characters Binti: The Complete Trilogy 107

characters Binti: The Complete Trilogy

characters Binti: The Complete Trilogy 107 ¿ Der Nebula Award Gewinner endlich auf Deutsch Die Sammlung der drei Novellen Binti Allein Binti Heimat und Binti NachtmaskeradeIhr Name ist Binti und sie ist die erste Himba die jemals an der Oomza Universität einer der besten Lehranstalten der Galaxis angenommen wurde Aber diese Möglichkeit wahrzunehmSternen lässt sie dieser Spezies näherkommen als ihr lieb ist Wenn Binti das Vermächtnis eines Krieges überleben will mit dem sie nichts zu tun hatte wird sie die Gaben ihres Volkes brauchen und die Weisheit die sich in der Universität verbirgt aber zuerst muss sie es bis dorthin schaffen lebend. The Binti stories concern a young African woman's adventures between home and university They take place in a future world with advanced technology aliens and interplanetary travelThe four stories in this book see Binti run away from her family to attend a university on a remote planet Along the way she encounters horrific tragedy makes friends learns skills and becomes a political negotiatorThere's much to enjoy about these tales Our heroine is a deeply engaging character The world she inhabits is fascinating drawing on many sf tropes biomechanical tech aliens while making them new by grounding action in rural Nigeria I enjoyed the details of Himba life the Meduse race the use of the word astrolabe and the interaction between multiple cultures It is also exciting to see a black non US woman at an sf story's centerThe prose is also rewarding Dialogue crackles surprises and charms For example Okwu was happiest around human beings when it was menacingly looming 134I have to confess that I started the Binti stories under two misapprehensions First I thought it was adult fiction likee Who Fears Death my review not young adult Second I approached them as stories about schooling They are in fact very much YA and the university experience plays only a small direct role YA tropes and style are on full display our heroine is enormously afflicted and becomes enormously powerful both in a hurry; the adult world is sketchy and dubious; parents are frustrating threatened threatening and to be transcended; sex is scary powerful and restricted to kissingSome details didn't work for me The stories have a lot of repeated phrases and actions treeing the skin paste the Meduse attack; this is partly a relic of being a collection or serial but doesn't have to occur and lost their power over time Some characters come and go weirdly and why was one friend named Haifa I don't get the Israel reference in this setting Binti becomes too super special in multiple ways corralling the adult world maybe I was in less of a YA mood than I thought The world seems less convincing as the book wears on as conflicts and horrors seem to exist mostly for their emotional impact on Binti Math kept occurring as a theme but wasn't actually used being mostly spoken of People learn foreign and alien languages very very uickly and commonly which begged some backgrounding The final story seemed to drag a bit And I wanted to see of the universityBut I can see the book's power in 2019 It speaks strongly to American gender and race politics Its focus on intercultural tensions are very much of the moment I can imagine how inspiring it must be to be black and seeing a powerful protagonist that's like youRecommended

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Der Nebula Award Gewinner endlich auf Deutsch Die Sammlung der drei Novellen Binti Allein Binti Heimat und Binti NachtmaskeradeIhr Name ist Binti und sie ist die erste Himba die jemals an der Oomza Universität einer der besten Lehranstalten der Galaxis angenommen wurde Aber diese Möglichkeit wahrzun. This is a review of the short story Binti Sacred FireAlthough I read all the novellas through this bind up I wasn't planning on reviewing this bind up because I wanted to give my reviews for each of the individual stories But then I realized that Binti Sacred Fire is the added short story to this collection that wasn't an initial part of the trilogy and I was shooketh because of what I've read so far I've read Binti Binti Sacred Fire and Binti Home Binti Sacred Fire is my absolute favourite of the novellas so far Reading about Binti dealing with the PTSD of the trauma she experienced in Binti was just mindblowing And the fact that Nnedi is able to convey all of that in a novella has my mind blown And now to realize that that people jumped straight from Binti to Binti Home and didn't read about Binti dealing with the trauma of the experience Wow Thank the book gods that wasn't my story because there is an added level of humanity and depth that Binti Sacred Fire brings to the whole series that just makes an otherwise amazing story phenomenal

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Binti The Complete TrilogyEhmen bedeutet dass sie ihren Platz innerhalb ihrer Familie aufgeben und mit Fremden zwischen den Sternen reisen muss die weder ihre Denkweise teilen noch ihre Bräuche respektierenDie Welt deren Teil sie werden möchte hat einen langen Krieg gegen die Medusen hinter sich und Bintis Reise zwischen den. ARC received from the publisher DAW on Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI enjoyed this series of novellas immensely I've had Binti on my TBR since 2016 and in a way I'm glad I waited until now even though this is my first read they work far far better as one book “I have to try and make it better” I said “I can’t just leave here” Binti a mathemagical genius and a master harmonizer is the first of the Himba people to  be invited to attend the prestigious Oomza Uni Her family disapproves her skills are valuable and her people do not leave their land but focus on developing technology where they are so she leaves in secret But on the ship a tragedy strikes and she is forced into the role of a diplomat both to save herself and prevent an interspecies war The next two books are focused on the conseuences of her decisions and her eventual return home and the extra short story in this edition focused on her daily life at the Oomza Uni and making friends bridges the gap between books #1 and #2 wonderfullyWhat I liked the best are the setting and the themes It deals uite heavily with identity and culture they provide a major source of conflict Binti might go against her society's norms uite often but she is still proudly Himba never without otjize the scented clay the women use She has to deal with other people's prejudices towards her and confront her own The worldbuilding approach is deep instead of wide a conseuence of the original novella length so while the world does seem small in places there are only about 3 4 Earth cultures mentioned what's there seems fairly well thought out After the events of the first story Binti also ends up with a case of PTSD with which she struggles throughout the whole series and again I appreciate writers who don't make the characters shrug off trauma after maybe one scene of them dealing with it because it's inconvenientIf there is a thing that might annoy some people it's that the protagonist starts off as fairly special and gets so as the story goes on additional powers hidden lineage the works It didn't bother me much but it's a dealbreaker I see mentioned uite oftenEnjoyment 45Execution 45Recommended to fans of science fantasy those looking for books with themes of culture and culture clashNot recommended to those annoyed by superspecial protagonists More reviews on my blog To Other Worlds