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review Flatland A Romance of Many Dimensions Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ This masterpiece of science and mathematical fiction is a delightfully uniue and highly entertaining satire that has charmed readers for than 100 years The work of English clergyman educator and Shakespearean scholar Edwin A Abbott 1838 1926 itEn thin straight lines are the lowliest of shapes and where men may have any number of sides depending on their social statusThrough strange occurrences that bring him into contact with a host of geometric forms Suare has adventures in Spaceland three dimensions Lineland one dimension and Pointland no dimensions and ultimately entertains thoughts of visiting. This book should not be read in hopes of finding an entertaining story As a novel it's terrible It's plot if you can call it that is simple and contrived But it wasn't written as a novelFlatland is a mathematical essay meant to explain a point that higher dimensions than length depth and width may be present in our universe but if they are it will be nearly impossible for us to understand themThe story itself consists of a two dimensional world Flatland in which there are people of assorted shapes These shapes live regular lives just as we do The protagonist a suare is visited by a sphere which tries to explain to him the existence of a third dimension This proves difficult though because to the suare in flatland the sphere appears to be nothing than a circle that can expand contract disappear and reappearIn the course of the explanation the book also describes Lineland a one dimensional world where the inhabitants would also have trouble understanding dimensions above their ownThis book's excellence lies in the way it takes a complex topic and breaks it down into a metaphor that can be easily understood It argues uite well that if there is a fourth dimension it probably isn't timeThis book isn't one that will win wide spread acclaim from the general reading community For those of us who enjoy higher math though it's excellent

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A land of four dimensions a revolutionary idea for which he is returned to his two dimensional world Charmingly illustrated by the author Flatland is not only fascinating reading it is still a first rate fictional introduction to the concept of the multiple dimensions of space Instructive entertaining and stimulating to the imagination Mathematics Teacher. “I used to be a renegade I used to fool around But I couldn't take the punishment and had to settle down Now I'm playing it real straight and yes I cut my hair You might think I'm crazy but I don't even care Because I can tell what's going onIt's hip to be suare”Huey Lewis And The News Hip To Be SuareAccording to IMDB several film adaptations have been made of Flatland but no blockbusting Pixar DreamWorks extravaganza just yet If they do make one I can’t imagine a appropriate theme song than the above Huey Lewis And The News number Flatland is set in a two dimensional world and narrated in the first person by a suare or “A Suare” as appears on the original edition’s book cover In the first half of the book Suare gives us a tour of his world where women are straight lines and if you are symmetrical the sides you have the better This means that circles are the elite of this society because they are really polygons with zillions of super tiny sides Irregular polygons are abominations and isosceles are plebeians Special laws are applied to women because they are capable of accidentally stabbing people to death due to their pointiness Use of colours is banned because they can be used as disguises How these geometric persons move around without legs is deliberately left unexplained with a bit of lampshading The second half of the book tells the remarkable story of Suare’s adventures in lands of different dimensions one three and even zero no trip to the fourth dimension though; no time probably Guided by an enigmatic Sphere who seems to have popped up out of nowhere and who Suare initially mistook to be a circle these trips to other planes of existence enables Suare to not only think outside the box but to introduce him to the existence of boxes This was a steep learning curve for him but he adapts like a champ and becomes a rounded individual because of it Flatland is a very odd novella it is part allegory part satire part geometry lessons part spec fic I generally avoid reading geometry books because they are full of problems I don’t want to consider screw the hypotenuse man However for Flatland I don’t mind making an exception for once I find the flat characters entirely acceptable and even find the apparently rounded character to be arrogant and clearly obtuse in their outlook if not in appearance The satirical look at the class system makes this all too real issue painfully acute One thing that blows my mind a bit is that prior to reading the book I visualized it as a story of different geometric shapes moving around going about their business However the denizens of the Flatland cannot actually see these different shapes As the Suare or Edwin Abbott Abbott mentions early in the book you have to imagine looking at these shapes with your line of sight on the same level as their surface Mr Abbott explains it very clearly as follows “Place a penny on the middle of one of your tables in Space; and leaning over it look down upon it It will appear a circle But now drawing back to the edge of the table gradually lower your eye thus bringing yourself and into the condition of the inhabitants of Flatland and you will find the penny becoming and oval to your view and at last when you have placed your eye exactly on the edge of the table so that you are as it were actually a Flatlander the penny will then have ceased to appear oval at all and will have become so far as you can see a straight line”So all they really ever see is straight lines of different lengths however they can distinguish the different geometrical shapes by hearing by touch done by the working class only and by sight with the aid of fog for estimating depths different angles appear to fade differently into fog In the one dimensional Lineland everybody looks like a point and sideways movement is impossible; as for the zero dimensional Pointland there is only one denizen and he is weirdI really enjoyed Flatland it is bizarre and thought provoking; it definitely gave me a new perspective on life The treatment of women may seem a little sexist but EA Abbott is perhaps satirizing sexism rather than perpetuating it I definitely recommend you read Flatland before you flatlineNotes• Audiobook credit Wonderfully read for Librovox ie free by Ruth Golding link • There are uite a few diagrams scattered over the book drawn by AbbottX2 himself they illustrate the geometrical concepts nicely These should be in all editions as they are intrinsic to the story• There is one error in the book where Suare mentions a cellar “So I endeavoured to reassure her by some story invented for the occasion that I had accidentally fallen through the trap door of the cellar and had there lain stunned” You can't have a bloody cellar if you only have two dimensions and you can’t “fall through” anything• Another error I think is the existence of cupboards in Flatland If there is no depth or verticality you can't have cupboards• The 3D world is called Spaceland it is not our world Their most popular singer is probably Britney Sphere ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°• I initially thought this book was a collaboration between two abbots uotesYet even in our best regulated and most approximately Circular families I cannot say that the ideal of family life is so high as with you in Spaceland There is peace in so far as the absence of slaughter may be called by that nameIn a word to comport oneself with perfect propriety in Polygonal society one ought to be a Polygon oneself Such at least is the painful teaching of my experienceDoubtless the life of an Irregular is hard; but the interests of the Greater Number reuire that it shall be hard If a man with a triangular front and a polygonal back were allowed to exist and to propagate a still Irregular posterity what would become of the arts of lifeYou who are blessed with shade as well as light you who are gifted with two eyes endowed with a knowledge of perspective and charmed with the enjoyment of various colours you who can actually SEE an angle and contemplate the complete circumference of a circle in the happy region of the Three Dimensions—how shall I make clear to you the extreme difficulty which we in Flatland experience in recognizing one another's configuration Hipster Suare

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Flatland A Romance of Many DimensionsThis masterpiece of science and mathematical fiction is a delightfully uniue and highly entertaining satire that has charmed readers for than 100 years The work of English clergyman educator and Shakespearean scholar Edwin A Abbott 1838 1926 it describes the journeys of A Suare sic – ed a mathematician and resident of the two dimensional Flatland where wom. A curious little novella about a man a two dimensional world thinking literally out of the box First he explains his world in which the angles you have the higher social status you have in Flatland Circles being the highest rank He meets someone from Lineland one dimensional who is incapable of understanding Flatland and he meets Sphere from Spaceland three dimenions and he is able himself to comprehend the difference between up and North However Sphere cannot extrapolate to 4 dimensions and when the protagonist returns to Flatland and tries to explain Spaceland he is imprisoned as a heretic The text is a social criticism on the rigid thinking of hierarchal social ranks the dogmatism and often anti scientific bent of religion and also has a feminist bent to it as well A fascinating and mind bending little book that has not aged a day after almost a century and a half