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Download Magica (Mystica - Fantasy Intrigue #1) Book ✓ 140 pages ó Moneyexpresscard ¶ Magic is almost gone from the world of Mystica Few in fact even know the paranormal existsRufus Lanus counts among those who do He discovered he could manipulate metal with his mind when he accidMagic is almost gone from the world of Mystica Few in fact even know the paranormal existsRufus Lanus counts among those who do He discovered he could manipulate metal with his mind when he accidentally caused a spike to penetrate his mother’s skull Seen as a freak and abandoned by his father due to his gift he joined a band of thieves and gained the wrong kind of attention by robbing a merchant whose locks were famously secure He almost lost his freedom Anonymity has its disadvantages Now married in his early twenties Rufus lives in the slums and works as a dung hauler Dreary as honest life proves things get worse when his wife Patricia shows signs that point to pregnancy The o I received this eARC from the author in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of this book in any way Obligatory Summary Rufus is an ex thief whose beloved wife is dying of a mysterious and seemingly incurable disease Nothing he does stays the symptoms as she deteriorates away before his eyes And when a high class doctor arrives with news that a cure exists Rufus is willing to do anything to save his love But the doctor reuires him to do one heist against his dying wife's wedding reuest that he give up thievery foreverNothing is what it seems though Greater elements are at play and a war between the races of the world hinges on the mysterious stones he is reuired to take The Writing I have to be honest here I hated the writing Its diction and syntax are needlessly pretentious and often downright incorrect The author was clearly going for a Shakespearean Middle English merged with Latin style but what resulted was extreme use of passive speech unnatural sounding phrases a lack of articles a an the and pronouns and I could go on It was maddening to read because if I skimmed for one sentence I'd be completely lost When the time came for massive plot twists I was and still am very confused as to what really happened It wasn't a problem with my comprehension level because I can read the King James Bible and actual Shakespeare and understand it very wellThe dialogue for a certain character who is supposed to be a foreigner did not feel true to what someone coming from another language would struggle with He dropped entire words irregularly and rarely rearranged grammar rules or mispronounced based on unshared vowel or consonant sounds which is the most common mistakes non native speakers make It felt like he was speaking through radio static rather than a living breathing foreignerAnother issue I had was the stereotypical roles men and women held during the course of the story There are very few characters in this approx 6 men and 4 women and every single woman without exception exhibited some form of tired female stereotype I am not someone who is offended by damsels in distress but when no female characters have an ounce of backbone and the men are constantly rescuing protecting and presiding over them it really starts to get on my nervesThe first two women to be introduced are both sleeping and being gazed at lovingly by their male companions In separate scenes The first doesn't come back until the very end of the book and the second is either sleeping or giving sage advice for the entirety of the story She never once contributes other than to reassure our protagonist constantly The third female character is a weird witch lady who has one sceneview spoiler and promptly dies hide spoiler

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Where nothing is what it seems Along the way he faces the past that haunts him and prepares to rob the most powerful men in the city So be it too if he must confront the very demigods who failed to protect his race He’ll shake the gods themselves from their thrones if need beHe will do whatever it takes to save the woman he loves regardless the cost to himself or others no matter the impact his actions have on the world as a whole Magica a Fantasy novella is the first entry in the Mystica series Each story in the series is a stand alone very personal in nature and full of mystery and intrigue Collectively the books reveal what happens to a world when magic becomes a fifth eleme One thing I don't like about fantasy novels is the creation of language in them It's confusing; what is this word suppose to mean sort of thing The author here uses a sort of Spartacus Ancient Rome  language of speech and description of the people and places most of which can be figured out with a bit of thoughtThe story itself is obviously the start of something bigger a book within a larger series A man a reformed thief desperate to save his wife agrees to steal the medicine that is needed to save her Of course things don't go as planned   The doctor who promises Rufus that he can save his wife's life has an agenda of his own and the man he is working for also has an agenda in which Rufus plays a partWith the language created or in this case actually it's Latin and thus the sentence structuring around the language this book can be difficult to lose yourself in That's not to say it's not a good book with an interesting plot and intriguing world building As with a lot of fantasy novels there are gods involved and as the title of the book suggests Magic It will be interesting to see this series develop

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Magica Mystica Fantasy Intrigue #1 Ne friend he and she have is Matilda a midwife rud to be a witch who believes Patricia pregnant as well Unfortunate events lead to a dark mystery and a dangerous uest There is however no baby coming Patricia's condition worsens and puts her at death’s door Helpless Rufus prays to the gods Lo and behold a true medic appears at his door late one night rather mysterious and eccentric His examination reveals Patricia has an arcane disease She has mere weeks unless treated with an endangered herb In order to obtain it Rufus must return to crime and go on a uest fraught with danger and too many unknowns What would you do to save the person you love most? Rufus plunges into a labyrinth Got the ARC from the author for a review and took me some time to complete a relatively small book The GoodAt its core the plot is that of a heist or two I love books where the underdog has a few tricks up his sleeve to beat the big bad villain Hence a heist with an underdog as the thief is doubly enjoyable I also enjoyed Rufus's character building and his way of speaking which is so different from those he grew up around Brutus' character is also likeable especially after the poignant lines at the end The UnderdevelopedAfter reading the prologue you get the sense of continent level conflict with huge armies and multiple races I was completely wowed by the prologue However from the first chapter the book focuses on the personal tragedy of a single person family and never really moves on to the stage that was set at the start The closing paragraphs of the book allude to grander adventures but it is too little too late The villain's character was dark but again lacking depth It was a very interesting character and the author could have delved into the past to create a grater flavor the events to come In fact most characters suffer the same fate and so does the plot The BadLanguage I loved how the author merges Latin words and phrases with everyday English While it slows down the reading speed it is a good break from the Wham Bam style of writing in most of the action oriented fantasy books that come out these days What I found jarring was the slang or the language of the uneducated people In many places the dialogues shift from overly Latinized sentences to the worst accented and broken language and back again This makes it very difficult to read and I was put off by the lack of balance ConclusionThe title of the book and the description promise a lot Mystica is a world that has huge potential but the book does not do justice to the potential One can only hope that the second book is considerably deeper in terms of plot character development and world building For language enthusiasts the use of Latin will be a big attraction point sans the proofing errors but it alone cannot carry a multi book series