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doc ↠ Happier in her Friends than Relations ½ moneyexpresscard Û In this angsty fusion of two of Jane Austen’s most beloved novels Pride Prejudice and Sense Sensibility the actions of their sisters cause challenging chain reactions for one of literature’s most celebrated couples Fitzwilliam Darcy is fIster Georgiana’s ill fated elopement in Ramsgate while his friend Charles Bingley is persuaded to abandon his scheme of renting Netherfield Park Elizabeth Bennet journeys to London to recover her spirits after Jane’s unexpected marriage changes the sisters’ relationship forever and the consolation of the There’s an awful lot of blood around that water is thicker than Mignon McLaughlinElizabeth Bennet believed her sister Jane was her closest friend until that is Jane accepted a proposal from the odious Mr CollinsElizabeth begged Jane to reconsider No consideration would come from Jane who verbally abused Elizabeth Their friendship was finishedFamily uarrels are bitter things They don’t go by any rules They’re not like aches or wounds; they’re like splits in the skin that won’t heal because there’s not enough material F Scott FitzgeraldAfter the wedding Elizabeth resides temporarily with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner In London she attends a ball and meets Charles Bingley and Fitzwilliam Darcy Both men are intrigued with her Bingley actively begins pursuing herDarcy’s life doesn’t allow him to show any interest He has married his cousin Anne seeking a solution to Georgiana’s situation He returns to his family at PemberleyThrough her acuaintance with Bingley Elizabeth meets the former Colonel Fitzwilliam now the Viscount and his sister Lady Rebecca Rebecca immediately becomes a close friendFriends are God’s apology for relations Hugh KingsmillCharacters from Sense and Sensibility have major roles in the book Marianne Brandon becomes another close friend to Elizabeth I loved Mrs Jennings’ part in the book – and her relationship to Lady CatherineThe author makes a nod to several of Austen’s books We also meet some only slightlyThe Parker family from SanditonMiss Elliot and her father from PersuasionMrs Grant Mr Mrs Crawford Miss Crawford and Edmund Bertram from Mansfield ParkMr Elton George and John Knightley the Woodhouse sisters Frank Churchill and Robert Martin family from EmmaI read this originally as it posted WIP at a fan fiction site When I began the published edition I had thought to just skim through to remember details before writing a review I found instead that I was as caught up in the story the second time as during the original This is a long complex tale with a Happy Ending for all the characters who deserve one Some story lines are unresolved The author intends to begin posting a seuel I for one will be watching for itFriends are relatives you make for yourself Eustache Deschamps

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In this angsty fusion of two of Jane Austen’s most beloved novels Pride Prejudice and Sense Sensibility the actions of their sisters cause challenging chain reactions for one of literature’s most celebrated couples Fitzwilliam Darcy is faced with a family crisis of epic proportions after the fallout of his s With almost 600 pages this is a long read and drags at times mostly towards the end It also needs some proofreading It is a story of several families than just one but as the stories intertwine and families also intermarry you need to keep track of just who is who You may also find yourself smiling as names from all of Jane Austen's published and one unfinished novel pop up except for Northanger Abbey The author does have a different marriage for Fanny Price so be aware of that Marianne Brandon nee Dashwood is a widow and has moved into Netherfield along with Elinor and Edward Ferrars So Bingley does not show up as a marriage prospect for Jane obviouslyat least not at the beginning of this taleJane is completely opposite in her character and the story begins with her accepting Mr Collins' proposal Her relationship with Elizabeth is hateful mean and spiteful Anything she can do or say to put E down or to attempt to push her into relationships or situations which are uncomfortable or degrading is how she acts Darcy's family situation is dire at the beginning He marries his cousin Anne to protect Georgiana He does meet Elizabeth while at a ball to which he was dragged while in London Elizabeth is there as a cousin Emily related through Aunt Gardiner has brought her along Charles Bingley is strongly attracted to Elizabeth but again his sister manipulates him and drags him off and thus Elizabeth realizes that any marriage with him would include a third party his sister While in London Elizabeth has also meet Rebecca Fitzwilliam sister to Robert and Richard The oldest brother is deceased and thus Richard is in line to inherit the title Those three play a significant part in this story Rebecca is a matchmaker along with Mrs Jennings SS who is often at odds with another relative Lady Catherine Lady Catherine is another character who undergoes a transformation in this storybut only after some part played in Mr Collins' demise There is just too much going on to mention it all here but it was interesting and kept my attention for the most part This is the second time I am reading this as I read it last year as an unpublished novel on AHA and could not post a review at that timeI would have liked an epilogue especially as there is a uestion about Marianne Brandon's ability to procreate and I always like to read of ODC's offspring The future for Georgiana was left unresolved and as events in her life played such an important part in this story I thought we should know if she ever married or moved away from Pemberley

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Happier in her Friends than Relations Friends & Relations Book 1 Gardiners proves insufficient The bonds of friendship offer Elizabeth a lifeline after a series of tragic events causes her to fear for her future The support she receives from her new neighbor Marianne Brandon and snarky socialite Lady Rebecca Fitzwilliam prove she is truly happier in her friends than relations In this Pride and Prejudice variation Jane is somewhat evil I wanted to type something else but that will do Elizabeth learns after Jane accepts Mr Collins that kind Jane was a show and that she should learn her place In an attempt to find her place in the world she visits London to stay with her aunt and uncle and has the pleasure to meet all kinds of people Bingley Darcy and the Fitzwilliam family Elizabeth must learn what she wants from life who her true friends are and how to trust and how to love The whole crew must lean on each other to find their happily ever aftersThe author also does an interesting job of adding in many of Jane Austen's other characters