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He asked me to love him so I engraved his name onto my heartHe craved my loyalty so I l 5 CROWNED starOMFG This is EVERYTHING AND SO MUCH MORE This is dark and twisted and it's suck your black soul and never give it backCrowned by Fate is the second book in Crowned Duet It can’t be read as a standalone You need to read Crowned by Hate first It is a dark romance with thriller and crime elements We can read this story in different timeline from Bryant and Isa’s POV Isa is powerfull as the first book She is a real fighter And Bryant ❤️ He is clever protector and the most dominant man who I know I’m fall in love with him I’m really excited for them I want them to be happy but I knew this was not going to be easy I cried a lot It was a feeling like when you can't breathe

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Crowned by Fate Crowned #2He lines between what was real and what wasn’t were blurredOur story was a lieUntil n „In the end all that matters is who made it with you” If after reading Crowned by Hate your mind was blown away then be prepared that after Crowned by Fate absolutely nothing will be left of it The mindgame Amo pulled in this book has drained all of my brain cells After the stunt Jones pulled at the end of book #1 in the Crowned Duet I was very curious how this story will unfold But what I have just read? It’s indescribable I felt like I was thrown in the middle of the escape house Pure insanityIf you liked Isa in the previous book then you will pay homage to her in this one She's a real rebel ueen Though as nails courageous not bowing down to anyone Even in moments when her whole life was at crossroads she dealt with everything with her head held high I love this badass in LouboutinsBryant doubled everything he was before He's dangerous ruthless and sexy His commanding nature radiates from the pages and immediately forces you into submission This guy is the embodiment of a bad boy in a good suit with a nice splash of kinkTheir story is like a tornado which effects you cannot predict After a moment of rotating there may come either calmness or complete destruction Both Isa and Bryant have very strong personalities and they clash like no other couple But they love just as hard and the power of their feelings passes through every messed up situation Their connection is exceptional and the passion they share is out of this world I love these two something fierceConclusion to the Crowned Duet was worth every second of the wait Amo answered all the uestions cleared up all the mysteries and at the same time took me on the ride of my life and showed such an epic love story that I want to cry from happiness I devoured this book in one sitting and I wasn’t able to put it down even for a second There are so many twists and turns that my head is still spinning I have no idea what kind of black magic Jones practices but her words are completely addictive Her stories are always uniue and captivating Crowned by Fate is just another proof of it

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Download Book Ü Crowned by Fate Crowned #2 ë Amo jones Ë He asked me to love him so I engraved his name onto my heartHe craved my loyalty so I let him feast on my soulI wanted a husband but he gave me a monster So I made it my petThe lines between what was real and what wasn’t were blurredOur story was a lieUntEt him feast on my soulI wanted a husband but he gave me a monster So I made it my petT She will steal the floor out from under you She will shatter your heart and leave you broken She will completely turn everything you think you know upside down And as you are cursing her out in your head you will know that you truly love the toture she is making you endure The ueen of dark and twisted romance brings this duet full circle and you’ll never be the sameIsa is not gone She was lost inside her mind Everyone abandoned her thinking she was gone forever Our girl is back and she’s ready to fightBryant is the man we love to hate That’s not going to change until we know the truth His road to redemption will be an uphill battleThe chemistry is about as hot as it gets between Isa and Bryant Even when they hate each other their attraction sizzles A connection decided by fate can’t be denied by hatredSo many twists I can’t even begin to untangle A love so deeply rooted nothing can destroy it Some family that will betray you but other’s that will step up and stand by youThe angst may just kill you So many secrets my head was spinning Don’t try and guess what the author has planned You’ll never expect the ride you are about to takeBuckle the eff up It’s a bumpy ride