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read epub ¶ Button Man ì À andrew gross ✓ As usual narrator Edoardo Ballerini's narration is eminently listenableHe captures the rich details of the era while engaging listeners with the story's relatable family dynamics — AudioFile MagazineFollowing up The One Man and The Saboteur Andrew Gross's next historical thrAs usual narrator Edoardo Ballerini's narration is eminently listenableHe captures the rich details of the era while engaging listeners with the story's relatable family dynamics AudioFile MagazineFollowing up The One Man and The Saboteur Andrew Gross's next historical thriller audiobook brings to life the dramatic birth of organized crime in 1930s New York City from the tale of one familyAfter a string of New York Times bestselling suburban thrillers Andrew Gross has reinvented himself as a writer of historical thrillers In his latest audiobook Button Man he delivers a stirring story of a Jewish family brought together in the dawn of the women's garment business and torn apart by the birth of organized crime in New York City in the 1930sMorris Sol and Harry Rabishevsky grew up poor and rough in a Impressive My first book by Andrew Gross Button Man will not be the last of his books I read Three brothers are living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the early 1900s when their father passes away Each chooses a different path in life Morris becomes an apprentice in a clothing factory at a young 12 years old Sol is studious and eventually becomes an accountant Harry is pulled into the Jewish mob Morris is a grade school dropout and works his way up the ladder in the garment business until he is able to buy out the owner and Sol eventually joins them there as en employee As much as they try Sol and Morris cannot get Harry to leave the prestigious mob life behind Eventually their “work” lives intersect when the mob boss gets involved with the garment unions How will the brothers resolve this dangerous confrontation? Button Man appealed to me for many reasons It is a historical thriller and I’ve not read many of those I figured the history part would be easier but would it truly be thrilling? It absolutely was Button Man is also a story of family and those are always among my favorites Here the family dynamics had a historic backdrop with the depression growth of the garment business and proliferation of the mob An atmospheric and compelling tale Button Man is the story of a family in the pursuit of the American Dream Three brothers each with their own paths have the same ultimate goal Will they find success and at what cost? This book is inspired by Gross’ grandfather’s life The author’s note is not to be missed Thank you to the most generous St Martin’s Press for the ARC All opinions are my ownMy reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom

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S that staff the garment makers' factories a fatal showdown is inevitable pitting brother against brotherThis new audiobook is eual parts historical thriller rich with the detail of a vibrant New York City in the 1920s and 1930s and family saga based on Andrew Gross's own family story and on the history of the era complete with appearances by real life characters like mobsters Louis Lepke and Dutch Schultz and special prosecutor Thomas Dewey and cements Gross's reputation as today's most atmospheric and original historical thriller writer “Button Man is a compelling fast paced historical thriller that paints a rich portrait of the rise of organized crime in 1930’s America Fans of Boardwalk Empire and Dennis Lehane will love it” Kristin Hannah New York Times bestselling author of The Nightingale NOW AVAILABLE 45 Stars ”Oh take it slowly don't live too fastTroubles will come troubles will passYou'll find a woman and you'll find loveJust remember my son there is someone up above“And be a simple kind of manOh be something you love and understandBaby be a simple kind of manOh won't you do this for me son if you can” Simple Man Lynyrd Skynyrd Sawyer Fredericks Songwriters Songwriters Gary Rossington Ron Van Zandt Morris Rabishevsky his brothers Sol and Harry and their older sisters Anna and Bess lived on the Lower East Side but when their father died that meant someone had to provide for their family Although Morris was then only twelve years old he went to work in the garment industry originally sweeping floors at the Majestic Garment Company At the owner’s suggestion he changes his last name to RaabNavigating the Lower East Side in 1915 wasn’t an easy walk home having to avoid or negotiate with young wanna be gangsters who make him fight in order to hold onto his money on payday It wasn’t long before Morris would find a way to work his way straight up the ladder to marker maker An eye for detail and a strong determination to make something of himself for himself and for his family fed by the determination of a young boy with his eye on a better future By the age of twenty Morris is running the company and then he and brother Sol begin their own company Raab Brothers He’s determined to make this an even bigger business and begins landing business with bigger department stores with chains and Sol keeps busy with the books As for their sociable easygoing brother Harold he seems to attract a dishonest corrupt crowd Among them is Louis Buchalter the wanna be gangster who tried to convince Morris to hand over his money years ago A man who has taken the liberty to rule the garment unions Based on author Andrew Gross’s grandfather’s life this is a story that covers the immigration of Jewish families in the early 1900s through the hardships of life in the 1920’s and 1930’s and beyond those few men who stood strong against organized crime who put their own lives on the line in order to see them brought to justice Andrew Gross made me feel as though I were walking beside Morris as these events unfolded as this novel wound through the lives of the different characters the different places I felt as though I could see it all feel every emotion and I loved being drawn into his story Pub Date 18 SEP 2018Many thanks for the ARC provided by St Martin’s Press Minotaur Books

