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Guardian Angel Free read È 102 ´ New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood takes breathless sensuality to thrilling heights in this unforgettable adventure of passion and intrigue The Emerald flew across the seas carrying the pirate Pagan despised by the ton whose riches he plundered and beloved by the poor whose plight was eased by his giftsThNew York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood takes breathless sensuality to thrilling heights in this unforgettable adventure of passion and intrigue The Emerald flew across the seas carrying the pirate Pagan despised by the ton whose riches he plundered and beloved by the poor whose plight was eased by his. 25 stars What can I say I found the entire story a little too Everyone is either roaring bellowing or wailing through most of the story There is no middle ground between those three I'm surprised no one's head fell off from all the 'crystal shaking' 'wall trembling' tantrums RME The constant uick jumps from different range of emotions is really hard to follow and so hammy It doesn't translate well One minute a person is bellowing their demand the next line they are smiling tenderly with happy tears WTF And Garwood seriously couldn't find another word to express anguish with Jade besides wailing Ugh Why The dialogue was the most tiring one dimensional thing of all with it's repetitiveness and operatic style This read very much like a campy over the top bad soap opera Parts that were supposed to be funny and 'aw isn't that sweet' were so silly and obnoxious Especially in regards to the heroine Shrieking is not cute and it will never be cute Also why does every person's name have to be repeated at the end of every line in the dialogue Drove me insane I know who is talking to who there is no need to insert their name SMH It came off very unrealistic I had a hard time buying the heroine Jade as a sea surfing pillaging pirate Besides picking locks this girl came across like a sheltered haughty naive 15 year old who was very uick to take offense It took her hours to realize she was shot and refused to be looked at by a doctor and couldn't comprehend the idea of recovery She didn’t understand why Cain was trying to cover their tracks when they were being followed loosing a trail was a complete foreign concept to her Shouldn’t a pirate know these things Through half of this she puts on a show of being a timid silly sheltered gentle lady to fool Caine The problem was I wasn't at all convinced it was an act She's huffy and demands an apology for every single thing through the entire story Girl get off it Caine as a hero didn't impress me either I found him flat and ridiculous at times with the overly macho alpha behavior He was just like every stereotypical bodice ripper hero you could imagine with the sexist patronizing beliefs I don't mind alpha jerks but it got to be too much in here and just eye roll inducing He's going 'you will be mine' one DAY after meeting Jade and pretty much forces her hand into marriage Meh Wasn't feeling any of it And was the endearment baby used in English peerage in the 1800s I highly doubt it I found this idiosyncrasy entirely out of place and so distractingThe villain in this was even laughable I will have those letters Jade They are my proof to the world of all glorious feats I've accomplished No one's going to deny me now No one In years to come the world will realize what my Tribunal was able to accomplish We could have ruled England if I had chosen to continue with my work Oh yes I will have the letters back They will be kept in a safe place until the time is right to reveal my genuis Seriously LOL I just can't I'm new to Julie Garwood and she seems to be a favorite among many I've heard her heroines are not for everyone and I'm beginning to see why If an author has the habit of writing shrewish childish insufferable heroines then see ya I'm OUT and from what I've gathered this seems to be a scary pattern which isn't very encouraging But besides that the writing for me severely lacks in depth and range Emotions go from 0 to 100 in a heartbeat with no nuance or finesse The characters come across like cartoons rather than living breathing characters with zero dimension Meh No thanks

