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READ Ç Some Part of Me is You À Alison has been in her brother's indie rock band Right Turn since she was a teenager Right as she's about to graduate college and will have to start making real decisions about her future there comes an offer for them to go on a small tour with pop country sensation Kristen Nichols who is looking to make serious changesNichols who is looking to make serious changes to her sound and image and believes touring with indie darlings Right Turn will give the new 'her' credibility Kristen Nichols is the embodiment of everything about the music industry that Ali scoffs at but she's offering them a. This is a good oneYou never know what you will get with a kU book so when you come across a good one it makes it even better This definitely one of those books And though there are some editing error and maybe other little things like no sex which is not a deal breaker for me it is a solid book All the characters involved were well written but the two MCs Kristen and Alison were very well done This book did remind me a bit of Playing the Role of Herself not the same level 5 but the tone felt similiar except this was told from Alison POV in third person The story is about Right Turn Chicago band who is picked to open for pop princess who is reinventing herself K Nic It's a really sweet book and fun to read I recommend it

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N affordable real tour and that's very hard to say no to Putting up with a pop princess for a summer is a price worth paying or so Ali thinks before she actually meets Kristen 'K Nic' does absolutely nothing for her but Kristen Nichols in person Yeah that's a different story. Awesome story I absolutely loved this story The characters are well developed and fun to read I enjoyed watching Kristen and Ali dance around each other There are some great line in the story that have highlights to them If what I understood from the author notes in the back this is her debut full length novel then I’ll be definitely watching for from her If you didn’t gather it yet I would recommend this book to others

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Some Part of Me is YouAlison has been in her brother's indie rock band Right Turn since she was a teenager Right as she's about to graduate college and will have to start making real decisions about her future there comes an offer for them to go on a small tour with pop country sensation Kristen. I haven't really reviewed anything inwell foreverbecause my life has a different shape to it these days but I stumbled across this in Kindle Unlimited a first book written by a new author with not a lot of reviews and I just felt compelled to signal boost it before it disappears into the back pages of 's library Because it's good Very goodSo as mentioned in the blurb this is a romance between two musicians which I found to be a nice switch from the usual rock star falls in love with single mom or rock star reunites with childhood crush story lines The characters are both in their twenties with Alison around 24 and Kristen 28 so it's kind of a new adult title The tension between them mostly comes from the fact that the protagonist this is third person limited locked into Alison's perspective is semi successful on a local label but her love interest is basically Taylor Swift That power dynamic creates a lot of space for insecurity and doubt to pop up on both sides and the fact that they meet while touring together adds a ticking clock to the relationship which creates suspense without ever feeling overwrought While I would've preferred alternating perspectives and the pacing was a little slow in parts I really appreciated how three dimensional all of the characters felt and how realistic given the circumstances the problems they faced were Rather than having some third act plot device blow up the relationship in an explosion of melodrama there was a time bomb ticking under the table that was established fairly early in the story; it was effective plottingThat said the ending left me a little wanting While there was a happy ending or at least a HFN depending on your level of cynicism I needed a bit resolution for some of the issues that had been raised; I needed to see how it could work practically speaking To be fair though that's probably because I'm an 11 out of 10 on an emotional neediness scale and their best case scenario would never have worked for me but it didn't appear to be a problem for either of the leads so who knows Probably fine for well adjusted readersIn any case after finishing the book on Kindle Unlimited I immediately went back to and bought it Not a big sacrifice given it was less than 2 USD but I would've paid for it because I know I'll read it again This was a feel good story with a tone that reminded me a little of The Blind Side of Love which is high praise from me Did I find this book to be uite as compelling as The Blind Side of Love No partly due to the fact that I only saw half of the story as a result of the fixed perspective and partly because the humor wasn't uite as sharp the angst not uite as intense but I genuinely liked the cast of characters and enjoyed every minute I spent with the book The chemistry between the leads was there in spades the premise for the book held my interest from cover to cover and it was clear that the author did her research with regard to the music scene This book was a real treat and I hope it finds its audienceIf you have Kindle Unlimited this is absolutely one to read If you don't it's a steal at its current price425 stars if you're as fixated on alternating perspectives as I am45 stars if you're not