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Button ManTiny flat on the Lower East Side until the death of their father thrust them into having to fend for themselves and support their large family Morris the youngest dropped out of school at twelve years old and apprenticed himself to a garment cutter in a clothing factory; Sol headed to accounting school; but Harry scarred by a family tragedy fell in with a gang of thugs as a teenager Morris steadily climbs through the ranks at the factory until at twenty one he finally goes out on his own convincing Sol to come work with him But Harry can't be lured away from the glamour the power and the money that come from his association with Louis Buchalter whom Morris has battled with since his youth and who has risen to become the most ruthless mobster in New York And when Buchalter sets his sights on the union It is common knowledge that the remnants of New York's Jewish mafia helped found Las Vegas and make it what it is today As a source of ethnic pride it makes me cringe Going farther back a few decades the Jewish mafia bigwigs hobnobbed with the Irish and Italians to gain control of most of New York City's unions Pick a union of honest hard working people and most likely it was under mafia control Andrew Gross who has written historical and current thrillers either with James Patterson or on his own decides to fight the mob head on by telling the story of his maternal grandfather Freddie Pomerantz who founded the clothing company Leslie Fay By doing so Gross takes his readers back to the 1930s garment industry setting readers up for a thrilling rideThe Rabishevsky family had fled Russia's pograms and settled in the Lower East Side of Manhattan A 1905 shul fire set in motion events that would divide the family in the future Six year old Harry blamed himself for the accidental death of his twin brother Shmuel leading him toward associating with mafia and con men as an adult Older brother Sol was on the path toward becoming a leading accountant until the death of his father forced him to drop out of high school and work Yet the star of the family one who was destined to go places was youngest brother Morris the only member of the Rabishevsky family born in the United States and characterized after Gross' grandfather Freddie Leaving school at age twelve to work in the garment industry Morris exhibited a stubborn streak and was not afraid to speak his mind Despite his lack of education he was on the path to being someone With his heart in this story Gross spins deep characterizations and leads readers to the core of New York's changing immigrant communityFast forward thirty years It is the heart of the depression but people still need to buy clothes Morris Rabishevsky has long since changed his name to Raab and has decided to start Raab Brothers Clothing in partnership with his brother Sol the accountant A man of principles Morris Raab was not about to let the now prominent Jewish mafia back him into a corner or tell him how to run his life He would not sell out to the mob even if the rest of the garment industry signed themselves over to the dubious workers' unions aligning themselves with a group of thugs known as Murder Incorporated Morris and Sol did well for themselves without this protection marrying well having children making something of their lives Harry on the other hand never seemed to forgive himself for his brother's death and chose to side with the bad guys the mob the ones who desired to put his brothers' now prominent company out of businessAndrew Gross tells a story of the birth of the garment industry in the years leading up to World War II After the war with the end of the depression the fashion industry took off but his grandfather and a handful of others were there at the beginning standing up to mobsters Louis Lepke Buchalter and Jacob Gurrah Shapiro real life personas With the addition of prosecuting attorney Thomas Dewey who would one day become governor and run for president Gross presents readers with uality historical fiction that reads like the thriller that it is Gross got the idea for this book at a meeting with fellow thriller writers when he told the story of how his grandfather had to ride in the back of a delivery truck with a gun across his lap Relations with the mob had gotten that precarious His fellow writers noted that this would make a great scene in a novel and the rest took off The story tells the story of how an immigrant with little education made something of himself and achieved the American dream a perfect book to read during this week of Thanksgiving Fast paced I was able to read the entire book over a 24 hour period as I am always up for a uality thriller especially a historical one I have never read Andrew Gross before but now knowing his family history I am sure that this will not be the last book of his that I indulge in as Button Man was a true rags to riches family saga thrilling ride375 stars