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Download Twilight Book ☆ 501 pages ☆ Stephenie meyer ☆ About three things I was absolutely positiveFirst Edward was a vampireSecond there was a part of him—and I didn't know how dominant that part might be—that thirsted for my bloodAnd third I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with himDeeply seductAbout three things I was absolutely positiveFirst Edward was a vampireSecond there was a part of him and I d Actual rating 15 stars Believe it or not there are actually a few books that are worse than TwilightOk funny story I was sitting on my couch with my husband last night finishing up Twilight I slammed the book shut and began rubbing my temples Then my husband goes So you finally finished huh? Yes I can't believe I used to like this book I said Hahaha Yeah I remember you were on Twilight's balls hard Yeah yeah yeahThere isn't a single book on my shelf that has fluctuated between all ratings besides Twilight No your eyes do not deceive you I actually have read Twilight 4 times I used to hail from Shelfaricom and the first rating I ever gave Twilight was 5 stars After I made the switch to GoodReads I decided to give it 4 stars instead So recently I was browsing my GoodReads shelf I often do that to clean up ratings I noticed Twilight was sitting pretty at 4 stars and was on my favorites shelf At the time I thought Wow that's not accurate at all Maybe it deserves 3 stars? But I uickly decided no no noI'll just do a fun little project and re read the series and give them all better ratings If your curious about the details of the project stop on over here Project Hindsight And hey if you like what you see won't you subscribe? Yes? end shameless self promotion The coolest thing about re reading Twilight is that it has caused me to create really cool new shelves such asKill me now Idiot heroine This is not literature And my personal favorite Where's my chocolate? One of the first things I noticed during this re read was how incredibly boring it was Bella is dull as a doorknob And the first few chapters of the book are essentially a 'Bitch Moan Complain' session So we have Bella moving to Forks WA because she wants her mother to be happy on that later And she's all like Ohhhh I hate this place It's green Ewww it's wet Fuck my life And what's one of the first things Bella does when she arrives in Forks? She cooks Charlie dinner No I don't have an issue with a female character enjoying cooking but it is practically thrown in my face that Charlie can't fend for himself; Bella has to cook Well what the hell was he doing before she arrived? Oh ya did anyone else realize that despite the fact that she says she is not allowed to call Charlie by his first name; she almost always calls him Charlie? WTF Bella goes to school and during lunch she first cast her eyes on the Cullen family view spoiler hide spoiler

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Idn't know how dominant that part might be that thirsted for my bloodAnd third I was unconditionally and irr I hate this book I will probably end up reading the rest of them because if I don't people that love this thing will think they can convert me if I just keep reading ETA Jan 2013 Never even remotely bothered to finish the series I said that as a joke to begin with and I did not finish the series Did not finish them not for irony's sake or for amusement's sake or as some kind of amulet to ward off kind hearted Twimoms that would encourage me with they get better I hope that clears that up for some folks that seem to have had a tough time with I did not finish them One last time for posterity I can pretty much be defined as a Person That Would Be Caught Dead in a Dumpster Before Reading the Rest of These Damn Books So long as we're all clear on that now ONWARDIn short the writing mechanics are atrocious The dialogue is stilted and absolutely wretched The characterization is bad loose jumpy and the progression is occasionally senseless The main characters themselves are not compelling selfish shallow lacking the deep thought that comes with true passion and love and instead leaping recklessly into stupid and deadly situations when anyone with a brain could see sixty other possibilities that should have been tried firstI can't express my disgust for the relationship between Edward and Bella It's not romance it's not passion it's not love It's selfish idiocy at best Bella as a character is insufferable her self sacrificing streak is not compassion it's sheer stupidity It's hormones It's a bad bad example for the teenage girls who read it Bella's whole life is tied up in her boyfriend She has no goals passions ambitions or dreams besides wanting to be with Edward who could kill herEdward's element of danger is occasionally compelling but it's totally overshadowed by the fact that Bella is completely oblivious to it She doesn't fear him at all and that doesn't come off like love once again it comes off as total stupidityEdward What can I say about Edward There is nothing lovable about him except that he is apparently the most beautiful