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Black Snake Author Leo Kennedy is the great grandson of Sergeant Michael Kennedy Raised in the shadow of his great grandfather’s murder Leo witnessed the deep psychological wounds inflicted on successive generations of his family – and the families of other victims – as the Ned Kelly myth grew aro What a book I loved it This book is well written and an amazing read It is nice to finally have two sides to the historymyth of Ned Kelly and his Kelly Gang and an explanation to their actions and major events in historyFor years we have been told and shown about Ned Kelly through movies books and stories but Leo Kennedy brings another side to the Ned Kelly mythstory He delivers well researched facts and information but also a direct family link to the story He does not hide this link nor push it on the reader He brings a clear explanation to look and understand from the other side It made me stop and think about the knowledge that I already knew and understand another side to this story I learnt a lot

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Und them and the sacrifice of their loved ones was forgotten Leo himself was nicknamed ‘Red Ned’ at school and taunted for being on the wrong side of Australian historyNow for the first time and in brilliant prose that brings these historical episodes to life Black Snake challenges the l The parts of this book about the Kennedy family were very moving and the ongoing impact on the family of the growing myths of Ned Kelly as hero challenge the view that people should just “get over things” But the need to challenge everything eg uestioning Ned Kelly’s defence team and calling the creek from which Ned had saved a young boy when he was a lad as a muddy waterhole in a dry creek detracts from the whole message I would have liked to read about the life of the Kennedys Glad I read this to get a different perspective

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Book Ï Black Snake É 336 pages Ü Moneyexpresscard ´ Author Leo Kennedy is the great grandson of Sergeant Michael Kennedy Raised in the shadow of his great grandfather’s murder Leo witnessed the deep psychological wounds inflicted on successive generations of his family – and the families of other victimsEgend of Ned Kelly Instead of celebrating an heroic man of the people it gives voice to the victims of a merciless gang of outlaws This is a captivating true story gleaned from meticulous research and family history of two men from similar backgrounds whose legacies were distorted by history Black Snake The Real Story of Ned Kelly by Leo Kennedy and Mic Looby is one of those rare occasions when you get a truly fresh insight into familiar history Driven by the desire to tell the story of his great grandfather Sergeant Michael Kennedy after decades of bullying and seeing the killer of his forebear glorified Leo Kennedy has produced a marvelous family history His account of the life of Ned Kelly however is a different matter entirelyWhere Black Snake stands head and shoulders above so many other books about this history is in its account of the Kennedy family and the police force The love for the family history drips off every page where we see their tale unfold One could be forgiven for thinking that Kennedy and Looby have gone out of their way to paint them in a good light but there is nothing here that contradicts the information already readily available about the Kennedys Little anecdotes really bring the story to life like Michael Kennedy digging out and constructing the cellar of the family home and Kennedy and Scanlan ambushing a sheep thiefMichael Kennedy himself is portrayed in the most heroic way possible There is nothing on record to suggest that Kennedy was anything other than a model citizen but at times the butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth characterisation used in this book runs the risk of betraying the author’s hero worship and leading the reader to uestion how much of what they’re reading is merely romanceDespite this starry eyed artifice employed to portray the hero of the story we learn a lot in these sections about the family and the unenviable lifestyle of the police of the late 19th century These are points that have not really been featured in any significant way in Kelly biographies to date Seeing how the dire situation the police found themselves in impacted on law enforcement portrayed in a Kelly book is refreshing Many times we see the lack of training the stretched resources and the kinds of dangerous situations police would find themselves in illustrated clearly and vividly That there is no moral grandstanding in these passages for the most part is what makes them so goodHad Black Snake been just about the Kennedys with Ned Kelly only popping up in relation to the Stringybark Creek tragedy this would be an essential text to illustrate the other side of the story However this content only comprises around half of the book and what balance it creates in these passages is completely dwarfed by the remaining contentAlas where the book falls down and it is a significant pitfall is its depiction of the other side of the story it tells The title of the book says everything you need to know about the author’s position on its subject The attempts to illustrate how despicable the Kellys and their ilk were rely very heavily on dramatisation based on little information For example referring to the Ah On incident wherein Aaron Sherritt and Joe Byrne were charged with injuring a Chinese man with rocks as evidence that the Greta Mob indiscriminately attacked the Chinese and indigenous people as a matter of course Further where he feels that he hasn’t made them out to be villainous or cretins he tries to attack their masculinity by referring to Steve Hart freuently riding around in a dress and gang members dancing with other men instead of women at Glenrowan implying homosexuality Such vitriol is lazy and draws on just enough factual information to make the conclusions believable One can forgive Kennedy for wanting to push this interpretation forward given his past The public perception of Kelly was and in many cases still is uite warped thanks to decades of myth making and regurgitation of half truths as fact but you don’t remedy one warped viewpoint by pushing falsehoods in the opposite direction What a pity that this should be the focus of the book – not an elevation of the Kennedys but a degradation of the Kellys No doubt this is largely shaped by the works of Doug Morrissey who provides a glowing assessment of the book in his foreword and whose books have been referred to heavily throughout Black SnakeAs for the man behind the words on the page Mic Looby does an excellent job of dramatising the information provided by Kennedy really engaging the reader It is clear that he had a strong connection to Kennedy during the writing process and portrays his interpretation of history clearly and consistently even if it isn’t one everyone would agree with Looby’s extensive writing background in the media and journalism is put to good use here and is undoubtedly the strongest aspect of the tome Despite the often difficult content a reader should have no issue devouring the writing the way they would with say the work of Peter FitzSimonsIn a nutshell Black Snake is a tender love letter to ancestors who have inspired a strong moral understanding while also being primarily a scathing character assassination against the man who caused so much heartache in the family for generationsIt is heartening to think that descendants are finally giving themselves and their forebears a voice In the case of the gallant Sergeant Kennedy the release of this book just in time for the 140th anniversary of his slaughtering at Stringybark Creek could not be appropriateThis is a book that will repulse the majority of pro Kelly die hards be championed by anti Kelly crusaders as a masterpiece and met with disappointment by anyone looking for a balanced and objective approach to the subject However for someone only just getting into the story it is highly recommended reading if only for the fact that it elevates the Kennedys beyond merely being the names of victims but should be paired with something nuanced as a counterpointLeo Kennedy deserves kudos on the admirable research into his family history and the history of the Victoria Police that has gone into this book It is no trivial task to piece together so much information where so little has been written on it before Grab a copy and judge for yourself