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The Sex Therapist Next Door review ê 103 ß Diana Kelley is a couple's sex therapist with a problem it’s her job to convince her clients of the importance of sexual and emotional intimacy but after surviving a toxic relationship with an abusive ex she's sworn off love and can’t fathom ever making herself vulnerable again When her best frDiana Kelley is a couple's sex therapist with a problem it’s her job to convince her clients of the importance of sexual and emotional intimacy but after surviving a toxic relationship with an abusive ex she's sworn off love and can’t fathom ever making herself vulnerable again When her best friend Ava is injured the night she is. This book promises in its cover and title But it doesn't give enough It goes from such a high starting that the downfall is expected as in logically unable to maintain an increase or even an eual pace So it has been a little bit disappointing actuallyThe story goes down with the change in attitude of one of the main characters Jude She goes from being a carefree joyful and disinhibited that enjoys her sexuality fully to insecure and dependent confusing her need with submission in a too defeated way Diana on the other way goes from desperate because needs a sex partner for her sex therapy classes that she imparts for couples with sexual issues or sex boredom to jerk Jerk with motives to be it but too insensitiveThe story has as many other books of this author a catalogue of sexual options and goes through them with detail In this occasion being Diana a sex therapist doing live demonstrative classes the detail is even thorough so it can be useful to learn one thing or twoFor me the non sexual parts have been boring and meaningless not only because I was expecting action and less drama Maybe I have not connected with the characters even the secondary onesIt isn't the book of this author that I’ll recommend the most but don't let my opinion influence you much It's worth reading An ARC was given to me from Bold Strokes Books through Netgalley for my honest review

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Scheduled to assist with a hands on sexual education workshop Diana is forced to find a short term replacement The last thing she wants is a new lover even a paid one After a year of living in the apartment next door all Jude Monaco knows about her neighbor Diana is that she’s a gorgeous older woman and the inspiration for dirty fan. Jude Monaco has had a crush on her neighbour Diana Kelley for a year when one evening Diana knocks on her door with an unusual reuest Diana is a sex therapist and runs workshops for women but her usual co demonstrator has been injured and she needs a replacement or she’ll have to cancel Aware of Jude’s enjoyment of sex if the sounds through their adjoining bedroom wall is anything to go by she hopes Jude will take Ava’s place for the workshop on oral sex Given Jude’s crush on Diana she doesn’t even need to think about itInitially I thought the concept was pretty entertaining but as the story developed and I became invested in Jude the less entertaining I found the scenario And I liked that I liked that I was becoming involved and that what started out as a clever vehicle for an erotic romance became a story with depth An abusive ex has left Diana damaged emotionally so while she enjoys sex and friends with benefits she won’t allow herself to become involved emotionally with Jude Diana’s fear and lack of trust is understandable but it doesn’t make her very easy to likeJude on the other hand I found easy to like and root for when she realised her need to protect herself Diana’s character wasn’t’ static and I came to like her too it just took longer As an erotic romance there are numerous sex scenes with lots of variation which O’Brien has written really well There’s even the occasionally injection of humour Book received from Netgalley and Bold Strokes Books for an honest review

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The Sex Therapist Next DoorTasies than she cares to admit So when Diana knocks on her door with a shockingly delicious favor to ask Jude seizes the opportunity to learn Their professional relationship is supposed to be a clinical erotic arrangement between a sex therapist and her assistant but at the intersection of sex and intimacy anything is possible Even lo. 3 Stars for a Meghan O’Brien erotic romanceI knew what I was getting when I picked up this book only I was expecting Not sex frankly it would be difficult to have but I wanted to like one of the characters Diana is a sex therapist in a bind She has a group sexual education workshop but her BFF and assistant Ava is injured Desperate Diana asks her neighbor if she would be willing participate in the hands on demonstration Jude has a crush on her beautiful older neighbor and agrees The book starts off great In fact before I knew it I read a third of the book when I had intended to just read the first chapter to see what it was like Diana really needs to see a therapist herself She was in a long term abusive relationship that she has yet to recover She is determined not to allow anyone close again She also has a problem getting over the age difference between her at 39 and 26 yr old Jude Other than Jude’s promiscuity she is mature and has been on her own since she was 17 As for her promiscuity she pretty much stopped seeing anyone after agreeing to assist Diana and she falls hard for Diana I wish Meghan would return to write a book or two with plots that are not centered on sex I really loved her earlier books such as Wild Battle Scars and Infinite loop I haven’t read her novella Delayed Gratification because of the mixed reviews But I’m in the minority of her readers who think this I just think she has the skills to write stories that isn’t about how much sex she can include in a book I know I know this isn’t what her fans want or expect in a Meghan O’Brien book