thing in existence He's selfish he stays near Bella when he knows he could lose control and kill her at any second He's a creepy stalker he watches her while she sleeps before she even really knows him He's volatile his mood swings are insane and ridiculous He's immature for someone who's been alive for a hundred years he doesn't seem to have gained much experience He's controlling he doesn't want to let her out of his sight for two seconds Granted she's dumb enough to get herself killed if he does He's insulting he treats Bella like an incapable silly little girl Which he's right to but I digress It's still insultingI understand that Bella's smell and that Bella herself are irresistible to him But if he wanted the best for her he'd stay away from her period the end The story is stupid the love story is bad and if that's what Stephenie Meyer is preaching to teenage girls I think it's pretty uestionable It's not just a fun read There are girls out there who want to be Bella and who want to find an EdwardAnywayI think I might enjoy the story a lot if Bella's head was not the one I had to spend time in while reading it If I had to read one description of how beautiful Edward is I was going to choke a kitten If it had focused on the vampire family I would have been a lot willing to forgive its faults I thought Carlisle's and Alice's stories were really compelling and Edward was finally accessible to me when he talked about Carlisle turning him into a vampire and how his family came to be formed his life before Bella etc Some aspects of the vampirism were truly awesome I found the idea that vampires can never sleep completely terrifying That they never ever get a break and never ever get to rest that is a wonderful and ghastly ideaEntirely overshadowed by their flowery breath and the fact that they sparkle Mothereffing ridiculousThis is hardly the tip of the iceberg but I'm trying to spare you at least a little

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TwilightEvocably in love with himDeeply seductive and extraordinarily suspenseful Twilight is a love story with bite I actually had to give this book three separate reviews by three sides of my personality My three star rating is the median of the three Review 1 by My Inner Fifteen Year Old Girl 5 starsBella is smart funny well read pretty and yet misunderstood by most of her peers just like me Then she meets a cool hot guy who turns out to be a good vampire and he can do really cool things like run fast and stop cars with his hands but he's still sweet and wonderful It's ultimate wish fulfillment fantasy what's not to like? Meyers can make your heart speed up with some of the tense tortured we must be togetherno what if i hurt you pg 13 erotica Review 2 by My Fan of YA Lit 3 StarsMeyers can tell a pretty good story when she lets herself actually tell it the book starts out well and would have been a bit interesting if I hadn't known he was a vampire all along Then it slows down during the long getting to know you dialogue exchanges between Edward and Bella there's no plot just back story and exposition disguised as conversations and far too many I can't be with you I don't want to hurt you But I love you I don't care about danger back and forths When the evil vamps show up however the story kicks back in and the end is uite exciting When Meyers isn't dwelling on how perfectly angelic Edward is again she can get the pages turning Since there are A LOT of pages to turn I wish she would have infused that urgency into the story often While abandoning most of the conventional cliches of vampire lore stakes sunlight garlic coffins she keeps all the modern vamp romance cliches alabaster skin good hair expensive taste in clothes tragically distant and adds a few of her own unfortunate twists vampires avoid the sun because it makes them sparkle the good vamp clan play some extreme version of baseball in a scene that was far too uidich y for my taste Too many cliches or trying to hard to be original somehow both criticisms are accurate Review 3 by My Inner Feminist 1 StarMeyers describes Bella as being strong brave and independent but then shows her as a spineless cowering victim who needs to be saved by her violently jealous and over protective boyfriend She constantly goes on and on about how Edward is perfect at everything and how he's so gorgeous and she is so unworthy of him how he's so strong and he protects her In fact she never gives any reason for liking him other than how hot he is but that's fair because Edward never gives a reason for liking her other than she smells good He is frustrated that Bella is the only person whose thoughts he can't read so he eavesdrops on her friends minds to find out what they talk about he follows her whenever she leaves her house and he secretly camps outside her room when she sleeps that doesn't sound sweet it sounds creepy If girls want a romantic conflicted vampirehuman romance they should go watch the firs three seasons of Buffy not only is there the dark mysterious conflicted vampire but the girl he's in love with can kick some serious ass all on her own