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GiftsThe Maruess of Cainewood vows to hunt down the pirate wretch in revenge for his brother's death But when Jade an enchanting vision of rippling red hair and eyes of jewel green appears at his door to beg desperately for his protection the Maruess agrees to keep her safe from the villains who want her dead. 425 staaaaaaarrrrrrsssThis is the second book in the Crown's Spies series by Julie Garwood that focuses on the men and in a few cases women who served as British spies in the early 1800's This book focuses on the man known in his files as The Hunter The Maruess of CainewoodCaine is out for revenge and he will stop at nothing to get it His younger brother also in the employ of the crown unbeknownst to Caine until recently was killed and the pirate Pagan is responsible To gain his retribution Caine has doubled the price on Pagan's head sought out any former associates that might be able to tell him where to find this notorious pirate and has used the very persuasive techniues he learned as a spy to try to gain information as to where he can find this vigilante but so far he has come up empty Thus he has decided to employ a new tactic pretend to be Pagan to draw him out of hiding Caine believes his plan will succeed and he is awaiting the arrival of the real Pagan when a young woman stumbles into the seedy tavern freuented by sailors and general riff raff and asks Pagan to help her She is prepared to pay him and she shows him the coins she has but wants his assurance that he will carry out her reuested service She wants him to kill herCaine is floored when the beautiful woman who calls herself Jade asks him to kill her When he inuires as to why she tells him that she is being sought by villains as she witnessed the murder of a gentleman and those who perpetrated the crime will not be kind in disposing of her As taking her own life is a sin she decided that the best way to deal with her problem is to hire a pirate to end it for her Obviously Caine does not agree to fulfill her reuest and instead insists that he can protect her from those who seek to do her harm which is exactly what Jade knew he would do In fact she was counting on it as she read his file with the war department and learned that he is a protector by nature who always employs a methodical process to carry out his orders While there really is someone after Jade there is also someone after Caine and Jade has promised to protect him Fully aware that Caine would never accept protection from anyone much less a woman she pretends to be scatterbrained helpless and uick to tears to gain his sympathies and his assistance which gives her the opportunity to stay near him and keep him safe from traitors to the crown who want to keep him from finding out the truth about his brother's killer In order to keep Jade safe Caine must use all of his skills as a hunter to find those responsible and while he isn't buying her damsel in distress act he can't control the feelings that drive him to want to keep her safe and with him always But there are secrets Caine doesn't know about and people who want to keep it that way bent on silencing him and Jade Can Caine truly keep her safe from harm Will Jade be able to trust him to keep his word not to leave her as every man in her life has from as far back as she can recall And if so when Caine learns the truth will it all be for naughtWhat I liked Caine was the kind of H you want to protect you definitely swoon worthy and thankfully the rake angle wasn't overplayed The ancillary characters were fun and definitely created interest in the reader to hear their stories in the upcoming series installments Opportunity to revisit the mcs from book 1 STEAMY goodnessWhat I didn't like as much While I enjoy a strong female meaning one who doesn't cower in the corner or faint at the earliest sign of trouble Jade was a little over the top at times for me she could have dialed that back a little and not been as stubborn imo A couple of plot points seemed extraneous especially about the relationship with Caine and his stepmother didn't seem to really add to the storyOverall a solid read with all of the elements I most enjoy likeable characters mysteryintrigueaction a fast moving story line and a satisfying HEAPlot 4255Main Characters 45Supporting Cast 455Steam Level 45Violence nothing graphicLanguage not egregiousPOV 3rdNote that steam level is not a rating so much as a how hot was it 05 clean; 15 mild; 25 sensual but nothing descriptive; 35 now we're getting somewhere; 45 yes please ; 55 they did EVERYTHING in this one y'all

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Guardian AngelJade is infuriating exasperating and gorgeous; Caine is noble strong willed and powerful No woman has ever befuddled him so nor so deeply aroused his desire But as Jade answers his knowing caresses with an innocent wild abandon they are drawn into a web of treachery that will test the very heart of their love. MAGNIFICENT LOVE STORYLady Jade is a Pirate and Cain is a Maruess son of a Duke Cain is also a spy for the the British Government These two characters make a perfect couple The romance is sizzling hot funny and full of intrigue All of MsGarwoods characters are very well developed and rich in character The story is very well put together and will hold your attention from beginning to end The Crown Spies series just gets better and better Guardian Angle was just as good as bk1 The Lion's LadyI first read this entire series about 4yrs ago and on this second time around it was even better I highly recommend Guardian Angle You won't be disappointed