Such a beautiful mother Such a lovely house Such endless terrorIt wasn't that she didn't love her children She did But there was a fortune at stake—a fortune that would assure their later happiness if she could keep the children a secret from her dySuch wonderful children Such a beautiful mother Such a lovely house Such endless terrorIt wasn't that she didn't love her children She did But there was a fortune at stake a fortune that would assure their later happiness if she could keep the children a secret from her dyi These days I'm always hearing people opine Say what you want about Harry Potter at least it's getting kids to read Well you could make a very good argument that Flowers in the Attic did the same thing for a generation of pre teen girls When I was 12 everybody was sneaking this novel under the covers or behind their math books I remember a girl actually got in trouble for bringing it to free reading period in English class Seemed a little hypocritical to me since the whole idea of a free reading period was to instill reading for pleasure but whatever If I had a dime for every hypocrisy I witnessed in school I'd be writing this review from my villa in FranceWhile the incest angle of this story held undeniable appeal for me I have to say that it was really the premise that captured my attention The whole notion of a mother who hides her children away in an attic was fascinating to me I've always loved stories about people who are forced to survive in abnormal surroundings whether it's Anne Frank or Patty Hearst or Pocahontas The sick twisted conditions that the Dollanganger kids endured made for great reading especially as a preteen undergoing her own hellish circumstances Contrary to what a lot of other readers have said here it isn't just the sex that accounts for this book's popularitythe plot is also a strong point in its favorAlthough it's been many years since I've read this story its characters remain vivid This is definitely a sign that the author did something right I particularly enjoyed the two villians the glamorous narcissitic mother and the pious sadistic grandmother Looking back I still hate those bitches They were sort of like Godzilla vs Mothera Speaking of good storiesIt may seem like a small point but I remember enjoying the ballet angle of this book I loved how Cathy used to practice her ballet moves in the attic with the elaborate costumes her mother bought her I also remember how the bodice on one of them was too tight because dear old mom hadn't recognized that her daughter had developed breasts This scene may seem salacious to some but I actually appreciated it on a whole different level As a young girl venturing into adulthood I could really identify with Cathy's desire to be acknowledged as a young woman only to be treated like a little kidBelieve me I'm not saying this is a great work of geniusthe writing is so bad it's goodeven at 12 I laughed at expressions like Great golly lolly Still Flowers in the Attic is the literary euivalent of a Krispy Kreme doughnut It's delicious on the way down but its lingering effects are vaguely sickening Still that won't stop you from having anotherand anotheruntil the whole box is gone and you're left bloated and groaning on a smelly old mattress only to be raped by your brother Sorry I got my metaphors mixed there for a second Anyway taken in the right spirit Flowers in the Attic is a decent read especially when you're being force fed rubbish like My Brother Sam is Dead and Where the Red Fern Grows Get thee behind me sixth grade

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Ng fatherSo she and her mother hid her darlings away in an unused atticJust for a little whileBut the brutal days swelled into agonizing years Now Cathy Chris and the twins wait in their cramped and helpless world stirred by adult dreams adult desires served a meager susten If loving the Flowers In The Attic series is wrong then I don't want to be right

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Flowers in the AtticAnce by an angry superstitious grandmother who knows that the Devil works in dark and devious ways Sometimes he sends children to do his work children who one by one must be destroyed'Way upstairs there are four secrets hidden Blond beautiful innocent struggling to stay ali With the novel that put VC Andrews on the map—and set the book reading world aflutter—this piece seeks to explore the darkest and most seedy side of familial interactions and the extend to which blood can blind when placed in front of an extreme moral code The Dollanganger family are living a wonderful life two loving parents and four well behaved children—Chris Cathy Cory and Carrie When news comes that the patriarch has died in a fiery crash changes must be made A slew of letters go out seeking assistance though the replies are slow When Mother receives word from her own parents that she and the children may come to Virginia the entire Dollanganger brood are overjoyed However there are certain stipulations As Mother was tossed out of her childhood home and disinherited she must hide the children away until she can convince her father to write her back into the will And he knows nothing of the children and can never be made aware With all four children baffled about these strict rules they are forced to accept that their mother knows best Upon arriving at this old mansion the children are introduced to their grandmother who is as steely as she was made out to be The children are locked in a room on the upper floor forced to remain uiet so as not to make their presence known to anyone Receiving food once a day these children must follow a regimen that includes highly moralistic rules and strong biblical teachings The one night they are to be stashed away becomes a week a month and then than a year Chris and Cathy mature into young adulthood and become the surrogate parents to their younger twins Trying to find a way out they discover that this prison is one worse than they could have imagined With the wickedness only increasing and their mother beginning to plot out her own life winning her parents over after a scandalous union that saw her banished fifteen years ago these children learn that they will have to fend for themselves Hormones coursing through them and blood boiling at the deception they faced it is time to take action or remain wilting flowers in this gloomy attic forever Chilling and graphic at times Andrews has me hooked and wanting to know Recommended to the reader who has heard all about these pieces or remembers them from when they were released but likely not a good book for readers who cannot stomach some odd inter familial behavioursI knew little of the book before I began reading it save that VC Andrews presented a high impact incestuous storyline throughout However as scandalous as it sounds the reader may better understand this underlying thread once they are able to explore the novel and series a little deeper The characters come to life on the page particularly the narration through the eyes of Cathy As the surrogate mother the reader is able to see her enter a forced maturity from the apple of her father’s eye to fending for herself while protecting her younger siblings Chris has the same maturation though he presents as a little standoffish before an intoxication with power which some readers may justify while others condemn strongly Other strong and supporting characters help fuel the cruel undertone of the piece including The Grandmother and the children’s mother herself giving the reader a sobering look at the extent to which some will exact their own moralistic code in order to keep some in line Other readers may see an ongoing vapidity in these two out of touch with what children need to foster strong and healthy characters The story was surely disturbing on many levels though I cannot see the extreme scandal in today’s open mined society as would have been present in the late 1970s and early 80s Surely as the book is deemed “Young Adult Horror” those who read the book at the time have grown as I have to better understand some of the literary and societal nuances not grasped at the time Not to say that this is condoned behaviour taken out of context I would like to read the rest of the series to see what is to come but must wrestle with my TBR pile in order to give it the time it deservesKudos Madam Andrews for a fabulous and surely memorable opening novel in this series I will return to see how these flowers grow and what blossoms emerge This book fulfils Topic #2Remember in the Euinox #6 Reading ChallengeLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge